Apache Spark Multiple Choice Questions – Check Your Spark Knowledge

This Apache Spark Quiz is designed to test your Spark knowledge. It contains frequently asked Spark multiple choice questions along with a detailed explanation of their answers.

So, be ready to attempt this exciting quiz.

Also, do not forget to attempt other parts of the Apache Spark quiz as well from the series of 6 quizzes.

So let’s start the quiz!!!

Here we come to the end of the Quiz. Hope you enjoyed the quiz!!!

Do share your feedback and score in the comments section.

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7 Responses

  1. Julia W says:

    Quiz 20, the fundamental data structure of Spark should be RDD instead of DataFrame

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Nice catch Julia, thanks for the suggestion. We have made the necessary changes.
      Keep Learning Keep Visiting DataFlair

  2. Prasad B says:

    Please add the explanation for each question whether it is correct or incorrect. So it would be very helpful for learns.

  3. saket says:

    unable to check result

  4. Miguel Gallegos Gracia says:

    Unable to check result, ¡help! TT_TT .

  5. Aafreen Khan says:

    Awesome job doing via providing quiz….Keep it up

  6. Rakesh Bhai says:

    explain toh karo

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