Hadoop Developer Salary For Different Job Profiles in India

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Today, we will discuss Hadoop Developer Salary in India. Moreover, we will look at Hadoop developer salary at different job profiles such as Hadoop software engineer, senior software engineer, software developer, data engineer etc. Also, we will provide a brief description of each job profile in Hadoop.

So, let’s explore Hadoop Developer Salary.

Hadoop Developer Salary

Introduction to Big Data and Hadoop

At the end of 2018, India will be the major shareholder of the BigData analytics market with the predicted worth of $2.3Billion. There are many organizations which have started gaining awareness about BigData and Hadoop tools. This helps in development to drive industrialization of the analytics segment in the country.

Hadoop Developer Salary

Salary of Hadoop Developer

BigData and Hadoop are vast content which consists of various job profiles and works. Some of the jobs along with the average pay scale are explained below.

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Big Data Hadoop Developer Salary and Job Profiles

So, below, we will discuss Big Data Hadoop Developer Salary in India for different Job Profiles. Also, we will see a brief description of each profile in Hadoop and Big data. So, let’s discuss Hadoop developer Salary in India in detail.

1. Hadoop Senior Software Engineer

The Senior Software Engineer is a Hadoop developer with a flair for brand new technologies who likes to push the boundaries to resolve real business issues. The Senior Software Engineer Salary is from 515k to 1.7 Million per annum with an average of Rs 872,907 per annum.

The ideal candidate can have previous big data expertise using Hadoop/Storm and machine learning to unravel large-scale issues. A powerful understanding of distributed systems and robust expertise in using open supply framework to make applications is powerfully desired. 

2. Hadoop Software Engineer

A software engineer can cope up with a software system development team, which are answerable for performing on projects that are presently being developed on by the company. Duties can embrace, however, don’t seem to be restricted to developing and directional computer code validation and testing strategies, also as directional the software programming initiatives. So, you’ll even be operating closely with shoppers and cross-functional departments to speak project statuses and proposals. Software Engineer Salary is from 295k to 1.3 Million per annum with an average of Rs 564,087 per annum.       

Hadoop Developer Salary

3. Data Engineer

A Data Engineer should be answerable for increasing and optimizing data and data pipeline design, also as optimizing data flow and assortment for cross practical groups. Data Engineer is a full-fledged data pipeline builder and data wrangler who enjoy optimizing data systems and building them from the bottom up. So, the Data Engineer can support the software system developers, info architects, data analysts, and data scientists on data initiatives and can guarantee the best data delivery design which is consistent throughout in the progress.

They need to be autonomous and cozy supporting the data wants of multiple groups, systems, and product. The correct candidate is excited by the prospect of optimizing or perhaps re-designing the company’s data design to support the next generation of product and data initiatives. Data Engineer Salary is from 350k to 1.9 Million per annum with an average of Rs 837,564 per annum.

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Hadoop Developer Salary

4. Hadoop Software Developer

The skilled person who is answerable for the particular programming of the Hadoop applications is a Hadoop Developer. The task of a Hadoop developer is the same as software system developers; however, he’s accountable to develop Hadoop systems and applications. 

So, to perform the duties well, a Hadoop developer must be familiar with the idea of big data and the way to seek out the price from the data. A Hadoop developer is the one who is aware to play with data, store it, rework it, manage it, and decode it to avoid it from destruction. Software Developer Salary is from 271k to 1.0 Million per annum with an average of Rs 444,243 per annum.

So, this was all about Hadoop Developer Salary in India. Hope you like the above explanation.

Summary – Hadoop Developer Salary

Hence, in a non-marginal role, BigData and Hadoop Developer average salary is about 8.5lacs. Moreover, a manager can earn up to 15Lcas. This salary varies from skills to skills. If a person is skilled then they have a higher pay scale and they may get a 25% hike in their salaries. As the pay scale is good and the work performed by the engineers are quite interesting the intensity of growth in this is higher.

So, in this Big Data and Hadoop tutorial, we discussed Hadoop Developer Salary. Moreover, we looked at Hadoop developer salary with different job profiles such as software developer, software engineer, data engineer etc.

Still, if you want to ask any question regarding Hadoop Developer Salary or Career, ask in the comment section.

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