Why You Should Move From Java to Big Data – Transform Your Career Today

Learning is a never-ending task in everyone’s life and if you keep yourself updated with the latest happenings in the world around you, you will never become obsolete in any field. Same is the case for IT professionals as well as those who might be working in one technology, but they need to update themselves regularly with upcoming technologies to move ahead of the crowd and to sustain in the IT world.

As per IT market demand in the last few years, there are huge openings and requirements for Big Data skilled professionals for all level of experiences.

So let’s understand why the industry is running behind Big Data?

Why you should switch to Big Data

Let’s discuss what experts say about Big Data:

“Most valuable resource on the planet is no longer oil but Big Data” The Economist

“Big Data is not just a technology, it’s a paradigm shift” IBM

“The Hadoop market will reach $99B by 2022 with a CAGR of 42%” – Forbes

“More than 77% of companies consider Big Data a top priority” – Peer Research

As stated by IBM, “Big Data is a paradigm shift”, if not today everyone has to shift towards Big Data tomorrow as there is no alternative for big data while there are multiple alternatives available for java like Scala, Python, C#, Ruby, etc.

Java is the most popular programming language, BUT what next after Java?

All the Java professionals are seeking the answer to this question, even freshers are very cautious about the technology, they are preferring the latest cutting-edge technology rather than any old obsolete technology.

The answer to this million dollar question is Big Data. Let’s understand why a Java professional should move to Big Data. 

Reasons Why You Should Move to Big Data?

If you are from Java background, then you must explore why you should move from Java to Big Data –

Big Data is still a Top Niche

With the increasing size of data every day, it has become the necessity to analyze this data and gain useful insights. This has urged every other company to use big data for different analysis of their data and customer behavior for better prospects and for the company growth. This has created a huge number of big data jobs across the globe and as seen above, Java is the must language for big data. So, if you are already working in java, it’s high time for you to switch to big data for better career prospects.

Although it’s almost a decade of time when Big Data word was coined, it entered the mainstream IT a few years ago, so the good news is: it’s still evolving. You can encash this opportunity, start a career in big data with high pay scale before the crowd enters. It’s a matter of a couple of years before there will be tons of professionals readily available in this field.

Skill Gap

Employers are hunting big data professionals and ready to pay at very high pay scale. Almost each and every organization has started working in big data, so there is a dearth of big data professionals in the market. Many professionals working in different fields are learning big data technologies to encash this market demand. But still, there is a huge gap between industry demand and the availability of trained professionals.

Ginny Rometty, IBM CEO speaks on the lack of skilled professionals in IT sectors. She says – “IT employees lack the required skill sets”

Also, she said – “You have got to believe in a few different things than I think you believed in the past. One is to believe that skills are perhaps more important than a degree.”

Skill gap in IT industry

Source – Economic Times

So, in filling this huge gap between industry demands and availability of skilled professionals, DataFlair plays an important role. We provide industry-oriented training courses on big data technologies to make you job ready in this field.

Big Data Payscale

Payscale in Big Data is one of the highest; one reason is the gap between demand and supply. On the other hand, Java professionals are readily available, so payscale is quite less. According to indeed – “The average salary of Big Data Hadoop developers today is $135k” and companies are ready to pay even higher to a Java Hadoop Developer.

Big Data – The Need of the Hour

As we know the IT market is pretty volatile, technologies are changing and you need to upgrade yourself to stay in the competition. Many of the older technologies such as Mainframes have become obsolete, now, mainframes professionals also became obsolete and are being laid off. To sustain in the industry you must be aware of the market trends and based on the requirements keep upgrading yourself. Big Data is the most trending technology in the IT field; you can have a secure future in it. Use your Java skills smartly and switch to the Big Data world, like Shuchi who made a right career choice and switched from Java to Big Data.

Stay Ahead of the Competition

Nowadays IT professionals are very cautious about the current market conditions, they are shifting from older technologies the latest technologies to stay in the competition. Even freshers are also aware of the market, rather than starting the career in older fields they prefer the latest and upcoming field like Big Data and Hadoop.

Layoffs are Commonplace in IT

For last few years, companies are laying off mid-range experienced professionals, if you are working on the obsolete field you could be on the same radar. Even the technocrats who became tech-managers are also being fired. According to research, the reason for these layoffs is the paradigm shift and digital transformation, due to which older technologies are becoming obsolete.

Java to Big Data

On the other hand, the industry is hunting for big data guys and ready to pay a higher salary than other skill-set. Big Data will drive top job opportunities.

Java to Big Data

Grow With the Industry Trends

Rather than working on the same field for years, you should come out of your comfort zone and take charge of your career. After a certain time, the learning curve stops, it’s the time you should research about the further career options. It is always recommended to follow industry trends, currently, the big data and analytics market is booming, switching the career in this field will give both learning and earning opportunities. As the data smoke rises, it brings more opportunities for big data skilled professionals. So sooner you learn Hadoop, faster will be your career growth.

Check How Rahul Made a Switch From Java to Big Data

Java is the Preferred Programming Language for Hadoop

Hadoop (the Big Data framework) is developed in Java, it is a best practice to use the language in which the framework is written. So the Java professionals are preferred choice, as you need to code in Java in Hadoop framework and Java professionals will be able to do Hadoop MapReduce programming in a better manner as compared to professionals from other domains. Apart from this, Core Java is the only prerequisite to learn Hadoop, if you come from Java background it’s easier to switch career in Big Data. Hadoop is the natural career progression and best career choice for Java developers.

Learning Curve

Big Data is an exciting field, as discussed earlier, big data is still evolving, tons of research is going on to discover and solve newer problems. As compared to Java, where the learning and growth stop after a few years, in big data you can keep learning and proceeding ahead in your career, after spending few years as big data professional you can plan to become a data scientist.

If these professionals can make a switch to Big Data, so can you:
Rahul Doddamani Story - DataFlair
Rahul Doddamani
Java → Big Data Consultant, JDA
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Mritunjay Singh Success Story - DataFlair
Mritunjay Singh
PeopleSoft → Big Data Architect, Hexaware
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Rahul Doddamani Success Story - DataFlair
Rahul Doddamani
Big Data Consultant, JDA
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Deepika Khadri Success Story - DataFlair
Deepika Khadri
SQL → Big Data Engineer, IBM
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Scope to Move in the Big Domain

Hadoop professionals have huge scope to proceed ahead in various upcoming fields like Internet Of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning. Big Data is the backbone of IOT, data science, and other data related fields. Companies like Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, IBM are investing billions of dollars in these fields and hunting the professionals.

Java Quiz

Future of Big Data

According to IBM, big data will sustain in the industry for 3-4 decades. Apart from the highest pay scale, big data has a very bright future. These days, on one hand, technologies become obsolete in a few years, but on the other hand, big data will survive for decades. So, it is the right time to take a quick decision and switch your career to Big Data. Don’t just be a Java developer, be more.

Start Learning Big Data NOW!

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