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The biggest question that arises when we study any programming language is whether learning this language is worth it or not? The same question must be arising in your mind when you decided to learn R programming. There are various other questions such as what are the career prospects in R, what is the future of R programming and what is the scope of R language in Data Science?

I am glad to say that, this tutorial is going to answer all of your questions and will help to reach your desired goals. Here you’ll get a clear vision of your future in R programming and also get a strong idea regarding career opportunities in R.

We all want to have a secure career. But is R programming, an answer to this? In this article, we will find out how R has taken the world of analytics by storm.

Career in R Programming

We will explore the R career path and find out how it is an ideal career option for Data Science aspirants.

Why R is becoming popular?

R has become the lingua franca of Data Science and statistics. It is the most popular analytic tool.

The estimated R users are nearing approximately 2 million!

With the emergence of R programming in Data Science and data itself, there is a pressing need for efficient Data Science tools that can accommodate the needs of their users. 

R is capable of providing various benefits and covering all the important issues that make it ideal for Data Science operations. There are also various groups, seminars and boot camps that are being organized around the world that facilitate R education throughout the world.

R has been a Game Changer in the Analytics Industry

R is an open-source language that is contributed to developers and programmers from all around the world. It is continuously expanding and people from the whole world are contributing to its development. This has resulted in R becoming a state of the art programming language.

Due to its platform independence, diversity of packages, and robust graphical features, it has become the primary tool for the analytics industry.

What about the Job Prospects in R?

R programmers can avail various types of jobs in the Data Science industry. Since there is a dearth of Data Scientists, both novice and professional R programmers can enter the Data Science industry. 

There are various companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter as well as emerging startups that are using R to meet their analytical goals. 

At the same time, organizations expect many of the new hires to be already equipped with knowledge of R. They want them to be familiar with the R tool and how to use it for Data Analysis.

Must Learn – Why is R important in Data Science?

Business Adaptation of R

Most of the Data Scientists and analysts use R as a tool of their choice. But what about corporate adaptation?

Large businesses don’t often use open-source tools and technologies for a business process that is as critical as Data Analysis. But, R has slowly won over the hearts of many large corporates.

For example:

Companies like Google, Facebook, Genpact, Accenture, MuSigma and many others are adopting the R platform.

Job Roles in R

Being an R programmer does not only guarantee jobs in the IT industry but also there are several industries that are making use of data to transform problems into solutions. Some of the areas where R applicants are most in-demand are as follows:

  • Financial Sectors
  • Banks
  • Health Organisations
  • Manufacturing Companies
  • Academia 
  • Governmental departments

R programmers are most in-demand, especially in emerging startups. Some of the positions that are available for the R programmers are as follows:

  • Data Scientist
  • Business Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Visualization Expert
  • Quantitative Analyst

Job Roles in R Programming

Let us now have a brief overlook at each of these jobs:

1. Data Scientist

The profession of Data Scientist is the most demanding job role. A Data Scientist is supposed to extract data, transform it into a structured format, perform analysis and forecast future insights. For this purpose, R is the most ideal tool as it provides efficient data handling capability as well as a robust set of analysis and machine learning toolsThe average annual income of a data scientist is ₹28,00,000.

2. Business Analyst

A Business Analyst has to develop solutions that are technical in nature for the various business problems. They are required to seek solutions, advance the efforts of the company as well as fulfill the requirements of the business. For this purpose, R provides various business intelligence tools through its extensive packages. A business analyst in India earns around ₹6,70,000 per year on an average.

3. Data Analyst

A Data Analyst is responsible for extracting and analyzing data. This task requires extensive usage of R’s statistical libraries to deliver accurate results so that the companies can make careful data-driven decisions. The average annual income of a data analyst in India is around ₹7,20,000

4. Data Visualization Expert

R is most popular for its visualization libraries. Due to this reason, Data Visualization experts in R programming are in-demand in the industries. The various packages of R like ggplot2, plotly, etc provide visually appealing graphs and plots to their users. Therefore, storytelling with data has become the most sought after skill. A data visualization expert can earn up to ₹6,50,000 per annum in India.

Let’s discuss Data Visualization in R for a thorough understanding of the concept 

5. Quantitative Analyst

Quantitative Analysts are engaged in the financial and banking industries. These industries have to deal with all types of data and R provides an ideal solution to their various data problems. Therefore, R programmers who know the breadth and depth of finance are most sought after professionals in these industries. On average, a quantitative analyst can earn around ₹5,80,000.

Below is the distribution of R Users’ Salaries by Country.

R salaries across countries - R careers

Source- StackOverflow

List of Companies Using R

Below is the list of companies using R for various purposes:

companies using R - R careers

Important Facts related to R Language

  • Google uses R to calculate the ROI of advertising campaigns.
  • Ford uses R to improve the design of its vehicles.
  • Twitter uses R to monitor user experience.
  • FDA (Food and Drug Administration) uses R to simulate tests on new food and medicinal products before they are given permission to be manufactured.
  • The US National Weather Service uses R to predict severe flooding.
  • The Human Rights Data Analysis Group uses R to quantify the impact of war.
  • R is being used by The New York Times to create infographics.

FAQs related to Career prospects in R

Q.1 Will R help me to enter the world of analytics and secure a job? 

Ans. There is an abundance of jobs in Data Science. As a matter of fact, there is a dearth of Data Scientists. Therefore, people who have acquired the knowledge of R will find a plethora of jobs waiting for them. 

Step up your Career in Data Science and grab your dream job now! 

Q.2 What are the job opportunities for R programmers in India?

Ans. India is one of the biggest producers of data. With many large scale companies and startups searching for ways to convert this massive plethora of data into meaningful insights, there is a need for specialized Data Scientists. R programmers who are skilled in dealing with such a vast amount of data will find India an ideal place to search for new jobs. 

Q.3 How much does an R programmer make?

Ans. In India, Data Scientists who are skilled at R make on an average of 7 Lacs per annum. Whereas in countries like the USA, they can earn as much as $ 130,000 per annum, on average.

Q.4 What is the future scope of the R programming language?

Ans. Data is constantly growing at an exponential rate. Therefore, there are bound to be an ample amount of opportunities for aspiring Data Scientists in the future. Many companies are using R to fulfill their Data Science requirements, therefore, there is a bright future ahead for Data Scientists who are skilled at R. 

Q.5 What are online sources of R Jobs?

Ans. There are many job portals available for getting a job in R programming, we have listed the major ones:

  • Linkedin
  • Glassdoor
  • Indeed
  • Shine
  • Monster
  • TimesJobs


In this article, we went through the future scope of career in R, the various companies that make use of R and the different roles that an R programmer plays in the industry. R is constantly evolving and keeping itself ahead of the edge. Therefore, it is predicted to increase manyfold in the future, providing solutions to the various Data Science requirements of the industries.

Do you know about the Top Skills that Data Scientists need to have?

Still, any queries left regarding career opportunities in R programming? Share your views in the comment section below.

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