Apache Spark Multiple Choice Questions – Check Your Spark Knowledge

Spark Multiple Choice Questions

This Apache Spark Quiz is designed to test your Spark knowledge. It contains frequently asked Spark multiple choice questions along with the detailed explanation of their answers. These Spark quiz questions cover all the basic components of the Spark ecosystem. Hope this objective type questions on Spark will help you to Spark interview preparation.

Apache Spark Multiple Choice Questions

Apache Spark Multiple Choice Questions

All the best for the quiz! - Spark Quiz part 5

Q.1 The primary Machine Learning API for Spark is now the _____ based API
Q.2 Which of the following is a module for Structured data processing?
Q.3 SparkSQL translates commands into codes. These codes are processed by
Q.4 Spark SQL plays the main role in the optimization of queries.
Q.5 This optimizer is based on functional programming construct in
Q.6 Catalyst Optimizer supports either rule-based or cost-based optimization.
Q.7 Which of the following is not true for Catalyst Optimizer?
Q.8 Which of the following is true for the tree in Catalyst optimizer?
A tree is the main data type in the catalyst.
New nodes are defined as subclasses of TreeNode class.
A tree contains node object.
Q.9 Which of the following is true for the rule in Catalyst optimizer?
We can manipulate tree using rules.
We can define rules as a function from one tree to another tree.
Using rule we get the pattern that matches each pattern to a result.
Q.10 Which of the following is not a Spark SQL query execution phases?
Q.11 In Spark SQL optimization which of the following is not present in the logical plan - 
Q.12 In the analysis phase which is the correct order of execution after forming unresolved logical plan
a. Search relation BY NAME FROM CATALOG.
b. Determine which attributes match to the same value to give them unique ID.
c. Map the name attribute
d. Propagate and push type through expressions
Q.13 In the Physical planning phase of Query optimization we can use both Coast-based and Rule-based optimization.
Q.14 DataFrame in Apache Spark prevails over RDD and does not contain any feature of RDD.
Q.15 Which of the following are the common feature of RDD and DataFrame?
a. Immutability
b. In-memory
c. Resilient
Q.16 Which of the following is not true for DataFrame?
Q.17 In Dataframe in Spark Once the domain object is converted into a data frame, the regeneration of domain object is not possible.
Q.18 DataFrame API has provision for compile-time type safety.
Q.19 We can create DataFrame using:
a. Tables in Hive
b. Structured data files
c. External databases
Q.20 Which of the following is the fundamental data structure of Spark
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