Android Security – Best Ways to Secure your Android Devices

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Hello Everyone, In this article we’ll read about Android Security. We all know that security is to guard us from the vulnerabilities and danger. And thus, Android Security is something that protects our Android mobiles from bugs and unethical access. Also, it improves the working of the complete Android System and its functionalities. So, without any further delay let us begin and understand Android Security and its security patches.

Android Security

What is Android Security?

Android Security can be understood as something that is there to protect your Android devices. Android Security works upon protecting the devices from bugs and viruses. It even helps in saving the data and maintaining privacy once the device has been stolen or lost. Google’s Android platforms help us in protecting Android Devices such as mobiles and tablets that support Android. This protection is done against the malware attacks and unauthorized access. Protection against these are important as it may lead in Data or Device loss.

We can ensure the safety of Android even from our sides using Android as follows:

1. Mobile application security applications, and device lock system.
2. VPN connectivities is another important security aspect as it protects the data transition.
3. Scanning the websites to avoid the potential phishing schemes and fraud activities.
4. Finding the lost devices through GPS trackers.
5. There are many security applications available from Google as well as some third-party vendors. Some of the third-party vendors are Kaspersky, Lookout, Avast, and Qihu.

Ok, Do you remember noticing your device getting timely prompts to download new versions of firmwares. You might have thought that they were the latest Android version updates. Or you might have confused it with some new features having been added in your device. But, ending up with nothing new after the download must have let you down. Basically, they were none of the things that I mentioned above, but the security patch updates. Security patches were indeed boring to us, but vital to our devices. Okay, so let us get into this thing called Security Patches, and understand it.

What are Android Security Patches?

To begin, let us understand the term Security Patch. A security patch is basically a set of changes to a program or its supporting data. This set of changes is made to fix, update or improve its functions and performance.These patches work on the vulnerabilities of the devices and try to reduce them. There are basically two types of bugs/ vulnerabilities that are-

1. The first is the one that causes the software system to behave erroneously. It makes the software malfunction and shows wrong results to users actions.

For example, consider trying to open a music application, but Call logs get opened instead. So yes this type of bugs generally create inconvenience to the users. But, once they get severe they can also leave a deep impact on the reputation.

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2. Another type is the one that actually affects the security of the software. Along with the software, it also affects the devices on which the software is installed on.

For example, you can consider the application asking you to enter the username and password but, as soon as you enter the username, it logs in. This might sound interesting but it may lead to leaked information and severe situations later.

So these were the two types, to be more exact, the first category of the bugs might turn into the second if they are manipulated in such a way. And that is the reason that security patches are actually important for us and our devices.

Why are Security Patches important in Android?

So security patches are important because they address the vulnerabilities of softwares. It is important as it stops cyber criminals from gaining unauthorized access to our devices and data. Security patches for Operating Systems are indeed crucial as OS vulnerability can be too bad at times.

Security patches are distributed to all the Android devices in a timely manner. Thus, there are various different levels of Security patches. You must always keep your device’s security patch level up to date to ensure it is safe.


So, in this article we read about Android Security. We went through what security is and then what is Android Security. Later we read how we can save our devices from our side. After that, we read what are Security patches. Then we also saw the types of bugs that affect our Android System. After that we understood how the Security patch helps and protects the Android System.

Do not forget to Secure your Android Devices today itself.

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