Exigency of Big Data in Education Sector with Case Studies

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Big Data in the education sector offers outstanding opportunities to institutes like digital learning, curriculum customization, improving the grading system, providing career guidance to students, and proposing new learning plans.

Since you are reading this blog, you have been to different institutions during your educational journey and these institutions have been collecting your data for different purposes.

But have you ever wondered where does the data related to students go? What are these institutions doing with this data? Is this data only for storage? Is it of no other use? Blah… Blah…Blah…

Ever thought about all these things? Probably not. Because we never had an idea of how crucial this data is.

No Worries! Here’s a piece of information that has answers to all these questions.

WAIT!! Before exploring anything about Big Data in the education sector, you must first need to know about what is Big Data?

Why Big Data in Education is needed?

The use of Big Data in the education sector is significant. It provides innumerable benefits to both the students and institutions.

The application of Big Data in education system has enhanced the ability of institutions to monitor things in a much better way.

Here are the reasons why we need Big Data in education-

1. Erroneous education system

Institutes have built a common learning structure for students with different learning capabilities. Everyone is subject to the curriculum that is meant for one kind of a group, but not every student has the same potential to study.

Isn’t it strange?

Like being forced to learn according to someone else’s way of learning. And this is the reality of today’s world.

“If judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

2. Big Data to renovate the education system

Each student has a distinct set of qualities and learning abilities. The data related to students is crucial for nurturing their career in the right direction.

Advancements in data analytics can empower teachers to do much more than what they can do today. Once teachers have this power, they can shape a student’s career according to their interests and several other parameters.

That’s why Big Data in the education sector is needed to solve these problems.

Application of Big Data in Education Sector

  • Enhanced grading system
  • Career guidance to students
  • Proposing new learning plans

These are a few modifications Big Data Analysis can help in implementing in the Education Sector.

a. Enhanced grading system

As Big Data in education is important, with it, institutions can track their student’s performance across several disciplines both at an individual and collective level and develop relevant solutions to assist in the progress of students.

Statistical analysis of the grades of students in different subjects can help in guiding them better and study plans can be implemented accordingly. Based on their performance in respective subjects and their area of interest, teachers would be able to guide them on what career path they should go for.

They will also be able to point out factors affecting an individual student’s performance and come up with effective solutions through analytics.

Big Data Case Study – Enhanced Grading System

The Ashford School has started using Big Data to improve student’s results and they have observed some major positive outcomes.

By implementing some innovative assessment tools and software applications, such as Classroom Monitor, Nearpod and even Socrative, which enables teachers to monitor student’s activities and performances.

This real-time analysis of a student has helped their teachers to have a better understanding of the behavior of a student and facilitates them to personalize and create optimal learning environments for the students.

Thus Big Data has helped their students in enhancing their overall performances.

b. Career guidance to students

What career should I go for? What is the future scope of it? The biggest dilemma that a student faces.

Recalling my high school days, the biggest hurdle I ever faced was of choosing the right career option. My knowledge of career options was limited to being an Engineer, or a Doctor, and finally a Chartered Accountant. Being good at Maths I didn’t even know the other career options I could choose apart from engineering.

But there are a lot more options to choose from. And even my institution didn’t provide any kind of guidance.

So how would a student know what is the right career option for him? How these problems that a student faces could be eradicated?

Big Data is here to solve these dilemmas.

But the question is – How?

Through analysis of each student’s data and creating a performance report for them. If the report shows that the student is an innovative writer, the report will recommend him to pursue a career in the same related fields. This is what a counselor does.

Previously this was done by counselors through brief interview processes and grade evaluations. But now if they have access to Big Data, it will enhance this process.

The Big Data Analysis will judge that the student is an innovative writer but is also good at science. This would help him in more specific guidance.

Big Data Case Study – Career Guidance to Students

Analysis of each student’s performance report is not only helping institutions in enhancing the students learning process but is also a tool that is allowing them to recommend students the best career options they could go for.

London South Bank University has provided its counselors with this powerful tool i.e. Big Data Analytics, that will allow them in nurturing a student’s career in a much better way.

Counselors are observing a student’s performance in different fields both at an individual as well as collective level. This gives them a clear idea about a student’s strengths and weaknesses, their area of interest and the process to be followed in order to build their careers.

c. Proposing new learning plans

Some students learn by just reading, but some might grasp things when they write it down, few of them understand things better by watching videos and others might get things by some other method. But a student is forced to adapt to the defined structure which might be against his genre of learning and this is something that hinders his growth.

This also affects a student’s academic performance drastically. Why not design different learning plans and then giving students the freedom to choose their preferred learning plan. That is why Big Data is here.

Through Big Data Analytics, institutions will be able to build different learning plans and probably helping them making it more interesting also.

This will help them in understanding a student’s strengths and weaknesses and thus providing them with relevant study materials.


If we want to shape the future we have to shape the education system accordingly. Big Data boom is on the skyline and it is high time to take control over a student’s information.

The way students learn and teachers teach will be revolutionized when big data is deployed massively in the educational space. Big Data is the change that was needed to rebuild and transform the education system.

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