Android Studio Vs Eclipse – Which is Better for Android Developers?

To get started with what to choose for Android development when it comes to Android Studio vs Eclipse. In this Android Tutorial, we’ll have a brief comparison between Eclipse vs Android Studio and then decide which one is more preferable over the other. We will firstly learn about both these and what they are, subsequently we’ll begin with Eclipse and then Android Studio.

Android Studio vs Eclipse

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Eclipse is a Standard package that well suits for java and plug-in development and adding new plugins. Eclipse is mostly written in Java, thus it’s primarily used for Java. That is one of the reasons that Eclipse is well-known for Java IDE. Eclipse has its own workspace and an extensible plug-in system to customize the environment. It is simple, portable and has a short build time. It is preferable for the development of small applications. The IDE launched Eclipse is faster. It primarily supports java but can also works for different languages like C, C++, C#, PHP, Perl, and Ruby.

Learn how to setup Eclipse for Android Application Development.

Android Studio

Android Studio is an IDE for Android Operating Systems. An IDE stands for an Integrated Development Environment, it is a tool to make app development easy. It is the official IDE of Google for Android development. Android Studio has various features like auto code completion and refactoring to make the project development hasslefree. It’s release date is 16 May 2013. Android Studio uses IntelliJ IDEA. It is specifically for the development of Android applications. It is freely available and open source.

Similarities in Android Studio and Eclipse

There are certain similarities between them both. A few important common features are as follows:

  • Both provide automatic java code completion support.
  • They both provide us with great Graphical User Interface.
  • Both supports java coding for application
  • These two help in writing neat and clean, error-free code.
  • Both are capable of developing Android Applications.

Android Studio vs Eclipse

Now, we’ll see the comparison between them and reach out to a conclusion for which one to prefer for the development of applications for the android operating system. The provided following table show the comparison between the two:

Android StudioEclipse
1.Android Studio is the Official IDE for Google’s Android operating system Eclipse is an IDE widely for java based Android app development.
2.Android Studio supports Android.It supports Android through Google ADT extension.
3.In Android Studio, there is an inbuilt Gradle build tool.Eclipse has a build tool by default that is ANT. Though it is outdated when we see  Gradle of Android Studio.
4.It gets regular updates for android development.It does not have regular updates for android development
5.Android Studio only supports java for programming.On the other hand, Eclipse supports C, C++, PHP, Java, Perl, C#, and many other languages as well.
6.The developer of Android Studio is Google.The developer of Eclipse was Eclipse Foundation.
7.The use of Android Studio is particularly for the development of android applications.The reason for its development was a variety of applications.
8.When it comes to user interface Android Studio is much easier and quicker.Eclipse is not a native Android IDE and thus, is more complicated than Android Eclipse.
9.Though both support equally high-end auto code completion, Android has an Upper hand on it.Even with higher-end auto code completion, eclipse lacks behind the Android Studio.
10.In Android, the  easy drag and drop feature for easy layout design is available for the developers.Alas, Eclipse has no such thing as the feature of drag and drop.
11.Android is quicker than that Eclipse and developers love the tools and the resources of Android Studio. On the other side, Eclipse loses to Android in the case of Speed as well.
12.Android is lighter than Eclipse. It also often crashes,  even though it is more stable than Eclipse. When compared with Android, eclipse is way larger than IDE and requires high RAM space and clearly more CPU speed. 

So, going through the above comparison can easily make it clear before you that Android Studio stands stronger than Eclipse. This is as per my views towards both. As far as I have seen I would suggest you choose Android Studio. The reasons are simple: it is more flexible than Eclipse. It has build variants and multiple apk file generation. Android Studio also has a rich layout editor with supports like drag and drops layout editing. It also has proGuard and application signing capabilities and many other capabilities.


In conclusion, we saw what Android Studio and eclipse are. Later we saw the similarities between the two. And then, we compared Android Studio vs Eclipse in order to decide which one to prefer for Android application development. In the end, after the comparison, we came to the conclusion that Android Studio is stronger and better to prefer over the Eclipse IDE.

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