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A perfect blend of in-depth Python theoretical knowledge and strong practical skills, this Free course for Python introduces real-time Python projects to give you a headstart in learning Python and enables you to bag top Python jobs in the industry.

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Get 5 Real-time projects and 20 complementary projects

study material

100+ hrs of study material, practical codes, quizzes, interview guides


practical oriented course with live case-studies to gain expertise

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What will you take home from this Python Free Online course?

  • Kickstart your career as Python pilots the IT World
  • Build a strong foundation in Python
  • Understand how Python helps with Data Science
  • Work on standard industry use-cases and live projects
  • Learn complex concepts like decorators & testing
  • Get to know the top web frameworks of Python
  • Build GUIs with Python
  • Learn to build your own modules and packages
  • Unleash the power of Object-Oriented Programming with Python
  • Build scripts to solve your own problems
  • Work with images and files
  • Discover powerful libraries

Why should you learn Python?

Python is the #1 Programming Language from 2017
-IEEE Spectrum
Python is the ‘Language of the Year’ for 2020
-TIOBE Index
Python is the most preferred language of Data Scientists for Machine Learning & Data Science applications
The average salary of all Python developers today is $123,360
Python is becoming the world’s most popular coding language
-The Economist

What to do before you begin your Free Python online training?

All you need to make the most out of this free course is a desire to learn and a penchant for solving problems

Python Course Prerequisites - DataFlair

Online Python Free Training Course Curriculum

You will learn:   Tools to learn in Big Data Hadoop Course
  1. Introduction to Python
  2. Python Environment Setup (installation & configuration of Python)
  3. Features of Python
  4. Basic Python Syntax
    • Statements, Indentation, and Comments
  5. 7 Reasons to Learn Python
  6. Benefits and Limitations of Python
  7. Career in Python
  8. Real-time applications of Python
  9. Python Compilers and Interpreters Available
  10. Getting to Know the Python Interpreter
  1. Python Variables
    • Python Variable Scope
  2. Data Types in Python
  3. Python Operators
    • Bitwise Operators
    • Comparison Operators
    • Operator Precedence
    • Ternary Operators
  4. Python Decision Making
    • Switch-case in Python
  5. Loops in Python
  6. Numbers with Python
  1. String Formatters and Escape Sequences in Python
  2. String Functions and Operations in Python
  3. Python repr() Function
  1. Python Lists
    • List Comprehension
    • The array Module
  2. Python Tuples
    • The zip() Function
    • Tuples vs Lists
  3. Slicing in Python
  4. Python Binary Sequence Types- bytes, bytearray, memoryview
  5. Dictionaries in Python
  6. Sets in Python
  7. Booleans in Python
  1. Functions in Python
  2. Python Lambda Expressions
  3. Function Arguments
  4. Python Recursion Function
  5. Python Built-in Functions
    • range()
    • eval()
    • exec()
  6. Decorators in Python
  7. Closure in Python
  8. Working with Itertools in Python
  1. Counter
  2. Defaultdict
  3. OrderedDict
  4. namedtuple
  5. Python Numeric Modules- math, decimal, random
  6. sys
  7. Generating Random Numbers
  8. Python datetime Module
  9. Python calendar Module
  1. Python pip and PyPI
  2. Python Modules vs Packages
  1. Multithreading in Python
  2. Working with Date and Time module in Python
  3. Namespace and Scope in Python
  4. Terminologies in Python
  5. Deep Copy vs Shallow Copy in Python
  6. Assert Statements in Python
  7. Python Pretty-Printing with pprint
  1. Methods in Python
    • Methods vs Functions
    • Magic (Dunder) Methods in Python
  2. Classes in Python
  3. Python Objects
  4. Inheritance in Python
  5. Python Multiple Inheritance
  6. Python Operator Overloading
  7. Generators in Python
  8. Iterators in Python
    • Generators vs Iterators in Python
  9. Serialization with pickle
  10. Python property Decorator
  1. Reading and Writing Files
  2. Managing Directories and Files in Python
  3. Python OS Module
  4. Python shutil Module
  5. Copying Files with Python
  6. Renaming Files with Python
  7. Zipping Files with Python
  1. Errors and Exceptions in Python
  2. Python Exception Handling
  3. Testing with unittest in Python
  1. Python Data Science & Machine Learning Libraries
  2. NumPy
  3. SciPy
  4. pandas
  5. Visualizing with matplotlib
  6. PyQT
  7. Altair
  8. Web Scraping with Scrapy
  1. Regular Expressions with Python
  2. Virtual Environments and Packages
  3. The Python Debugger (pdb)
  4. CGI Programming with Python
  5. Understanding urllib
  6. XML Processing
  7. Sending Mail with Python
  8. Networking
  9. Processing Images
  10. GUI Programming
  11. Tools
  12. Accessing the Database
  13. Logging with Python
  14. Multiprocessing in Python
  1. Python vs Java
  2. Python vs Scala
  3. Python vs R
5 real-time python projects based on industry use cases to master the python language with machine learning libraries. In this free python course We will also provide 20+ complementary projects to make you industry ready.

