Apache Spark MCQs – Test Your Spark Understanding

Revise your Apache Spark concepts with Spark MCQs quiz questions and build-up your confidence in the most common framework of Big data.

Do not miss to attempt the other parts of Apache Spark Quiz as well once you are done with this part:

So let’s start the quiz!!!

Hope, you liked the set of questions in this Apache Spark Quiz.

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10 Responses

  1. Priyanka Shukla says:

    Nice quizzes

  2. Pranab Datta says:

    Excellent collection of multiple choice question, enjoyed a lot!

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Thanks a lot Pranab.
      Glad to read such a superb review. I recommend you to try more Spark Quiz, surely you will be going to enjoy them.

  3. Ghansham says:

    Thanks for putting it togather , it would more helpful if we have topic wise quiz.

    • DataFlair Team says:

      Hello Ghansham,
      Thanks for commenting and suggestion for topics wise Spark Quiz. We will work on that as well. Till keep explore Spark Tutorials.

  4. Neha says:

    For question #1, how come DecisionTree is not suitable for multiclass classification?

  5. Animesh says:

    The answers are not available please fix this issue

  6. Iswarya K says:

    Please provide answer for the quiz

  7. Chinmay says:

    for Q1 . all algorithms can be used for multiclass classification

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