Apache Hadoop Quiz

This Apache Hadoop Quiz will help you to revise your Hadoop concepts and check your Big Data knowledge.

It will increase your confidence while appearing for Hadoop interviews to land your dream Big Data jobs in India and abroad.

Answers to all these Hadoop Quiz Questions are also provided along with them, it will help you to brush up your Knowledge.

This is the 2nd quiz in the series of 6 Hadoop quizzes. Do not forget to check the other quiz as well before you appear for Hadoop interviews.

Let us start the interesting Hadoop quiz:

For any query related to these Apache Hadoop Quiz Questions, do let us know by leaving a comment in a section given below. We will be glad to solve your queries.

Do not forget to share your score in the comments and challenge others with your score!!!

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8 Responses

  1. ganesh says:

    Nice Questions for Practising purpose soo nice ..Try it once friends

    • Data Flair says:

      Hii Ganesh,
      Thank you for visiting the site and taking the online Apache Hadoop Quiz. We appreciate your kind feedback for our Quiz questions of Hadoop. All these Hadoop Quiz Questions are specially designed by Apache Hadoop experts. I hope you have checked the remaining parts of the free Hadoop Quiz. If you didn’t try them, you could be missing out on some integral parts of Hadoop.
      Keep reading.

  2. satya says:

    In quiz2, question no :13, ingestion of data into hdfs both sqoop and flume are used.

    In specific , RDBMS (structure) then answer as SQOOP. Streaming data then answer as FLUME as per my knowledge.

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hi Satya,
      Thanks for pointing out our mistake. We have made the necessary changes, now you can enjoy your practising.

  3. lilly pesina says:

    awesome questions would be nice to know what sections to review if we get the question wrong either way love this blog!

    • DataFlair Team says:

      You can refer to the sidebar for Hadoop concepts in which your questions got incorrect. Do share the Hadoop tutorial series with your friends & colleagues on social media.


    A wonderful quiz to test our knowledge, I scored a 11 out of 15 got messed up in data ingestion and streaming data ingestion

  5. PRIYA A says:

    Nice session

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