R Multiple Choice Questions and Answers – Part 2

R Quiz

1. R Quiz Questions

In our previous R blogs, we have covered each topic of R Programming language, but, it is necessary to brush up your knowledge with time. Hence to keep this in mind we have planned R multiple choice questions and answers. This R online quiz will help you to revise your R concepts. All these R quiz questions are designed along with their answers to help you.

R Multiple Choice Questions and Answers

R Multiple Choice Questions and Answers – Part 2

2. R Multiple Choice Questions and Answers to test you R Programming Skills

All the best for the quiz! - R Quiz Part - 2

Q.1 R is an__________programming language?
Q.2 Who developed R?
Q.3 R was named partly after the first names of____R authors?
Q.4 Packages are useful in collecting sets into a_____unit ?
Q.5 R is an interpreted language so it can access through_____________?
Q.6 Many quantitative analysts use R as their____tool?
Q.7 Predictive analysis is the branch of __________analysis?
Q.8 ___________ is used to make predictions about unknown future events?
Q.9 How many steps does predictive analysis process contained?
Q.10 Descriptive analysis tell about________?
Q.11 How many types of R objects are present in R data type?
Q.12 How many types of data types are present in R?
Q.13 Which of the following is a primary tool for debugging?
Q.14 Which function is used to create the vector with more than one element?
Q.15 In R every operation has a ______call?
Q.16 The ____________ in R is a vector.
Q.17 Vectors come in two parts_____ and _____.
Q.18 How many types of atomic vectors are present?
Q.19 How many types of vertices functions are peresent?
Q.20 _________and_________ are types of matrices functions?
Q.21 How many control statements are present in R?
Q.22 Which of the following finds the maximum value in the vector x, exclude missing values
Q.23 Which of the following sort dataframe by the order of the elements in B
Q.24 _________ initiates an infinite loop right from the start.
Q.25 _______ is used to skip an iteration of a loop.
Q.26 _____ programming language is a dialect of S.
Q.28 In 1991, R was created by Ross Ihaka and Robert Gentleman in the Department of Statistics at the University of _________.
Q.28 Finally, in _________ R version 1.0.0 was released to the public.
Q.29 R is technically much closer to the Scheme language than it is to the original _____ language.
Q.30 R functionality is divided into a number of ________
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If you feel any query in any of these R Multiple Choice Questions and Answers, so please leave a comment in a section given below. Hope we will help you out.

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