Big Data Hadoop Quiz Questions and Answers

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Through this Big Data Hadoop quiz, you will be able to revise your Hadoop concepts and check your Big Data knowledge to provide you confidence while appearing for Hadoop interviews to land your dream Big Data jobs in India and abroad. You will also learn the Big data concepts in depth through this quiz of Hadoop tutorial.

So before we start the quiz, let us revise our Big Data Concepts and key Hadoop features due to which Big Data Hadoop has captured IT market so fastly with various Hadoop roles and has tremendously increased Hadoop jobs and salary.

Big Data Hadoop Quiz Questions and Answers

Big Data Hadoop Quiz Questions and Answers

Big Data Hadoop Quiz Questions and Answers
Let us start playing Big data quiz to deep dive into the technology.

All the best for the quiz! - Hadoop Quiz Part - 1

Q.1 Which of the following is the daemon of Hadoop?
Node manager
All of the above
Q.2 Which one of the following is false about Hadoop?
It is a distributed framework
 The main algorithm used in it is Map Reduce
 It runs with commodity hard ware
All are true
Q.3 Hadoop Framework is written in
Q.4 Which of the following is component of Hadoop?
c. MapReduce
d. All of the above
Q.5 The archive file created in Hadoop always has the extension of
Q.6 Which command is used to check the status of all daemons running in the HDFS.
None of the above
Q.7 What license is Apache Hadoop distributed under ?
Q.8 Which of the following platforms does Apache Hadoop run on ?
Q.9 Apache Hadoop achieves reliability by replicating the data across multiple hosts, and hence does not require ________ storage on hosts.
Q.10 Which of the follwoing is the correct statement
Q.11 Hadoop works in
Q.12 Which type of data Hadoop can deal with is
Q.13 Which statement is false about Hadoop
Q.14 Which of the following property gets configured on mapred-site.xml ?
Q.15 Which of the below apache system deals with ingesting streaming data to hadoop
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