How to get a Job in Python as a Fresher? The essential steps you must follow!

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Python has changed the industry with its ease-of-use and powerful libraries, and its vast applications and productivity. Python jobs pay well and developers are in demand. And since Python is easy, many choose to go for a lucrative job in Python. Are you dreaming of a job in Python too? And wanted to know how to get a job in Python as a fresher? Let’s find out.

Can a Fresher get a Job in Python?

Yes! If you’re a fresher, you can definitely secure a job in Python. Get ready to perfect your foundation and make your dreams come true. Read on to learn how to get a job in python as a fresher.

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How to get a Job in Python as a Fresher?

There are two ways to learn Python

  • One is through a quick, inclusive online course, and the other will take almost a year. If you learn Python through an online course, you’ll be sure you’re not missing anything, will get more insight based on what others think, and also finish practicals and build projects.
  • If you rather don’t want to spend on this, you can go for free online tutorials at your own pace. But it will not guarantee success and will be slow.

Who knows what the competition will be in a year? This is the right time to learn Python but with correct guidance. The time is not far when every other person is learning Python technology. That’s why I recommend you to master it as soon as possible and become top of everyone.

Sharing both the ways with you. All up to you what to choose.

1. The Quick Way – Online Course

DataFlair has this Certified Python Online Course with over 20 hours of material and 5 exciting real-time projects with complete code. This will ensure you learn everything and with a practical approach. Check it out now and start learning Python.

This Certified Python Course by DataFlair is what you need. It has countless practicals and will give you a hands-on experience. Remember that you’ll need to practice along with the course; it will make you better at Python.

2. The Long Way – Online Tutorials

Now, below is the way to learn Python through online tutorials –

a. What to study?

As a fresher in Python, you should study the following things to build a strong foundation in Python.

  • Python installation and syntax
  • Basic concepts like statements, variables, and operators
  • Differences between Python 2 and Python 3
  • Data structures like lists, sets, and dictionaries
  • Decision making and loops
  • Virtual environments
  • Functions and recursion
  • OOP concepts- classes, methods, inheritance, overloading
  • Modules and packages
  • File handling
  • Decorators, generators, iterators
  • Random numbers and regular expressions
  • Exception handling
  • Networking, XML processing, multiprocessing
  • GUI
  • SciPy, NumPy, Pandas
  • Debugging, unit testing, logging, serializing, accessing the database
  • It is also beneficial to know more than two high-level languages.

DataFlair has published a Python Master Guide for you by which you can learn all these topics. 

b. Ways to Learn Python

Whether you’re beginning from scratch or not, there are a few sources where you can choose to study Python for free:

c. Python Projects

After you’ve finished learning about the constructs in Python, you should build some personal projects to solve the problems you face. Or, if you feel confident, you can contribute to some open-source Python projects like Django.

DataFlair has published a complete package of 5 Python Projects which you must try.

d. Do an Internship

If you’re in your last semester of college or are done with college, you can go for a data science internship. This will show the employer that you’re serious about Python, and will also give you some experience and exposure to the professional world.

e. Build a good resume

Build a strong resume if you want to be preferred over other candidates. List your skills and projects carefully on it. Mention any hackathons you’ve participated in- they show your confidence in your skills. Read this article by DataFlair to understand how to create a perfect resume for your next interview.

Check Python Job Profiles and Salary

What profiles to apply for? Or what profiles can you get as a Python techie? If you’re wondering this, we’ve listed out 10 profiles you can end up with if you go for Python.

  • Software engineer
  • Front-end software/web developer
  • Python developer/programmer
  • DevOps engineer
  • Product manager
  • Data Analyst/Journalist
  • Educator
  • Financial Advisor
  • Research Analyst
  • Data Scientist

In your first job with Python, you will take home around 3-5 lakhs per year. With experience, that can go up to 7-8 lakhs quick.

Who said a fresher can’t get a job in Python? If you try hard enough, you can get a Python job at a company you want. Also note that some knowledge about data science, machine learning, big data, and artificial intelligence can be beneficial for an interview and for a job itself. For the knowledge of all these technologies, you can check DataFlair.

What you have selected – The fast way or the long way? Tell us through comments.

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  1. Pratyush says:

    I am in class 12 and I’m learning python in class itself…for almost last 1 and 1/2 year. Now what should I do(which course) in this programmimg field, that can be helpfull for me in my future. B’coz I love this subject to study…

    • DataFlair Team says:

      At present, the most suitable course for you in this programming field is Certified Python Training Course. It will surely help you to become a Python developer and excel in the IT industry.

    • Gali pally jeevan says:

      Bro can u get reply this comment
      Im also just like u bro anything come can u send me bro it will be helpful for me

      • DataFlair Team says:

        Hi Gali,
        I have already mentioned the solution to your problem in reply to Pratyush. You can check the Python Course link in the previous comment. The course will help you to become a Python expert.

  2. Gali pally jeevan says:

    Sir i have one doubt Pythin developer job needs any study and gratitude

    Actually im complete C.S.E vocational
    Now i want become a Python developer
    Its can possible..

    Replay me….sir you can said me yes
    I will start Python programming (I know beasic programming sir)

  3. shivam singh says:

    as you comment above , i have completed my python training course with their framework also Django , so , please suggest me a job .

  4. Sonali says:

    i am currently doing a job as php developer. after mrg i will move in pune and i want to learn something different and learn python so can this experience will benefit in job in python

  5. ramyasri says:

    hello sir, i am ramyasri 2014 btech passedout ,can i get job in python ?is that possible for me.

  6. manisha says:

    Hi i trying to learn python in this lockdown period,but i am not from IT field,what help me to build my python knowledge to get my first job in python

  7. Smita says:

    Hi DataFlair Team,

    I am Smita, having experience in Oracle application EBS modules and now wanted to change career as python developer or in python based jobs, can anyone suggest me how do I get job in python? I am having 2.5 years gap in employment how to grab python knowledge and build few projects for portfolio, please help me in suggesting real time python projects and also what other languages I need to focus on.

  8. krishna says:

    sir i have a doubt about python iam pursing it now and iam studying bca final year what kind of oppurtinities that i can get jobs as a fresher on python sir in software mncs

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  11. Shyam Tiwari says:

    Search a job

  12. Sumeet Tarkas says:

    I am completed my Engineering before 5 year and I want to start my career in Python so what is faster way to getting a job ??

  13. prabhat says:

    i am from mechanical branch but want to switch career in python is it feasible

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