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10 Best Big Data Analytics Tools for 2018 2

1. Best Big Data Analytics Tools In this blog on Best Big Data Analytics tools, we will learn about Best Data Analytic Tools. Also, will study these Data Analysis Tools: Tableau Public, OpenRefine, KNIME, RapidMiner, Google Fusion Tables, NodeXL, Wolfram Alpha, Google Search Operators, Solver, Dataiku DSS with their uses, limitations, and description. 2. Introduction to Data Analytics Tools Following are the 10 Best Big Data Analytic Tools with their uses and limitations. Let’s discuss them one by one: a. […]

Data Analytic Tools

Lambda Architecture – The New Big Data Architecture

1. Objective In this blog, we will discuss Lambda Architecture big data. Also, Lambda Architecture applications, advantages as well as disadvantages of Lambda Architecture in Big Data. Moreover, we will discuss Lambda Architecture in detail, how it works. 2. What is Lambda Architecture This is the new big data architecture. Also, this was designed to ingest and process. Also, to query both fresh and historical (batch) data in a single data architecture. We use this architecture is to solve the problem […]

Big Data And Cloud Computing – A Comprehensive Guide

1. Objective This cloud computing tutorial for Big data and cloud computing will help you in learning Big data with Cloud technology to understand what is cloud storage, Big data in the cloud, characteristics of cloud computing, cloud computing services and cloud hosting, cloud data storage and deployment models, cloud computing companies and cloud service providers, cloud infrastructure, advantages of cloud computing and issues with cloud computing. 2. Introduction to Big data and Cloud Computing Cloud computing is the use of […]

Big Data and cloud computing

Top real time applications of Big data

Top Real Time Big Data Applications in Various Domains

1. Objective This tutorial will help you in learning the basics of Big Data, what is Big data and how it came into picture, the advantages of Big data and various fields in which Big Data finds its importance today. You will also learn the various sources of Big Data along with Big data applications in different domains.   2. What is Big Data? Any piece of information can be considered as data. This data can be in various forms […]

Big data in Retail industry – Real world uses and examples 1

1. Objective Through this tutorial you will learn Big data applications and Big data uses in retail sector with examples along with use of RFID in retail. You will learn concepts related to Big data in retail industry like retail asset management, production tracking in retails industry, inventory control, Shipment, Regulatory Compliance, and Service and Warranty Authorizations and many other retail Big data use cases with examples. 2. Use of Big Data in Retail Industry With the growth in retail industry […]

big data in retail industry

Interview Experience – How An Individual Cracked 11 Big Data Interviews

1. Introduction 11 Interviews in a Go! Well Yeah, Such is the success of DataFlair’s latest sensation Amit Jain who grabbed a mind-boggling 11 Big Data interviews after successful completion of Hadoop and Spark Online Training course from DataFlair. Amit has been working in the IT sector for 8 years as Java Developer and was aware of the paradigm shift that industry was up to. Big Data is the biggest paradigm shift in the IT world and almost every sector […]

Careers and Job Roles in Big Data – A Comprehensive Guide 1

1. Objective This tutorial on Careers and job roles in Big Data will help you in understanding the need of Big Data, the market trend for Big Data, various companies hiring Big Data Professionals from fresher to experienced professionals, different profiles in Big data to grow the career in like Hadoop developer, Hadoop admin, Hadoop architect, Hadoop tester and Big data analyst along with their roles and responsibilities, skills and experience required for different Big Data profiles. 2. Introduction to […]

Careers Job roles in big data

Important Big Data Hadoop Terminologies

Big Data Terminologies and Hadoop Concepts You Must Know 3

1. Objective In this Big data Hadoop tutorial, you will learn some of the important Big data terminologies and Hadoop terms that are being used in industries in Flashcard format. It will help you in learning what is Hadoop, HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System definition, YARN in Hadoop, what is MapReduce, what is Commodity Hardware in Big Data, what is Namenode and Datanode in Hadoop, what are Resource Manager and Node Manager in Hadoop and Daemon meaning in Hadoop. 2. […]

Big Picture of Big Data – Top 10 Big Data Trends in 2017 1

1. Big Picture of Big Data Trends of 2017 Everyone is running behind big data these days. Professionals from varied spheres are adoring 21st-century data science. Big Data has been an ambivalent word in the IT industry for some time, but this will change in 2017. Let’s see Big Data Trends of 2017 to understand the big picture of big data. Gartner found in a survey that about 48% of companies invested in big data in 2016, and nearly three-quarters […]

Big Picture of Big Data Top 10 Big Data Trends in 2017

Big Data Analytics in Healthcare Real World Use cases

Big Data in Healthcare – Real World Use-cases

1. Objective This blog will take you through various use cases of Big Data in Healthcare. Understand how Big data is transforming healthcare and medical science and how big data bring revolution in the healthcare industry, we will understand the same using various real world case studies of big data and analytics in healthcare. How big data is changing healthcare and reducing the cost & improving outcome. 2. Introduction Big Data revolution is transforming the way we live. The last […]