Spark-Scala Quiz Questions and Answers – Crack It In 7 Min

1. Objective

After learning Apache Spark and Scala try your hands on Spark-Scala Quiz and get to know your learning so far. Below is some multiple choice Questions corresponding to them are the choice of answers. This quiz will help you to revise the concepts of Apache Spark and Scala will build up your confidence in Spark. Hope these questions are helpful for you.

Spark-Scala Quiz Questions and Answers

Spark-Scala Quiz Questions and Answers

All the best for the quiz! - Spark Quiz Part 6

Q.1 Which of the following organized a data into a named column?
a. RDD
b. DataFrame
c. Dataset
Q.2 Which of the following provide the object-oriented programming interface
Q.3 After transforming into DataFrame one cannot regenerate a domain object
Q.4 RDD allows Java serialization
Q.5 Which of the following make use of an encoder for serialization.
Q.6 Apache Spark is presently added in all major distribution of Hadoop
Q.7 Does Dataset API support Python and R.
Q.8 Which of the following is slow to perform simple grouping and aggregation operations.
Q.9 Which of the following is good for low-level transformation and actions.
Q.10 Which of the following technology is good for Stream technology?
Q.11 Which of the following is not true for Apache Spark Execution?
Q.12 When SQL run from the other programming language the result will be
Q.13 The Dataset API is accessible in
Q.14 Dataset API is not supported by Python. But because of the dynamic nature of Python, many benefits of Dataset API are available.
Q.15 Which of the following is true for Catalyst optimizer?
Q.16 Which of the following are uses of Apache Spark SQL?
It executes SQL queries.
We can read data from existing Hive installation using SparkSQL.
When we run SQL within another programming language we will get the result as Dataset/DataFrame.
Q.17 With the help of Spark SQL, we can query structured data as a distributed dataset (RDD).
Q.18 Spark SQL can connect through JDBC or ODBC.
Q.19 Using Spark SQL, we can create or read a table containing union fields.
Q.20 Which of the following is true for Spark SQL?
Hive transactions are not supported by Spark SQL.
b. No support for time-stamp in Avro table.
Even if the inserted value exceeds the size limit, no error will occur.
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2 Responses

  1. Deepti says:

    Hey Team,
    I doubt that these questions are wrongly answered in your quiz, please correct if I’m wrong with your logic please.

    Q.1 Which of the following the data is organized into a named column?
    per me RDD cannot have named column.. can it?

    Q.4 RDD allows Java serialization–> this should be true.

    Q.6 Which of the following require Garbage collection–> answer should be Dataset as its created in java or scala.

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hello, Deepti
      Thanks for commenting and asking your queries. Yes, it was our mistake and we have corrected it. Now you can check and enjoy our series of Spark Quizzes.

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