SAS/STAT Advantages & Disadvantages

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In our Previous SAS/STAT Tutorial, we saw Features of SAS/STAT Programming. Today, we will discuss SAS/STAT advantages and disadvantages.

So, let’s start with SAS/STAT Advantages and Disadvantages.

SAS/STAT Advantages

These are some benefits of SAS/STAT Software, let’s discuss them one by one:

i. You can apply the latest statistical techniques. With every new update, SAS brings its users a variety of new procedure to meet market requirements.

ii. The size and type of data is not a barrier. With so many procedures one can analyze small data, large data, data with missing values to moderate data.

iii. SAS/ STAT Software has graphs like box plots, scatter plots, bar charts and all are customizable to assist users in a better analysis.

iv. You can take advantage of SAS technical support and web user communities. Backed by industry-leading statistical technical support, SAS/STAT software is the complete answer to a broad spectrum of statistical needs.

v. Use proven and validated methods in statistics. SAS has decades of experience developing advanced statistical analysis software designed for superior quality and better and reliable results. With SAS/STAT Software, you can produce code that is documented and verified for government and corporate problem requirements.

vi. Expansive library of ready-to-use statistical procedures. With SAS/STAT, you get more than 90 prewritten procedures for statistical analysis. These procedures deliver functions that can be executed with just a few simple commands, enabling programmers to be more efficient. This wide range of statistical methods can help you solve your most complicated business and organizational problems, such as discovering new information for improving processes, driving development and revenues and retaining customers.

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vii. Highly interpretable statistical output. The clarity and consistency of statistical output, including a wealth of built-in graphs, enable users to readily understand analysis results.

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viii. Comprehensive documentation and training. Extensive online documentation, including a rich set of introductory examples, allows users to cope up with the software quickly and effectively. Free “how to” videos, tutorials and demos help you build your knowledge of statistical methods and learn how to apply SAS/STAT in your work.

ix. Cross-platform support and scalability. SAS runs on all major computing platforms and can access nearly any data source. The technology easily adjusts into an organization’s computing environment and can improve as you face any large or more complex analytical problems.

x. Simplify with a single environment. The software is integrated, enabling you to access and manage data, build statistical models, and readily understand your results using hundreds of built-in graphs.

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SAS/STAT Disadvantages

Following are some limitations of SAS/STAT.

i. SAS / STAT is an expensive tool.

ii. Algorithms used in SAS /STAT procedures are not open to the public, only some of the features are available on university edition so you cannot do research on that.

iii. Less number of graphical capabilities available.

iv. Compared to its competitors, SAS/STAT is still an old software. Software like R provides many of the same features free of cost.

v. 500 lines of SAS code can be equivalent to 100 lines of R code.

vi. For doing Time Series Forecasting we need to purchase SAS ETS Module.

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vii. It is also a bit hard to learn compared to base SAS.

viii. Requires prior knowledge of statistical procedures.

ix. For doing Text Mining we need to purchase SAS Enterprise / Text Miner.

x. For doing Machine Learning we need to purchase SAS Enterprise Miner.

xi. For doing Online Reporting we need to purchase SAS Visual Analytics.

This was all about SAS/STAT advantages and disadvantages Tutorial. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, you all now are clear with what are the SAS/STAT advantages and limitations of SAS/STAT carriers. There are clearly more advantages than disadvantages of using this amazing software. We will begin learning its procedures for the next tutorial. So stay tuned. Furthermore, if you have any query feel free to ask in a comment section.

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