Some awesome projects you’ll get to build in this Free Python course


Learn to use the fundamentals of Computer Vision to cartoonify an image with OpenCV and also build a brief GUI with tkinter. The objective of this project is to take an image and render a cartoonish version of it with homogeneous colors and thick, defining edges by blurring it and then extracting the edges.

My Art Gallery

This project demonstrates an implementation of Neural Style Transfer (NST). In this, you will use 9 trained models of famous paintings and apply their styles to your own images so they look painted by the artists themselves. Neural Style Transfer is the act of borrowing style from one image and applying it to the content of another.

Vintage Colorizer

To use Python to take old, B&W pictures and render them in color. The purpose of this project is to take black-and-white pictures and imagine what they’d look like if captured today- with color photography. You will use Computer Vision and Deep Learning (Convolutional Neural Network) to make this happen.

Spam Detector

This project is a spam detector that can classify a piece of input text as ‘spam’ or ‘ham’ (not spam). Here, you will learn to put to use the concepts of Natural Language Processing (NLP). You will implement a TF-IDF Vectorizer and an SVM Classifier for the same. Using tkinter, you’ll also build a GUI for this project.

Errand Organizer

Learn to build an errand organizer with Django (web app) and its MTV pattern. In this project, you will build a simple to-do list where you can add and delete tasks, and also mark them done. Tasks will be classified through categories; you will also learn to operate the Django admin panel through a superuser.

20+ Complementary Projects

Along with the mentioned Python projects, we will also provide 20+ complementary projects to master the concepts of Python and become industry ready.

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    Features of Python Free Course

    Python Course Benefits

    Is this free online Python course for beginners?

    Python has quickly risen to a place where it is preferred for everything from web development to Data Science and Machine Learning. And while anyone can benefit from a career in it, here are the kind of professionals who go for this free Python course:

    • Machine Learning professionals logo Machine Learning professionals
    • Software developers and architects Software developers and architects
    • Data Science aspirants icon Data Science aspirants
    • Graduates focusing to build a career in DS or ML logo Graduates focusing to build a career in DS or ML
    Still can’t decide? Let our Python experts answer your questions

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      Python Online Training FAQs

      For Python practice, manual and video for python installation is available in LMS and you need to install it on your system at home.

      All the Python training sessions along with the complete Python study material, POCs, and python projects will be available for lifetime.

      To attend this free online Python training, you just need a laptop or a PC with minimum 4GB RAM. Nothing else is required to learn it.

      Recommended is a minimum of an i3 processor, a 20 GB disk, and a 4 GB RAM for installing python.

      Our free python training includes multiple workshops, POCs, and projects. These will vigorously prepare you for python interviews so you can be confident in your work from day 1. These things will help you get your dream Data Science job in the industry.

      When you finish this free course, you will be equipped with practical skills and theoretical knowledge the industry looks for. You will bloom into a certified Python professional who is ready to take on Data Science Projects in top organizations.

      DataFlair has blend of students from across the globe. Apart from India, we provide training in the US, the UK, Singapore, Canada, UAE, France, Brazil, Ireland, Indonesia, Japan, Sri Lanka, and many others covering the globe.

      This Python Course starts from basics and covers all concepts till advanced level. So it's for both beginners and experienced professionals.

      This free training program is completely online and self-paced.

      Yes, you will be provided with an industry-recognizable certificate declaring your proficiency with Python. At the end of this free Python course, you will work on real-time Python projects. Once you have successfully made it through the projects, you will be awarded Dataflair Python certificate.

      You are free to contact us by placing a call at +91 8451097879 or by dropping a mail to info@data-flair.training
      Data Science is the latest and the most demanding technology with a continuously increasing demand in the Indian market and abroad. It is changing the world and Python provides the platform. So learn Python to start career in trendign technologies.

      You will be doing Python real life projects in different domains like retail, banking, and finance.

      This Python course from DataFlair is 100% job-oriented, and will prepare you completely for interviews from a Data Science job perspective.

      Yes, you can attend the Python demo class recording on this course page itself to understand the quality of training we provide. This is what creates the difference between DataFlair and other online Python training providers.

      Python is the technology that will open many doors for you. Not only is it a general-purpose language, it is used everywhere from scripting and web scraping to hot topics like Data Science and Machine Learning. With Python, you can be a:

      • Python Developer
      • Data Scientist
      • Research Analyst
      • Software Engineer
      • Software Developer
      • Data Analyst
      It's a complete Free python course and you need not pay anything for it.
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