Apache Spark Careers and Job Opportunities

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1. Objective – Spark Careers

As we all know, big data analytics have a fresh new face, Apache Spark. Basically, the Spark’s significance and share are continuously increasing across organizations. Hence, there are ample of career opportunities in spark. In this blog “Apache Spark Careers Opportunity: A Quick Guide” we will discuss the same. We will also discuss a few names of top companies which are using a spark. Moreover, we will also discuss the job titles for these technologies.

So, let’s discuss Spark Careers in detail.

Apache Spark Careers and Job Opportunities

Apache Spark Careers and Job Opportunities

2. Apache Spark Careers Opportunity

In the entire world, Developers are leveraging the Spark framework in different languages. Such as Scala, Java, and Python. Basically, Apache Spark offers flexibility to run applications in their favorite languages. Also allows building new apps faster.
Around the globe, some large organizations have taken spark very seriously. Some popular companies like Amazon, Yahoo, Alibaba, eBay, Hitachi, Shopify, and many more. They have invested in talent around Spark. There is some ratio, in which jobs are available, such as in the batch processing of large data sets, 78% of them are engaged. Also, for event stream processing 60% required as support. Similarly, for fast, real-time data querying, around 56% are there. Moreover, at enhancing programming productivity 55% are aiming. Furthermore, there are some huge opportunities across industry segments, that includes

Top 5 Industries Hiring Big Data Related Skills

Top 5 Industries Hiring Big Data Related Skills

  • Telecommunication/Networking
  • Banking and Finance
  • Retail
  • Software
  • Media and Entertainment
  • Consulting
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • IT
  • Professional scientific and technical services

3. Top Companies Using Spark

Apache Spark is considered as a 3G for Big Data world. It offers in-memory data processing component that attends to real-time and batch actions. Moreover, it provides a flavor for the cloud business with or without Hadoop. Hence, there are some top-notch companies which are using Spark. Also, provides the huge amount of Apache Spark Careers Opportunity, some of them are

a. Microsoft

Including Spark support to Azure HDInsight (its cloud-hosted version of Hadoop).

b. IBM

To manage its SystemML machine learning algorithm construction, IBM uses Spark technology.

c. Amazon

To run Spark apps developed in Scala, Python, and Java, Amazon uses Apache Spark.

d. Yahoo!

Yahoo used to have the origin in Hadoop to analyzing big data. Nowadays, Apache Spark is the next cornerstone.

4. Big Data Specialists – Job Titles

For the big data specialists, there are some jobs Roles in Big Data technologies. Some of them are

Big Data Related Job Titles

Big Data Related Job Titles

  • Big Data- Lead Software Engineer
  • Software Developer
  • Big Data Developer
  • Principal Software Engineer
  • Big Data- Spark- Software Specialist
  • Data Scientist/ Engineer
  • Software Developer/ Architect
  • Management Analyst
  • IT Project Managers
  • Information Security Analysis

5. Salary in Big Data Jobs

There are some average salary structures for “big data engineers”. They approximately range from $108,803 per year for Developer to $143,771 per year for a senior engineer. Also, the average salary for big data professional is about $ 114,000 per annum. This is about 98% higher than average salaries for all job postings nationwide.
The above-mentioned salary information comes from 32,336 data points. It is directly collected from employees and present job advertisements on indeed.
In addition, from Glassdoor, the median salary for big data expertise is $ 104,850 per annum. Also, a salary of data scientists is expected to about $115,000. Moreover, according to Forbes, the median salary for big data professional is $ 124,000 per year.

6. Prerequisites to learn Spark

Basically, there is only one need to gain expertise in working with Spark system. That one need is to understand basic programming language concepts. Moreover, you need to have basic insights of Java programming.

7. Benefit of Learning Spark

Recently, in each sector, there is a strong desire to have the technical workforce.  Basically, there is a huge demand for skilled professionals. Since there are surplus big data jobs in the market.

IDS Enterprise Big Data Research

IDS Enterprise Big Data Research

To empower your education and grow as a business leader, this is certainly the perfect time. Moreover, by mastering these nice frameworks, you can grab the best opportunities.

So, this was all in Spark Careers. Hope you like our explanation.

8. Conclusion – Spark Careers

Hence, we have seen most of the Apache Spark Careers opportunity. Hence, this is a peak time you can make a successful career in Spark. Furthermore, we have covered all the prerequisites and benefits of learning Spark. Still, if any questions arise related to Spark Careers, feel free to ask in the comment section.
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