Interview Experience – How An Individual Cracked 15 Big Data Interviews

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1. Introduction

15 Interviews in a Go! Well Yeah, Such is the success of DataFlair’s latest sensation Amit Jain who grabbed a mind-boggling 15 Big Data interviews after successful completion of Hadoop and Spark Online Training course from DataFlair.

Amit has been working in the IT sector for 8 years as Java Developer and was aware of the paradigm shift that industry was up to. Big Data is the biggest paradigm shift in the IT world and almost every sector in the world is joining the race to be at the forefront of Business and Technology.

How an Individual Cracked 15 Big Data Interviews

How an Individual Cracked 15 Big Data Interviews

2. Choose the Right Path

Keeping this paradigm shift in mind, Amit decided to empower his career with latest Big Data technologies. Learning plays a very crucial role in mastering new technologies and Amit knew its importance and started to look for an organization that really delves deep into these latest technologies. An organization with veteran industry experts as trainers, well structured and industry oriented curriculum and the one that provides hands-on experience with these latest Big Data technologies. Choosing the best out of many available training institutes, Amit chose DataFlair- A leading training institute in Big Data Technologies.
Amit has always been a passionate learner and is always keen to ask questions and gain hands-on experience. His approach towards learning has made him ahead of others. He always looks to solve the real world problems and case studies which in itself makes learning so much fun. DataFlair willingly shares this success story with everyone, so that everyone gets benefitted with his experience and can give wings to their career.

3. How to crack the Interview

Amit also lets you know answers to very important questions such as How to start a career in Big Data, How to prepare for the Big Data Interviews, How to learn Hadoop and Apache Spark, How to work on Big Data Projects, What are the best practices, What industry is looking for, Important Big Data Hadoop Spark Interview Question Answers and much more. Get the best tips and tricks to crack the Big Data interviews from DataFlair’s latest success story.

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  1. S Somesh kumar says:

    I want to know sir I have been looking for it since am very much interested!!! So please let me know all the answers for the questions which you mentioned in the third point!!! It will be an great help

    • DataFlair Team says:

      We are glad to know that you like our article. As you said you are interested in Hadoop and big data interview questions, you can approach our Interview question category in the main menu. Or you can enroll your self to our Hadoop+Spark course available in the main menu.

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    Where’s the interview???

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