About Spark and Scala Course

Apache Spark and Scala online training course is designed by industry experts as per market standards to make you quite apt to advance your career in 2nd Gen Big Data Tool as thousands of other professionals have already done by joining spark course.

Become certified Spark developer by mastering the concepts of Spark and its ecosystem, RDD, Spark Streaming, MLlib GraphX, Spark SQL and Scala. Individual topics are explained using multiple workshops to provide hands-on knowledge. Spark online course also includes spark real life use-cases, multiple POCs and real time Spark project to make you ready to take Apache Spark jobs in India, US, UK, Europe, Singapore, etc.


Objective of Online Apache Spark and Scala Training

  • 1. Understand problems with Hadoop Map Reduce

  • 2. Learn how Apache Spark provides solution to these Big data challenges

  • 3. Grasp the concepts of Scala and learn their implementation

  • 4. Become adept in Apache Spark and Spark installation

  • 5. Understand the Apache Spark architecture

  • 6. Play with Spark RDDs – Transformation, Action, Load

  • 7. Learn how to handle in-memory data efficiently

  • 8. Develop complex real-time Apache Spark applications

  • 9. Master the concepts of Spark stream analytics

  • 10. Learn Apache Spark streaming APIs for streaming of data

  • 11. Learn MLlib APIs in Spark for machine learning algorithms

  • 12. Understand Spark GraphX APIs to implement graph algorithms

  • 13. Work on live Spark project to get hands-on experience

Pre-requisites to attend Apache Spark Training

Basic Knowledge of Java or Scala is required to learn Spark. In case you feel any need to brush up these technologies, Java & Scala courses will be added in your LMS as complimentary with this Apache Spark course.

Upcoming Spark Batch Schedule

27 Oct - 18 Nov05.00 PM – 08.00 PM IST
7.30 AM – 10.30 AM EDT
Sat-Sun30 Hrs
17 Nov - 9 Dec07.00 AM – 10.00 AM IST
9.30 PM – 12.30 AM EDT
Sat-Sun30 Hrs

Why you should learn Apache Spark and Scala

big data salary Average salary of Big Data Spark Developers is $135k

shortage of big data talent McKinsey There will be a shortage of 1.5M Big Data experts by 2018

big data market trends Big Data market will reach $99B by 2022 at the CAGR of 42%

big data spark company priority More than 77% of organizations consider Big Data a top priority
-Peer Research

What will you get from this Spark and Scala online Course

live online instructor-led sessions 30+ hrs of live online instructor-led sessions by industry veterans

practicals, workshops, labs and assignments 100+ hrs of spark practicals, workshops, labs and assignments

Real life Spark case studies Real life Spark case studies and live project to solve real problem

Lifetime access to Spark course Lifetime access to Spark course, study materials, ppts, manuals, practical codes

discussion forum Discussion forum for resolving your Spark queries & interacting with fellow batch-mates

Spark certification Industry renowned Apache Spark certification to give boost to your resume

career guidance discussion Personalized one to one career discussion directly with the trainer

spark interviews & resume preparation Mock interviews & resume preparation to excel in the Spark interviews

apache spark job assistance and support Premium Spark job assistance and support to step ahead in your career

spark training course auto upgradation Auto Upgradation of the spark course and study material in the LMS to latest version

Who should go for this Apache Spark Online Course

YOU, yes you should go for this course if you are looking to advance your Big Data career with Apache Spark. This course will be useful for:

  • 1. Software engineers and project managers

  • 2. BI, ETL and data warehousing professionals

  • 3. Mainframe and testing professionals

  • 4. Business analysts and architects

  • 5. DBAs, Analytics and DW professionals

  • 6. Any graduate focusing to build career in Apache Spark and Scala

Apache Spark Course curriculum

1.Dive into Scala

1.What is Scala
2.Setup and configuration of Scala
3.Develop and run basic Scala Programs
4.Scala operations
5.Functions and procedures in Scala
6.Different Scala APIs for common operations
7.Loops and collections Array, Map, Lists, Tuples
8.Pattern matching for advanced operations
9.Eclipse with Scala

2.Object Oriented and Functional Programming

1.Introduction to object oriented programming
2.Different oops concepts
3.Constructor, getter, setter, singleton, overloading and overriding
4.Nested Classes, Visibility Rules
5.Functional Structures
6.Functional programming constructs
7.Call by Name, Call by Value

3.Big Data and need for Spark

1. Introduction to Big Data
2. Challenges with old Big Data solutions
3. Batch vs Real-time vs in-Memory processing
4. MapReduce and its limitations
5. Apache Storm and its limitations
6. Need for general purpose solution – Apache Spark

4. Deep Dive in Apache Spark

1. What is Apache Spark?
2. Internals of Spark architecture
3. Apache Spark design principles
4. Spark features and characteristics
5. Apache Spark Eco-system components and their insights

