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The following SAS Online Quiz contains the Multiple Choice questions related to the most common procedures we saw in SAS Programming Language.

So, are you ready to attempt this quiz?

Do not miss to attempt the other part of the SAS Quiz as well once you are done with this part:

Hope, you liked the set of questions in this SAS Quiz.

If you have any queries and suggestions, post them in the comment box.

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17 Responses

  1. Komal Patel says:


    • Data Flair says:

      Hii Komal,
      It’s our pleasure, you like “SAS Online Quiz”. Keep Visting Data-Flair for more SAS Tutorials.

  2. karthik says:

    its really helps me to test my knowledge
    Thank you so much

    • Data Flair says:

      Hi Karthik,
      We are glad this SAS Online Quiz helps you test your knowledge, you can refer to blogs on SAS/STAT as well to enhance your SAS Learning.

  3. Andy says:

    its really good to be understand for new cumers.
    thanks alot !

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hi Andy
      Thank you so much for playing the SAS online quiz. Hope you have checked the second part of SAS quiz. That part also contains the amazing SAS questions which will help you to understand SAS more quickly.
      Keep learning

  4. babs says:

    It helped me to refresh my basic SAS knowledge and find gaps. Thanks a lot for this excellent test.
    I only find annoying that I have to leave my e-mail address. Why all this unnecessary collection of personal data?

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Thanks for playing the SAS quiz. Glad that it helped you to revise the concepts. You must check the SAS interview questions also, you will like it.
      We have collected your data so that we can update you with the latest content, this all is for help.
      Best wishes to you.

  5. Mudit Srivastava says:

    Very Helpful !!

    Pls add more SAS quiz for practice..

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hey, Mudit
      Thanks for taking this SAS Online Quiz, we have one more SAS Quiz and three SAS Interview Questions. Please refer them for more practice, surely you will like them too.

  6. Cuyler Huffman says:

    Employee ID is a character variable because it is represented as left justified. I understand the point of the question was to notice that there was a period for a missing value instead of a blank, however, SAS uses left/right justification for character and numeric values which I believe makes this question incorrect. Please let me know if I am wrong.

  7. Srikanth says:


    Is there any free tools to practice the SQL program.


  8. Mohan Krishna says:

    i think the base sas date is jan 1 1960. right..?

  9. Vandana says:

    In question 11 proc in not misspelt

  10. Vandana christian says:

    In Question 11, Proc print is not misspelled

  11. Lakshmi Parvathi says:

    in this quiz very useful to up coming my skills.

  12. Lakshmi Parvathi says:

    it is very useful quiz .up coming my skills.

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