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You know what? Big Data isn’t a Buzzword anymore, in fact, it has already taken the center stage of the IT world. It is on the verge of becoming the undisputed king of the IT world. Least to say, it will rule the technology world for the next few decades to come.

You will be thinking how?

In recent years, Big Data’s growth has been exceptional. From being a buzzword to becoming a part of our day-to-day life, Big Data has come a long way and it has shown no signs of slowing down yet.

So what are you waiting for, start learning Big Data and develop your skills.

Being a skilled Big Data Developer in this era is like being the mango in a bunch of fruits. Alike mango, you will always be in demand no matter how many technologies may come and go, and the taste of your success would be even sweeter though. It is like securing a whole life insurance policy as Big Data will outlive for the rest of your IT career.

What are the must-have Big Data Developer Skills?

These are the top 5 must-have Big Data Developer Skills:

  • Apache Hadoop
  • Apache Spark
  • Programming Languages
  • SQL
  • NoSQL

Storing Big Data is of no use if companies are incapable of harnessing it. Big Data is driving innovations regularly and the Big Data developers are the real heroes behind it.

Want to become a hero? Then you need to have the attributes of one.

Big Data Developer Skills

Let’s start discussing Big Data Developer Skills in detail.

To land your Dream Job, these are the skills you should possess

1. Apache Hadoop

The advent of Big Data gave birth to a new framework i.e. Hadoop. It has been the poster boy for Big Data. Hadoop is the oldest framework for storing and processing Big Data.

With the advancements in the Big Data world, Hadoop’s importance has been the same over the years. It persists to be the foundation for the other Big Data technologies. It is an open-source framework developed by Apache, that processes Big Data on simple commodity hardware.

Its other components like MapReduce, HDFS, Hive, Pig, HBase, Flume, Sqoop, etc. are still in high demand in the market. Hadoop is the first step towards becoming a Big Data Developer.

“If the Foundation is Strong, You can Build or Rebuild anything on it.”

2. Apache Spark

Processing Big Data in real-time is a big deal and it is all that matters these days. From getting recommendations from Netflix to detecting a credit card fraud, real-time processing of Big Data has got the back for both of them.

Apache Spark is a general-purpose clustered framework for processing Big Data in real-time. It provides a fast processing speed which is 100 times higher than Hadoop.

Apart from Hadoop, Big Data developers must be skilled in at least one real-time data processing framework and Spark is the best choice for them.

3. Programming Languages

To be a skilled Big Data Developer, one needs to be quite comfortable with coding.

Gaining knowledge of data structures and algorithms and at least one programming language is always an added advantage for you. It gives you a competitive edge over others.

These languages include Java, Python, R, Scala, Ruby, etc. I would recommend you to choose Python, it is a statistical language and is easy to comprehend.

4. SQL

SQL, an acronym for Structured Query Language, is a database-centric language, which is used to manage and process structured data in the database.

As the relational database is a major part of the Big Data era, having a thorough knowledge of SQL is a huge advantage for you.

SQL is a major component of the Hadoop Scala warehouses. Its other version, PL/SQL is also widely used in the industry.

5. NoSQL

With the amount of data that the organizations are generating has grown beyond our imaginations, the traditional databases are now incapable of handling such massive datasets.

The NoSQL databases like Hbase, Cassandra, Couchbase, MongoDB, etc. are now taking over the traditional databases. These can store and manage massive amounts of structured and unstructured data.

A professional with a thorough knowledge of NoSQL will never go out of fashion.

Why Pursue Big Data as a Career?

Big Data as said above has taken over the center stage of the IT world and is on the verge of becoming the undisputed king of the IT world.

Taking a step in the world of Big Data will help you in becoming an irreplaceable asset of a company and help you in achieving a secured future.

Now let’s discuss a very interesting success journey of Chintan. He used to work as a system engineer in Infosys but then he decided to switch his career in Big Data because of his monotonous and boring work. Chintan chose Big Data because he wanted a good career growth and a highly secured future.

Now as you are aware of the must-have Big Data Developer Skills, you should also get yourself aware of Big Data rise in today’s world.

The Rise of Big Data in Today’s World

Big Data is the most trending buzzword of this decade and its technologies are the most emerging ones in the IT world these days.

Organizations have realized the importance of their data and are adopting the latest technologies to harness this data to gain insights for making data-driven decisions. Big Data developers help these organizations to exploit Big Data.

Being a Big Data developer in this IT world would be one of the most intelligent career moves you will ever make. It is high time for you to move towards Big Data before it gets too late

. Start your Big Data journey now or else you will regret it later. It’s all about grabbing the right opportunity at the right time and it’s the right time to make the big move towards Big Data.

“Spread the wings, Its time to fly. Make the Leap. Own the Sky.” 

It’s time to uncover the reasons for the rise of big data in today’s world.

These are the two important reasons which show why Big Data is rising:

  • Higher demands
  • Higher Salaries

Let’s read them in detail:

1. Higher Demands

Since the competition in the market is fierce, companies leveraging Big Data is advancing quickly. Be it from the IT world or any other domain, almost every company is now bound to Big Data.

Big Data is spreading like a wildfire and no industry is left untouched by it. Organizations are realizing the worth of Big Data and are continuously seeking for skilled Big Data developers.

2. Higher Salaries

The second reason for the rise of Big Data is a huge gap between the number of Big Data developers required and those being available in the market.

Needless to say that there’s a shortage of skilled Big Data Developers in the market and it is the biggest reason for them being offered astonishing salaries. Their average salary is much higher than the average salary of many other professionals.

Due to the shortage of skilled Big Data developers, companies are readily paying them hefty salaries and according to the latest salary trends, there’s no bar for its growth.

It’s time to discuss one of the best Big Data Hadoop courses to develop your skills.

Get Started with the Best Hadoop Course

The main purpose of anyone who is opting for certification is to build up his profile and be ready for working in the industry.

And the best way to learn something is through a hands-on learning experience. Unless and until you do not have practical experience of something, you are not considered as an ideal candidate by any company.

The tons of theoretical knowledge that you have is of no use for the companies. A company judges you based on your practical approach rather than your theoretical knowledge.

DataFlair’s Hadoop Training is a perfect blend of Hadoop and Spark training and covers both theoretical as well as practical approaches. It makes you ready for working in the industry by providing a hands-on learning experience via live projects under the visionary of veterans of the industry.

This perfectly blended course by DataFlair is offered to you in half the rates as compared to the other courses. This also includes more than 70 hours of instructor-led live sessions, 200+ hours of projects and assignments, around 10 live projects for nurturing your skills, full-fledged job assistance, and much more. This certification is the best deal you will ever make in your career.

So, what are you waiting for? Don’t waste your precious time and start your journey towards your dreams now.

Being a Big Data Developer is all you need to achieve success in your IT career. Though the path is not as easy as it seems to be. One needs to be technically sound and quite comfortable in coding to become a skilled Big Data Professional. Becoming a Big Data developer is the ultimate move of your IT career.

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