5. Deploy Spark in Local mode

1. Setup of Spark Environment
2. Install and configure prerequisites
3. Installation of Apache Spark in local mode
4. Work with Spark in local mode
5. Troubleshooting the encountered problems

6. Deploy Apache Spark in different modes

1. Installation of Spark in standalone mode
2. Installation of Spark in YARN mode
3. Installation & configuration of Spark on a real multi-node cluster
4. Play with Spark in cluster mode
5. Best practices for Spark deployment

7. Demystify Apache Spark

1. Play with Spark shell
2. Execute Scala and Java statements in shell
3. Understand Spark Context and driver
4. Read data from local filesystem
5. Integrate Spark with HDFS
6. Cache the data in memory for further use
7. Distributed persistence
8. Testing and troubleshooting

8.Basic Abstraction RDDs

1. What is RDD in Spark
2. How RDDs make Spark a feature rich framework
3. Transformations in Apache Spark RDDs
4. Spark RDDs action and persistence
5. Spark Lazy operations - Transformation as well as Caching
6. Fault tolerance in Spark
7. Load data and create RDD in Spark
8. Persist RDD in memory or disk
9. Pair operations and key-value in Spark
10. Spark Integration with Hadoop
11. Apache Spark practicals and workshops

9.Spark streaming

1. Need for stream analytics
2. Comparison with Storm and S4
3. Real-time data processing using Spark streaming
4. Fault tolerance and check-pointing
5. Stateful Stream Processing
6. DStream and window operations
7. Spark Stream execution flow
8. Connection to various source systems
9. Performance optimizations in Spark


1. What is Spark SQL
2. Apache Spark SQL Features and Data flow
3. Spark SQL architecture and components
4. Hive and Spark SQL together
5. Play with Data frames and Data states
6. Data loading techniques in Spark
7. Hive Queries through Spark
8. Various Spark SQL DDL and DML operations
9. Performance tuning in SparK

11. Spark MLlib and Spark GraphX

1. Need for Machine Learning
2. Introduction to Spark machine learning
3. Various Spark ML libraries
4. Algorithms for clustering, statistical analytics, classification etc.
5. Introduction to GraphX
6. Need for different graph processing engine
7. Graph handling using Apache Spark

12. Real Life Spark Project

Live Apache Spark project based on real industry scenarios. Work on real life use-case and handle the real-world problem with live datasets.

Apache Spark Projects

Set Top Box Data Analysis

Analyze Set Top Box data and generate various insights about the smart tv usage pattern. The objective of the project is to analyze set top box media data and generate patterns of channel navigation, VOD, etc.. The data contains details about users’ activities like tuning a channel, duration, browsing for videos, purchase video using VOD (video on demand), etc.

Twitter Trends Analysis

Collect Twitter data in real-time and find out what is currently trending on twitter in various categories. In this project, we will collect live Twitter streams and analyze the same using Spark Streaming to generate insights like finding the current trends in Politics, Finance, Entertainment, etc.

Titanic Data Analysis

Titanic was one of the biggest disasters in the history of mankind, which happened due to natural events and human mistakes. The objective is to analyze Titanic data sets and generate various insights related to age, gender, survived, class, emabrked, etc.

Ecommerce Reviews Analysis

Analyze the Ecommerce review data and generate various insights of products, companies can use these reports / patterns and understand the sentiments of users about their product. Ecommerce reviews contain fields like product-Id, star rating, reviews, timestamp, reviewer-Id, etc.

YouTube Data Analysis

Analyze the YouTube Data and generate insights like top 10 most videos in various categories, User demographics, no of views, ratings etc. The data contains fields like Id, Age, Catagory, Length, Views, ratings, comments, etc.


Course Plans


 Course mode

 Extensive Hands-on Practicals

Access Duration

Real-life Project

No of Projects

Discussion Forum Access

Doubt Clearance


Complementary Courses

Complementary Job Assistance

Resume & Interview Preparation

Interaction in Live Class

Personalized Career Guidance 

Course Objective

Self-Paced Pro Course

Rs. 9990 | $181

Rs. 4990 | $90

Video Based

Yes, in recordings & in LMS





Through discussion forum

Yes, post course completion

Java, with lifetime access

Express Learning

Live Instructor-Led Course

Rs. 18990 | $345

Rs. 12990 | $236

Live Online With Trainer

Yes, live with instructor & in LMS


Yes, with support



In regular sessions

Yes, post course completion

Java & HDFS, with lifetime access

100% interactive classes

Yes, from instructor

Job readiness


Customer Reviews

Romit Patodi
Romit PatodiHadoop and Spark Developer, Cognizant
I started my career in PHP from a very small company 4 years ago. I took Hadoop online training from Dataflair on Big data Hadoop 2 years ago and to my surprise, with lil hard work with the instructor, I ...

