Android Vs iOS – Which is Better for App Development?

Welcome to our Android tutorial, in this tutorial, we are here with something that is a very hot topic of all time. In this article, we are going to discuss a very interesting topic that is Android VS iOS. We know that these days iOS is on fire, and so is Android. The growth rate of both the operating systems has been increasing rapidly for the last few years. Regardless of this, the growth of Android is found to be on the totally next level. So, we are very well prepared here to jot down the difference between Android and iOS.

We will begin with the brief introduction of both these operating systems.

Android vs IOS

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What is Android?

Android is an operating system for Smartphones. It is an open-source framework that is based on modified versions of the Linux kernel. This framework helps us in developing advanced and user-friendly applications. We can build these applications using either Java or even Kotlin. The Android operating system has also gone through a number of releases, each fixing bugs and adding the new features which make our phones more comfortable and easy. Till now, there are nearly seventeen versions of Android that are named after the alphabets. Also, considered in the same order, respectively.

The Android operating system is not only limited to smartphones, as these days, there are many devices in the market today that use it as their operating system. Devices like televisions, tablets, Android automated cars, ebook readers, and even wristwatches use Android as their operating system. In fact, it is leading the global market of mobile operating systems. Most of the users worldwide use Android operated devices. The Android-based applications that we use every day has brought with it plenty of jobs available for Android developers in the market.

What is iOS?

iOS, also known as the iPhone Operating system, is a mobile operating system. This mobile operating system was created and developed by Apple Inc. iOS is the operating system developed for the hardware devices of Apple. Alike Android, we can use iOS on many devices such as iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Mac books even.

iOS has a great collection of apple applications, as there are more than 2.1 million applications found in the Apple store. Apple shares a considerable part in the world market share of mobile operating systems too. Apple has also been praised for incorporating thorough accessibility functions into iOS. This has enabled the users who have vision and hearing problems to properly use iOS products. Major versions of iOS get released annually on a regular basis. Latest version is iOS 13.

Now that we’ve had the idea about Android and iOS let us compare these both:

                                                                                           Android VS iOS

Comparison Android  iOS
Developed by Google Apple Inc.
Release year  23rd of September 2008 29th of July 2007
First Version Ever The first-ever version of Android was Alpha that is Android 1.0.  The first-ever version of iOS was iPhone OS 1, earlier known only as iOS.
Latest Version The latest version of Android was released on the 3rd of September in 2019. It was Android 10. The latest version of iOS is iOS 13.3.1 which was released on the 28th of January 2020. 
Source (open/closed) Android is an Open-Source operating system. iOS is a closed operating system that has open-source components. 
Customizable The Android Operating System is definitely customizable, and many changes can be made in it.  The Apple operating system has very limited customizability, and that is difficult to make too.
File transfers The file transfer in Android is a lot easier when compared to iOS. In fact, the transfer can be made with the help of USB ports as well as using Android file transfer. File transfer in iOS is a lot difficult, and Media can be transferred using iTunes desktop application. There can be no file transfer between the Android and iOS devices through bluetooth.
Widgets We can use these widgets everywhere except on the lock screen. In apple operating systems, we can find the widgets in the Notification center. 
Internet browsing For internet browsing, it provides Google chrome. Users can set any browsing app as default.  For internet browsing, it provides Safari. Users can use any browsing app but cannot set them as default.
Operating System Family  The Operating System Family for Android is Linux. Operating System Family for iOS is OS X or UNIX.
Web mapping service Google maps is there for this. Apple maps by default. We can also use Google maps.
Multiple Language support Yes, it supports more than 100 languages. It also has multiple language support upto 34 different languages.
User Control Interface Touch Screen is the interface for the users to use Android devices. iOS also has a Touch Screen interface.
Video Chat  Supported through google duo and other third party apps too. Supported through FaceTime
Voice Assistant It has Google Assistant It has Siri.
Application Store Play Store Apple Store
Battery Life There are many apps for the battery management It has lower battery life compared to Android
Price Android devices are available for variable prices. It is affordable to those who are not very good financially as well. Apple phones are of higher end and way more costly than Android.
Security Monthly security updates are there.  In Apple, occasional security updates are there. But, it is safer than Android as downloading apps from sources other than Apple app store is difficult.


In this tutorial, we read about the very powerful Operating Systems that are Android and iOS. We also saw and read iOS vs Android. We really hope you liked this tutorial, and this was helpful for you.

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