Apache Hadoop Online Quiz

Hadoop Quiz

1. Objective

Since Apache Hadoop is the trending framework in the market for Bigdata. As a result, Learning Hadoop is mandatory to cope up with the trending scenario. With Apache Hadoop Online Quiz, brush up your knowledge of Hadoop. And you can also prepare yourself for Hadoop interview. Hope these questions would help you prepare for Hadoop and make you firm in it.

Apache Hadoop Online Quiz

Apache Hadoop Online Quiz

Top Apache Hadoop Quiz Questions and Answers  

All the best for the quiz! - Hadoop Quiz Part - 5

Q.1 Distributed cache can cache files
Jar Files
read-only text files
All of the above
Q.2 The total number of partitioner is equal to
Q.3 Which of the following Hadoop config files is used to define the heap size?
Q.4 Which of the following feature you will use submit jars, static files for MapReduce job during runtime
Q.5 Which of the following method used to set the output directory
Q.6 Which tool is used to distributes data evenly across datanode
Q.7 Which tool is used to distributes data evenly on all disks of a datanode
Q.8 Which of the following must be set true enable diskbalnecr in hdfs-site.xml
Q.9 In disk balancer datanode uses which volume choosing the policy to choose the disk for the block.
a. Round-robin
b. Reed-Solomon
c. Available space

Q.10 Which among the following is configuration files in Hadoop
d. All of the above
Q.11 Which of the following is used for large inter/intra-cluster copying
Q.12 Hadoop uses hadoop-metrics.properties file for
Performance Reporting purpose
c. monitoring
d. All of the above
Q.13 Is it possible to provide multiple inputs to Hadoop?
Q.14 Is it possible to have Hadoop job output in multiple directories?
Q.15 Which of the following is used to provide multiple outputs to Hadoop?
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