Top 7 Programming Languages for Android App Development

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When we talk about Android applications, there is a wide range of languages available for Android app Development. Before getting to which one is the best, let us see some languages that you can consider for development. Following are few of the common languages for Android Application development:

  • Java
  • Kotlin
  • C#
  • Python
  • C/C++
  • Corona

The above mentioned are the top 7 programming languages preferred for Android app development.

Best Programming Languages for Android App Development

Now we’ll see some important features of them one by one:

1. Java

It is a programming language and a computing platform released by Sun Microsystems. It is an open-source programming language and uses the syntax of C++, so the developers find it familiar and easy to learn. It’s now owned by Oracle Corporation. Java is a language that has both a compiler and an interpreter and needs JVM to run. JVM here stands for Java Runtime Machine.

2. Kotlin

Kotlin is absolutely new to the Android World. It is 100% compatible and interoperable with Java and has been also announced as the second official language of Android. It is much easier to write the codes of Kotlin. Kotlin is simpler than Java and is short and sweet. The layouts provided by Kotlin are much more logical than Java. It also runs on JVM. The code in Kotlin is concise, safe and versatile.

3. C/C++

C++ is one of the oldest languages that is equally popular. Though it does not help in developing application pages or the user interface of apps, it is useful for building APIs. Back end and the APIs of the apps are frequently written using this programming language. Many popular built-in libraries are available for Android developers that use C++.

4. C#

Anders Hejlsberg is the developer behind the development C# at Microsoft and it’s launch in 2000. It is an open-source language that is beginner-friendly and a good alternative to C/C++. The tools that it supports are Unity, Xamarin which are very handy. C# is a very simple language which is also flexible and object oriented. It enables the developers to develop Android as well as iOS applications.

5. Python

Coming to the last one, Python, one of the most popular and the easiest programming languages. Guido van Rossum was the creator of Python, in the year 1991. Python is also an open-source, high-level programming language. It is a very useful and dynamic language that is object-oriented, and general-purpose as well. It is also useful for the creation of back end tasks, libraries, functions, and many more things. Learn it completely through free python online tutorial series.

6. Corona

Corona is a software development toolkit that is useful for developing Android apps using Lua. It works in two operational modes that are- Corona Simulator and Corona Native. Here, to build applications directly, we use simulator. And The Corona Native is useful for integration of Lua with Android Studio. Integration of Lua with Android Studio will help build applications with native features.


BASIC means Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code. It is very easy to use and ideal language if you want to learn how to code. Android does not support it officially. It can’t be used with Unity or Xamarin. Even then, there is a feature in BASIC that is b4a, which enables it to Android. Thus, B4A is a good option in BASIC to develop Android apps from Anywhere Software. The B4A here simply depicts BASIC 4 Android. B4A is designed as a Rapid Application Development Environment.

Best Programming language for Android App development

These are the top 7 preferable languages for Android development. Any of them can be a good choice for you to make android applications. But, we’re here for the best-suited android application development language. And, all these languages cannot be the best programming language for Android at the same time, right? The best can be only one, And that tag I would give to Java.

Why Java?

Simple, because Java is the most popular Android app development language. It has the biggest support for Android from Google. Most of the Android applications all over the world are in Java. In fact, Google has announced it officially that Java is the official Android language. Java provides every possible functionality to the applications. Another reason for Java is most of the developers and even the beginners are well aware of Java programming. As it is object-oriented language, developers find it easy to use and connect to it.

Java indeed is the most preferred language for Android app development across the world, and finds use for a huge variety of programming applications. The codes of Java are run in the virtual machine that runs on Android devices. So, I would suggest you prefer Java for Android Application Development.


This article was about the best programming language for making android applications. In this, initially, I told you various important languages that you can consider for Android app development. Later, we also saw their features and quite a few things about them. After that, we reached the conclusion about the best language for Android app development.

Hope you liked the article.


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  2. jessica says:

    Great article! Choosing the right programming language for Android app development is crucial. Kotlin has gained immense popularity for its concise syntax and improved safety features. It’s a strong choice for anyone starting in Android development or looking to migrate from Java. On the other hand, Java remains relevant and is still used widely, especially in legacy projects.

    For businesses seeking to create exceptional Android apps, it’s essential to hire Android app developers who are proficient in both Kotlin and Java. Experienced developers who understand the strengths and weaknesses of each language can ensure your project’s success. Consider your project’s specific needs and the expertise of your development team when making this critical decision.

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