Apache Spark MCQs – Test Your Spark Understanding

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Revise your Spark concepts with Spark quiz questions and build-up your confidence in the most common framework of Big data. This Apache Spark MCQs cover questions from all Spark domain like GraphX, Spark Streaming, MLlib, Spark Core, Spark SQL etc.

Apache Spark MCQs

Apache Spark MCQs

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Q.1 For Multiclass classification problem which algorithm is not the solution?
Q.2 For Regression problem which algorithm is not the solution?
Q.3 Which of the following is true about DataFrame? 
DataFrames provide a more user-friendly API than RDDs.
DataFrame API have provision for compile-time type safety
Q.4 Which of the following is a tool of Machine Learning Library?
Utilities like linear algebra, statistics
Q.5 Is MLlib deprecated?
Q.6 Which of the following is false for Apache Spark?
Q.7 Which of the following is true for Spark SQL?
Q.8 Which of the following is true for Spark core?
Q.9 Which of the following is true for Spark R?
Q.10 Which of the following is true for Spark MLlib?
Q.11 Which of the following is true for Spark Shell?
It helps Spark applications to easily run on the command line of the system
It runs/tests application code interactively
It allows reading from many types of data sources
Q.12 Which of the following is true for RDD?
Q.13 RDD are fault-tolerant and immutable
Q.14 In which of the following cases do we keep the data in-memory?
Iterative algorithms.
Interactive data mining tools.
Q.15 When does Apache Spark evaluate RDD?
Q.16 The read operation on RDD is
Q.17 The write operation on RDD is
Q.18 Is it possible to mitigate stragglers in RDD?
Q.19 Fault Tolerance in RDD is achieved using
Q.20 What is a transformation in Spark RDD?
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