How to Publish Android App on Google Play Store

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Welcome to DataFlair’s tutorial on Android. For this tutorial on Android, I am going to tell you some very important things that you must consider before submitting the app on the Google Play Store. Let us continue without any further delay.

Submit your android app on google play store

Where and Who can publish the Android App on Google Play Store?

Before getting into it, let us get an idea of where the developed app can be published and who can publish on Google play. When we look forward to making our application globally available, we seek to choose the most widespread platform.

So, Google Play can be a great platform for the same. It lets you publish your applications in a very hassle-free manner with a great scope. Google Play already has a large number of applications in itself. Thus, to make a difference and to bring your application on the top, you must make sure that there’s something different and attractive. When we talk about publishing an application on Google Play Store, we definitely get a lot of questions in our mind. So, Do not worry, it’s as easy as a cake walk.

Let me now tell you about who can publish the application. So the application can be published by any user of Google Play Store. Yes, even you can publish your application on Google Play Store if you can develop one! In fact, those who are so much into Android Development and like to develop different applications, are most welcome to publish the apps that they make.

What are the steps to get your app published?

Getting your application published on Google Play Store is easy and can be done in a few steps. Let me tell you some simple steps for publishing an android application on Google Play. The following steps will let you understand how to publish your application on the Google play store-

1. First of all, your application needs to be well developed and tested, so that you are ready to upload and then publish it.

2. The next thing is creating a developer’s account, on Google Play Console. Through this, you’ll get official permission to publish your applications. You can publish as many Android Applications as you can develop. Yes, that’s right, it will let you publish the applications from anywhere and at any time.

3. After creating your developer’s account you are ready to go. Now first, you have to mention the title of your application and then describe it. The description of your app should be brief and informative. It is supposed to have the keywords that can help your app to be visible on user searches.

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4. Then, another step would be to add the screenshots of your appointment. The best way to advertise is to show its usages. You can add the screenshots that best describe and attract the users towards downloading the app.

5. Determining the rating of your application is as good as publishing the app. You have to make sure that the users do not get disappointed, so you have to ensure that the users are getting their doubts cleared. For this, you have to make sure that you’re answering all their questions and convincing them.

6. Now the important thing is to select the category of your application. The category can be game, education, etc. Selecting the category of app is very important. It will directly affect the number of downloads of your application. Unless and until you choose the correct category, it won’t reach out to those who need it. Thus, choosing the right category will elevate the chances of the app to be downloaded by users.

7. Next very important step of publishing your app is to mention your privacy policy straight and clear. The users do not want their data to be breached and privacy to be leaked. Thus, make sure that you have made the points about the requirements of user information very clear. Also, mentioning why the user’s data is required would be a plus point. You must also assure the users that their data won’t be used for your personal use or advantage.

8. After all the detailed work, you are ready to go with Adding the APK of your Android Application. APK stands for Application Package.

9. Finally you’re ready to go. If you wish to sell the application at some amount, you can choose to add the price for the same. This is absolutely based on your choice and not mandatory.

So, guys these were the short steps that you would need to follow to publish your Android application on Google Play Store.

What should I check before publishing my Android App on Google Play Store?

Ok, you must make sure to check some things right before publishing your application. This is an important step as it will ensure that there is nothing lagging behind. Without any further ado, let us brush up and have a quick review of what all things we should consider while and before publishing our app-

1. First of all, make sure that your application is working well and you’ve gone through the steps well. .

2. Check and ensure that there are no bugs at all in your application, and each button and function is working right.

3. The next thing is to ensure that the resources of the app are up-to-date and complete.

4. Make sure that your code is well maintained and in the correct order. Give a quick review of the code.

5. Make sure you have created the release version of the APK to upload it to Google Play Store. Learn How to generate the APK of the app.

Now, moving towards the other things:

6. Make sure that you’re using the keywords for description to make searching easy and also that the title is correct.

7. The Screenshots that you take must be self-explanatory. They must show the purpose of the application clearly.

8. In the end, give a check to the privacy policy to avoid any difficulty in the near future.

Bingo, now you’re good to go! Now you are ready to publish your Android app in Google Play Store.


Coming to the end of this article, let us give a quick review of what we have learned throughout this article. In this article, we have seen various things about publishing an Android app on Google Play store. We saw who all can publish the application and where you can publish your app. Then, we saw the steps to follow while publishing the application. After that, we also saw the main things that we should keep in mind before and during the process of publishing. We hope you liked and found this article helpful. Thank You!

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