Hadoop Quiz Questions

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This blog provides you with the top Hadoop quiz questions for testing your Hadoop Knowledge. These Hadoop Quiz Questions are designed to help you in Hadoop Interview preparation. All the questions are provided with a detailed explanation of their answers. If you are not familiar with Apache Hadoop so you can refer our Hadoop Introduction Guide to make yourself prepare for this Hadoop Quiz.

Hadoop Quiz Questions

Hadoop Quiz Questions

Top Hadoop Quiz Questions and Answers

All the best for the quiz! - Hadoop Quiz Part - 3

Q.1 All the files in a directory in HDFS can be merged together using which of the following?
Q.2 Which of these provides a Stream processing system used in Hadoop ecosystem?
Q.3 The client reading the data from HDFS filesystem in Hadoop does which of the following?
Q.4 Which of the following jobs are optimized for scalability but not latency
Q.5 Can multiple clients write into an HDFS file concurrently?
Q.6 Which of the following command is used to enter Safemode
Q.7 Which of the following command is used to come out of Safemode
Q.8 During Safemode Hadoop cluster is in
Q.9 HDFS allows a client to read a file which is already opened for writing?
Q.10 What happens when a file is deleted from the command line?
Q. 11 Which one of the following statements is false about Distributed Cache?
Q.12 Which among the following are the features of Hadoop
Open source
High Availability
All of the above
Q.13 Checkpoint node download the FsImage and EditLogs from the NameNode & then merge them & store the modified FsImage
Q.14 Which statement is true about Safemode
It is a maintenance state of NameNode
In Safemode, HDFS cluster is in read only
In Safemode, NameNode doesn’t allow any modifications to the file system
All of the above
Q.15 Which command is used to know the current status of the safe mode
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