Top 7 Android Books – Best Picks for Android Developers

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In this article, we would like to recommend some good books on Android development. Yet to master the art of developing applications you need to keep practicing and you can also check our Android Tutorial blog. Let’s take a look at the Android books which will help us to get started with Android Development. In this article, all types of books are mentioned whether you’re starting from scratch or want to brush up your android developing applications.

Top Seven Android Books

Top 7 Android Books

1. List of 7 Android Books for Android Developers

  • Head First Android Development by Dawn Griffiths
  • Android App Development For Dummies by Michael Burton
  • Hello, Android Introducing Googles Mobile Development Platform by Ed Burnette
  • Android Programming The Big Nerd by Brain Hardy
  • Busy Coder’s Guide To Android Development – Mark M Murphy
  • Android Cookbook by Ian Darwin
  • Android Programming Pushing The Limits by Eric Hellman

Now, let’s discuss the different Android books in detail.

i. Head First Android Development

Head First Android Developmentby Dawn Griffiths

Dawn Griffiths in this book on Android Development teaches you how to structure your applications and how to design flexible applications and interfaces. This book uses visual format rather than using boring texts. This is a good book for beginners who are well conversant with JAVA technology. Moreover, it explains all the concepts with ease and provides clear examples step by step.

If you have an idea for a killer Android app, this book will build your first working application in just a moment. You’ll learn, how to structure the app, design the interface, create a database, how to make your app work on various smartphones and tablets.

ii. Android App Development For Dummies

Android App Development for Dummies

by Michael Burton

Michael Burton in this book gives a good introduction to Android development and provides good sample programs. You don’t require any experience in developing Android apps before using this book. It has a simple program for beginners as well as an intermediate program with advanced concepts.
It also has real-world pieces of advice from experts

With the help of this guide, all types of developers will quickly find out how to install the tools they require, design an impressive user interface, grasp the differences in design between phone and tablet applications, handle user input and avoid common difficulties.

iii. Hello, Android Introducing Googles Mobile Development Platform

Hello, Android

by Ed Burnette

From an introduction to Android to building various applications with additional features, this book on Android Development acts as a complete guide. In this book, Ed Burnette explains methods for creating live wallpapers with 2-D and 3-D OpenGL, multi-touch screen, storing data with SQLite and select SD card as the default location for storage. This book also guides us to publish OU applications in the Android market.

Google Android leads the mobile market, and by targeting Android, your apps can run on most of the phones and tablets. This book for learning Android covers all modern Android versions from Android 4.1 to Android 5.0. Freshly added material covers new Android features such as Google Play Services and Fragments.

iv. Busy Coder’s Guide To Android Development

The Busy Coder's Guide to Android Development

by Mark M Murphy

This book is well written by Mark Murphy and easily understood by beginners. This book will explain each and every concept with an example. It is a great way to learn the Android SDK. Also, it explains Google documentation and Google groups.

The book includes a wide range of APIs and Android capabilities, from designing simple user interfaces, to supporting long-running background processes, through the mapping features and advanced location tracking. It also covers how to embed the WebKit Web browser in the application, integrate with the built-in on-device search engine, how to have your application use data from other installed applications or off the Internet.

Don’t forget to check Android Architecture.

v. Android Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

Android Programming The Big Nerd Ranch Guide

by Brain Hardy

In this book, Brain Hardy has given a detailed step by step explanation of programs for creating android apps. The concepts are explained precisely and in an excellent manner. It mainly focuses on practical techniques for building Android applications. Moreover, it contains exercises at end of every chapter.

This book mainly describes practical techniques for creating apps compatible with Android versions widely used today. Write and run code every step of the way – creating apps that catalog crime scenes, track your jogging route, browse photos etc. Each chapter is designed and tested to give the knowledge and experience that need to get started in Android development.

vi. The Android Developer’s Cookbook

The Android Developers Cookbook

by Ian Darwin

In this book, Ian Darwin has explained the working of user interface multi-touch gestures and device features like camera, accelerometer etc. Also, this book on Android Development is ideal for developers well conversant with JAVA and Android basic.

This book features chapters written by more than thirty-six developers from the Android community. Each chapter gives a clear solution and sample code you can use in your project. From a number of topics, this book helps you work with UI controls, use guidelines for designing a successful Android app, graphical elements, and effective layouts.

vii. Android Programming Pushing The Limits

Android Programming Pushing the Limits

by Eric Hellman

This book by Eric Hellman is for developers who have some experience in Android development and familiar with the core concept of the application. This book is divided into three parts, the first part focuses on the tools for Android developers, the second part focuses on Android components and how to use them and lastly, the third part contains advanced tools and technologies.

From custom views and integrating web services as well as utilizing the latest geofencing, activity recognition features and advanced multi-touch gestures, Erik gives tips, tricks, and expert techniques so you can modify your components for the best user experience possible and design your own custom views.

So, this was all about Android Development Books. Hope you liked our explanation.

2. Summary

We have discussed the seven Android Books that are best for learning Android Development. The books described are Head First Android Development, Android Development for Dummies, Hello, Android Introducing Googles Mobile Development Platform, Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development, Android Programming the Big Nerd, Android Cookbook, Android Programming Pushing the Limits. Also, some books are suitable for beginners whereas some books require knowledge of Android Development. Lastly, if you have any feedback or queries related to the article, you can ask in the comments section.

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