Careers and Job Roles in Big Data – A Comprehensive Guide

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This tutorial on Careers and job roles in Big Data will help you in understanding the need of Big Data, the market trend for Big Data, and various companies hiring Big Data Professionals from fresher to experienced professionals.

You will also learn different profiles in Big data to grow the career in like Hadoop developer, Hadoop Admin, Hadoop Architect, Hadoop tester, and Big data analyst along with their roles and responsibilities, skills, and experience required for different Big Data profiles.

Introduction to Careers and job roles in Big data

Huge data is getting generated every second and if gathered all a daily basis, it leads to 2.5 quintillion bytes of data which is being generated every day.

90 % of this data is being generated in just the last 2 years which has led to huge explosion of data. You can imagine from the day of its inception till last 2 years, generation of data has contributed only 10 % of the total data available in the planet. So data generation is exponential with time and not linear.

So as we have seen the various sources of data and how much data is getting generated every day, we can conclude that this data is growing at the rate of 40 % compounded annually. If we calculate total data that will be generated by 2020, it comes to around 45 ZB that shows how Big data is growing and would be the most demanding technology in coming years. This would give the Big data professionals a very bright future to work with.

A research by MarketsandMarkets estimates that Hadoop and Big Data Analytics market is anticipated to reach $13.9 billion by the end of 2017.

Hadoop jobs are not only being offered by IT companies but all types of companies are hiring High paid Hadoop candidates including financial firms, retail organizations, banks, healthcare organizations etc. There is huge demand for Hadoop developer jobs and Hadoop administration jobs amongst start-ups that are building Hadoop directly into their business plans.

Companies like EMC Corporation, Apple, Facebook, Google, Oracle, Hortonworks, IBM, Microsoft, Cisco, etc. have several Hadoop job openings with various positions like Hadoop Developers, Hadoop Testers, Hadoop Architects and Hadoop Administrators in almost all cities of India with most demand being in Bangalore, Pune, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Chennai, New Delhi and NCR.

One of the most common questions being asked is “What are the various jobs available in Hadoop”. Here is a brief overview on the various Hadoop job descriptions.

Hadoop Developer

Hadoop developer jobs responsibilities are to write programs as per the system designs and must have fair knowledge about the coding and programming. Task of Hadoop developer is similar to software developer but in Big Data domain.

Job of Hadoop developer also includes understanding and working to come up with solutions to problems, designing and architecting along with strong documenting skills.

i. Hadoop Developer Roles and Responsibilities

  • Defining job flows
  • Managing and Reviewing Hadoop Log Files
  • Cluster Coordination services through Zookeeper
  • Managing Hadoop jobs through scheduler
  • Supporting MapReduce programs running on the Hadoop cluster

ii. Skills Required for Hadoop Developer:

  • Expertise in writing Pig Latin Scripts and HiveQL
  • Proven Knowledge of workflow/ schedulers like Oozie
  • Ability to deal with Data Loading tools like Flume and Sqoop

iii. Experience required for a Hadoop developer profile

0-5 years
Hadoop developer resume must be a blend of above skills to be selected by companies hiring Hadoop developer in India and abroad and get high range of Hadoop developer salary.

Hadoop Architect

Hadoop architect jobs responsibilities are to design how the system should work and then manage the complete life cycle of a Hadoop solution.

He must have subject matter expertise and delivery experience working on popular Hadoop distribution platforms like Cloudera, HortonWorks, and MapR.

i. Hadoop Architect Roles and Responsibilities

  • Designing the Technical architecture and application customization
  • Undertaking the necessary Requirement analysis
  • Undertaking the deployment of proposed solution design

ii. Skills Required for Hadoop Architect

  • Indepth knowledge about Hadoop Architecture and HDFS including YARN
  • Hive, Pig
  • Java MapReduce
  • HBase

iii. Experience required for a Hadoop architect profile

8+ years
Hadoop architect resume must be a blend of above skills to be selected by companies hiring Hadoop architects in India and abroad.

Hadoop Administrator

The Hadoop Administration jobs responsibilities are similar to the System administrator job. Hadoop admin roles and responsibilities include setting up Hadoop clusters, backup, recovery and maintenance of the same. Good knowledge of hardware systems and Hadoop architecture is required by Hadoop administrator.

i. Hadoop admin roles and responsibilities:

  • HDFS maintenance and support
  • Hadoop Clusters planning and screening
  • Tracking of all the connectivity and security issues
  • Setting up new Hadoop users

ii. Skills Required for Hadoop administrator:

  • In-depth knowledge of Hbase
  • Hands on experience in Oozie, HCatalog, Hive
  • Strong scripting skills in Linux environment

iii. Experience required for a Hadoop admin profile

0-5 years
Hadoop administrator resume must be a blend of above skills to be selected by companies hiring Hadoop administrators in India and abroad.

Hadoop Tester

Hadoop tester jobs responsibilities are to ensure that the process being designed is in sync with the process being required by the organization. His main role is to find and fix bugs in Hadoop applications.

i. Hadoop Tester Roles and Responsibilities

  • Main responsibility includes troubleshooting and finding defects in the program and reporting them to Hadoop developer to take corrective action
  • Reporting all the Positive and negative test cases in Hadoop/Pig/Hive components

ii. Skills required for Hadoop Tester

  • Testing Knowledge of JUnit, MRUnit framework
  • Knowledge of Java to test MapReduce Jobs
  • Hands on knowledge of Hive, Pig

iii. Experience required for a Hadoop tester profile

0-5 years
Hadoop tester resume must be a blend of above skills to be selected by companies hiring Hadoop testers in India and abroad.

Hadoop Analyst

Hadoop analyst jobs responsibilities are to analyze large amounts of data and bring out insights that could be used by the companies for their betterment.

i. Hadoop analyst Roles and Responsibilities

  • Developing new insights from the available data using scripting language
  • Doing A/B testing as per different hypotheses to impact different Key Performance Indicators

ii. Skills required for Hadoop Analyst

  • Hands on knowledge of Hive, Pig
  • In depth Flume knowledge and SQL command

iii. Experience required for a Hadoop analyst profile

0-5 years
Hadoop analyst resume must be a blend of the above skills to be selected by companies hiring Hadoop analysts in India and abroad.

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