7 Reasons Why Should I Learn Python Programming (Latest)

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1. Why Should I Learn Python

The 21st century; oh, what a time to be alive! With the world at your fingertips, it is easier than ever to dream big. But the question is- where to begin? With a wide range of programming languages to choose from to begin with, this article isn’t a gimmick for Python. Through this piece of writing, we hope to open you up to the realities of the world of Python. We will let you know the reasons why should I learn Python programming, what are the benefits of learning Python, what can I do with Python programming language and how can I start a career in Python Programming.

Why should I learn Python

Why should I learn Python

2. Python Programming Langauge

Before you begin to read the advantages of learning Python, it is advisable to read up on An Introduction to Python. This will give you an insight into what we’re really talking about here.

3. 7 Reasons Why should I learn Python?

Reason.1 Perfect For Rookies

Determined to be simple, Python is actually very beginner-friendly. Its conciseness, expressiveness, and likeness to English, all contribute to its popularity as a choice for rookies. Its readability simply complements this. If you still haven’t made your mind, we suggest you take a look at our tutorial on Python Syntax to see what it’s like to be a Python person. Also, it is interpreted. Due to this, you aren’t stuck in your code until you reach the problem.

Reason.2 Community

Like we’ve said earlier, Python has a large community which wants to see it grow continuously. Since it is open-source, people from the community are always at work trying to improve it.
A large community also means availability of a large number of libraries, modules, and packages to help you with your project. This, in turn, further contributes to the growth of the community.
To quote the statistics, Python has the:

5th Largest StackOverflow Community

If you’ve ever googled up a programming question, you’ve likely stumbled upon this website. It has 85.9k followers in its Python community, and around over 500k questions. These questions are also third-most likely among other languages to be answered.

4th Most-Used Language at GitHub

GitHub is an extremely popular platform for version-control repository hosting service. It has over 950 projects in Python with over 500 stars.

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3rd Largest Meetup Community

An online social networking service aiding group meetings, Meetup.com has more than 1300 groups for Python, with a total of more than 608k members. This makes it its third largest community.

Reason.3 Career Opportunities

Even though it is a very easy language to begin with, Python opens a lot of doors for you. In the professional world, Python and Ruby developers earn the second highest grub, next to Swift. In India, the average package of a Python developer with around 4 years of experience is approximately 5 lacs per annum. Python also finds use in cyber security. This is why Python is worth learning.

Reason.4 Python in Web Development

In our article on Introduction to Python, we discussed several frameworks for Python. Many of these were meant for web development. These were Django, Pylons, web2py, and Flask. Of these, Django and Flask are quite impressive.
Giants like Instagram and Pinterest have made use of Django. Likewise, Flask is tiny, but highly customizable. Certainly, Python is a great scripting language.

Reason.5 Python in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

In the same article, we also talked about frameworks like SciPy and NumPy for these purposes. In a time without Python, MATLAB would rule the AI & Machine Learning world. But with Python, it is possible to carry out complex computations using a single import statement followed by a function call. Today, Python is preferred as the language for computer science research. With its speed and flexibility, it is here to stay.

Reason.6 Raspberry Pi

One of the most interesting parts of learning Python is Raspberry Pi. A microcomputer the size of a credit card, it is capable of a lot. With it, you can explore the word of technical DIYs (Do It Yourselves). These include making robots, arcade machines, remote-controlled toys, and even cameras. And with Sonic Pi, you can even make music.

Reason.7 Startups and Corporates- Python for Both

Python is literally everywhere, be it a startup or a unicorn. From conciseness to capability, its perfect blend of uniqueness and flexibility make it a suitable choice for any project. It gets the best of both worlds. Giants like Google, Disney, and NASA are always on the lookout for talented Python professionals. I hope now you will not wonder why should you learn Python and start learning it.

So, this was all about 7 Reasons Why Should I Learn Python. Hope you like our explanation.

4. Conclusion

We just looked at seven reasons why should I learn Python. To further aid you with your decision, we suggest you take a look at Python Advantages and Disadvantages. And if you would like to add to the list, we would love to hear from you in the comments.


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  1. Lokesh Sharma says:

    8th reason why learn Python: Colossal ventures like Google, Yahoo!, Disney, Nokia, and IBM all use Python. Frankly, in 2013, among programming tongues, Python had the greatest, for example, year-on-year work ask for advancement of 19%.
    Without a doubt, even in 2014 while the general enrolling enthusiasm for IT specialists dove by 5%, the enthusiasm for Python engineers extended by 8.7%. This was my contribution to why learn Python.

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