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Geet Sameer
Geet SameerData Scientist Intern at Fio Labs, LLC
DataFlair Big Data training is awesome. The way of teaching by Anish Sir is very nice. Clarifying doubts and explaining each and every concept very clearly was best. Giving assignments is a very good thing. It was a very ...

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Gopal Karanam
Gopal KaranamSenior Advisory Consultant at IBM
I am highly motivated and gained confidence in terms of understanding about Big Data / Hadoop and its related concepts. The study material is very useful and really nice way of organizing, especially LMS for accessing life long is really ...

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Samiyullah Basheer Ahamed
Samiyullah Basheer AhamedSenior Software Engineer at Accenture
I was sceptical at first on taking an online course. But after attending the training with Data flair I should say, I am very pleased. The details provided by Anish sir was clear, and lucid. The trainer has vast industry ...

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Karishma Surana
Karishma SuranaSoftware Developer at Amdocs
The training made us aware about the concepts regarding the subject very clearly.A confidence about the subject is achieved after the training.There was a good interaction and privilege to study with the industry experts.The theory and the practical classes were ...

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Darshan Lal
Darshan LalStudent at KITS, Nagpur
Overall Spark training experience from DataFlair was excellent. Every thing was very intuitive as well as easy to understand. Instructor is very good in this technology. He was able to clarify all the queries and doubts, His explanations were very ...

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Sudha Ganesh
Sudha GaneshAssociate at JP Morgan Chase
The Spark training from DataFlair is exceptional. I am fully satisfied with the course.The course content and the study material was very relevant and helpful. There was lot of clarity in the way instructor explained every concept. I have ...

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Narendra kumar
Narendra kumarBig Data Developer at Algosquare Data Science
After training, I appeared for interviews in Big data Hadoop and got selected in Algosquare Data Science, Bengaluru as Big Data Developer and have started my career in Big Data Industry. I was feeling very much confident that I can ...

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Spark Training FAQs

How will you help me if I miss any Spark training session?

All our sessions will be recorded and recordings will be uploaded in LMS immediately as the session gets over. You can go through it and get your queries cleared from the instructor in next session. Alternatively, you can attend the missed Spark training online session in any other batch running in parallel.

How will I do spark practicals at home?

To do Spark and Scala practicals, Instructor will help you in setting virtual lab on your own system. Manual to set virtual lab will be available in your LMS if you want to go through the steps again. Virtual lab can be set on MAC or Windows machine also.

How long will the online spark course available with me?

You will have lifetime access to the spark and scala training course, recorded sessions along with the complete study material, POCs, project etc.

What things do I need to attend online spark classes?

You just need a laptop or PC with a good internet connection of around 1 MBPS (But lesser speed of 512 KBPS will also work) for joining online classes. Broadband connection is recommended but you can connect through data card as well.

How can I get my doubts cleared post class gets over?

During session, you can get your doubts cleared from the instructor immediately. After the session, you can get your doubts cleared from the instructor in the next session as before starting any session, instructor spends sufficient time for doubt clearing. Post training, you can post your query over discussion forum and our support team will assist you. Still if you are not comfortable, you can drop mail to instructor or directly interact with him.

When will I get access to Learning Management System?

Immediately with your enrolment for the spark and scala course, you will get access to LMS and then it will be there for lifetime. Complimentary course will also be added that time only so that you can start learning immediately.

How this Spark Scala training will help me in getting job?

Our online Spark training includes in-depth theoretical knowledge, multiple workshops, POCs, project etc. that will prepare you to the level that you can start working from day 1 wherever you go. You will be assisted in resume preparation and Mock interview that will help you in getting ready to face interviews. We will also guide you with the Spark job openings matching your resume. All this will help you in landing your dream job in Big Data industry requiring Spark skills.

What will be the end result of doing this Spark course?

You will be equipped with theoretical and practical skills that industry is looking for and will become certified Apache Spark and Scala professional who is ready to take Big Data with Spark Projects in top organisations.

How will I be able to interact with the instructor during training?

You can interact to the instructor via voice or chat during live training.

Is this Spark classroom training or online?

This is completely Spark online training with 8-10 students per batch. Individual interaction will be there with all. The trainer ensures that every student is clear of all the concepts taught before proceeding ahead. So there will be complete environment of Spark classroom learning.

Can I enroll now and join the classes in a later batch?

Yes, you can enroll for the Spark Scala course at any time and join any batch starting thereafter.

Is Hadoop mandatory to learn Apache Spark?

Hadoop is not at all mandatory to learn Spark. We will provide basic knowledge on both Hadoop and Java if you want to brush your skills.

Can you guide me why I should learn Apache Spark?

Apache Spark is one of the fastest growing community in IT world. Spark developers earn highest average package as compared to other technologies. Big data with Apache Spark combination is the most demanding in industry.

What are the payment options?

You can do the payment via credit card, debit card or net banking through any of the banks. You can use our payment gateway Payu for payment in INR. For payments in USD, you can do via Paypal. We also have part payment option.