Basic Area Chart in Power BI Tutorial – Learn in 2 Min.

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1. Objective

In our last Power BI tutorial, we studied Power BI Combo Chart. Today, in this Area Chart tutorial, we will learn how to create Basic Area Chart in Power BI. Moreover, we will discuss when to utilize an essential territory outline and how to make an essential region diagram. At last, we will cover Featuring and Cross-Sifting, Considerations and Troubleshooting in Basic Area Chart in Power BI.
So, let’s start Basic Area Chart in Power BI.

Basic Area Chart in Power BI Tutorial - Learn in 2 Min.

Basic Area Chart in Power BI Tutorial – Learn in 2 Min.

2. Basic Area Chart in Power BI

The fundamental basic area chart in Power BI (otherwise known as a layered region graph) depends at stake outline. The zone amongst hub and line is loaded with hues to demonstrate volume.
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Territory graphs underline the size of progress after some time and can be utilized to attract regard for the aggregate an incentive over a pattern. For instance, information that speaks to benefit after some time can be plotted in a region graph to underscore the aggregate benefit.

Basic Area Chart in Power BI

Basic Area Chart in Power BI

3. When to Utilize an Essential Territory Outline

Let’s see when to use a Basic Area Chart in Power BI:

  • To see and think about the volume slant crosswise overtime arrangement.
  • For singular arrangement speaking to a physically countable set.


  • Power BI benefit.
  • Retail Analysis test.

To take after a long, sign in to Power BI and select Get Data > Samples > Retail Analysis Sample > Connect and pick Go to a dashboard.

4. Make an Essential Region Diagram

  1. From the “Retail Analysis Sample” dashboard, select the Total Stores tile to open the “Retail Analysis Sample” report.
  1. Select Edit Report to open the report in Editing View.
  1. Include another report page by choosing the yellow in addition to symbol (+) at the base of the report.
  1. Make a zone diagram that shows the current year’s deals and a year ago’s deals by month.
  • From the FIELDS sheet, select Sales > Last Year Sales, and This Year Sales > Value.

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Basic Area Chart in Power BI

Step-4.a  To make an Essential Region Diagram

  • Change over the diagram to a fundamental territory outline by choosing the Area graph symbol from the VISUALIZATIONS sheet.
Basic Area Chart in Power BI

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Step-4.b  To make an Essential Region Diagram

  • Select Time > Month to add it to the Axis well.

    Basic Area Chart in Power BI

    Step-4.c  To make an Essential Region Diagram

  • To show the diagram by month, select the circles (upper right corner of the visual) and pick Sort by month.

5. Featuring and Cross-Sifting

For data about utilizing the FILTERS sheet, see Add a channel to a report.
To feature one specific territory in your graph, select that zone or its best outskirt. Not at all like other representation writes, if there are different perceptions in agreement, featuring a fundamental region outlines does not cross-channel alternate perceptions on the report page. Be that as it may, region outlines are an objective for cross-sifting activated by different representations on the report page. To take in more, see Visual communications in reports.
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6. Considerations and Troubleshooting

Make the report more open for individuals with inabilities.
Essential zone outlines are not viable for contrasting the qualities due with the impediment on the layered regions. Power BI utilizes straightforwardness to show the cover of territories. In any case, it just functions admirably with a few unique zones. When you have to contrast incline with in excess of three measures, take a stab at utilizing line diagrams. When you have to contrast volume with in excess of three measures, have a go at utilizing treemap.
So, this was all about Basic Area Chart in Power BI Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation on Power BI custom visuals.

7. Conclusion

Hence, in this tutorial, we learned about the basic area diagram in Power BI custom visuals and the Considerations and troubleshooting.
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