SAS Environment Setup | SAS Installation & Configuration

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In our last SAS tutorial, we have seen SAS Application, now we will discuss SAS Installation and Configuration, SAS Environment Setup, and Steps in SAS Environment.

So, let’s start the SAS Environment Setup.

SAS Installation

SAS Institute has introduced the SAS university edition. It is free and used for learning programming with all SAS components. It helps us to learn BASE SAS programming. The process of SAS installation, SAS University version is very simple and concise.

The institute guides us on every step of installation through scripts and videos. SAS Programming is present as a virtual machine which works in a virtual environment. Virtualization software is a mandatory requirement to run SAS software. SAS university edition recommends Oracle VM virtual box.

SAS - Virtual Box

SAS – Virtual Box

Steps in SAS Environment

SAS Institute Inc. has listed 4 main steps, including SAS installation of virtual machine software to starting work on SAS studio. So let’s discuss the quick guidelines for Oracle VM.

1. Setup

It includes download and installation of Oracle Virtual Box. It guides to create a folder for storing your SAS work. The latest SAS version is installed. It can be downloaded from Also, the following picture elaborates the sequential description of a process in SAS Environment setup.

SAS Environment Setup - How to install SAS

SAS Environment Setup – How to install SAS

The following screen appears when the above-stated link in clicked.

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2. Download SAS University Version

Here, we download the SAS University version. We need to generate a SAS profile. We have to go through all the terms and conditions. Confirmation for download is taken on the order summary page. The following picture elaborates the sequential description of a process in SAS download.

SAS Environment - How to Download SAS University Version

SAS Environment – How to Download SAS University Version

3. Configure

Here, we bring all the elements together. Like importing SAS to Virtual Box. We also share folders with the virtual box. The steps are very well illustrated in the following picture. The first column illustrates about importing SAS to virtual box, whereas the second column guides about sharing folders with VM.


4. Use

This is the final step of the SAS Environment Setup. Here we launch the SAS edition. We can write SAS Programs in SAS studio. It has various elements which help us to get the different type of outputs. The following picture explains this step in detail.

How to Use SAS Environment

How to Use SAS Environment

When we enter this http://localhost:10080/, the following window opens up.


The SAS studio window looks like the following screen.


So, this was all about SAS Installation. Hope you like our explanation.


Hence, in this SAS tutorial, we discussed the installation process of SAS. The main steps of SAS environment setup include; download SAS environment setup, configuring and then running it in SAS studio.

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