Top Machine Learning Use Cases – ML in Real life is no less than a dream!

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Machine Learning Use Cases – Google says that use cases mean, the specific situation in which a product or service could potentially be used. So, be it banking, energy, fin-tech, healthcare, insurance, marketing and public sector to name a few, everywhere machine learning is used. With the advent of technology and digitalization, it is used and needed everywhere. Discussing machine learning use cases, all its usage and the industry in which it is used will need a book or a thesis.

So, here we can talk about its daily usage in business and later you can tell me in the comment section about the sector you would like to get in-depth knowledge and we can discuss that too.

Top machine learning use cases

Top Machine Learning Use Cases

Before you start reading these amazing machine learning use cases, I recommend you to save the machine learning tutorials home page. So that at any point, you feel you need to revise the concepts, you can do it easily. Let’s start exploring machine learning use cases –

1. “Hey Google/ Siri What’s the weather like today?”

Be it Apple’s Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon’s Alexa or Samsung’s Bixby, you will not get late to the office. With machine learning, everything is sorted. But, for that, you will have to work accordingly too. You can know if it will rain heavily and if there will be jam in your route.

2. Getting a cab is no more a task

Putting the pickup location and destination is all you have to do. In return, you can know the estimated time of arrival and the estimated ride fare you will have to give. You will not have to face denials of the Autorickshaw drivers and can decrease the probability of 10:1 to 1:10(because the driver does cancel sometimes :().

The prices decided by the algorithm is on the basis of the location you have to travel, the time of day, the weather, overall customer demand, etc. So, the next time someone cribs about the surge price, you can prove your intellectualness, rather than ranting about it.

To understand this use case of machine learning, DataFlair brings an amazing project – Uber Data Analysis Project

3. Lunch time! A big thank you to online food delivery portals

Okay! So you might not order food daily through zomato, swiggy and ubereats. But, you can’t deny that these food delivery apps are amazing. You get hot and fresh food in 30min. At your doorsteps. With homepage customization, user personalization, keyword search, product feature A/B experiments and clickstream funnel and what not. They are increasingly getting involved in driving commercial and operational efficiencies. This is in the form of logistics optimization, call center/driver fleet capacity planning, delivery time prediction, ad delivery, supply prioritization. A lot of heavy operations and heavy words are used, just to provide on-time food. At least, now you can thank Machine Learning!

4. Selfie? Named by Oxford Dictionaries as word of 2013!

Technology is evolving rapidly!
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Talking about smartphone Cameras here, with all those breathtaking moments and the image one captures is all because of machine learning algorithm. The depth filters mode, resolution, the flash type, the burst mode, rapid-fire, the continuous shooting mode makes for a perfect selfie. With Optical Zoom mode and the never-ending mode, the selfies show a true picture of your soul ( Get the pun please!). Getting a bit in-depth, the night mode analysis of every pixel is done. It can detect objects with the given image, make the background blur and in short lead the audience his/her way. So, you may be tired of your work and frustrated with your colleague, but your Insta picture will show you that you are having a splendid time with your so-called friends.

5. Face unlock in smartphones- Faster than the speed of the light

How can I forget to mention it? I am sorry for this, I promise that I will never show you my face (Cause that will not unlock your phone :P). Needless to explain this, you must be aware of this and have tried to decode the password of your friends. As soon as we pick up the smartphone it unlocks itself by detecting our face. Day or night doesn’t matter here. If it’s your phone you can open it in a jiffy. Soo smart, efficient, time-saving. I wish people around were like this (#Metoo). Getting in the science behind it is that our smartphones use a technique called facial recognition to do this. And the core idea behind facial recognition is, with no doubt machine learning.

6. Play Store Recommendations taking a toll

I had to download excel in my phone, because every time I don’t have to open my drive, then excel and then search for the numbers. But, do you know that with excel, I downloaded word and powerpoint on my phone. Also, with Zomato, I have Uber eats and Swiggy and with Flipkart, I have Amazon and Myntra. I don’t know if this has done good to me or not. Because my spending habits and online food ordering habits have touched a peak. The ‘Recommended for you’ section is based on the applications I have installed on my phone (or previously used) and thus suggests me with similar or the substitute option from time to time. I truly appreciate that the App Store has personalized to my taste and only shows me apps which I like to use but, I am afraid that is technology invading my personal choice or my mind.

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7. Explore the market with Google by your side

After a meeting with a potential client, you want to sit and relax or do some n no of tasks.  All you need is just a search, a search for the Restaurants, petrol pumps, ATMs, Hotels, Shopping Centres, nearby and you are sorted. The best thing here is that you have several options, so you can pick the best one suited for you.

With the usage of a ton of machine learning algorithms, all the routes are getting smarter and updated.

8. Work!Work!Work!

Spam mail alert. There was a time when every time I use to open my G-mail A/c I use to find some of the other unwanted email blocking my way to the useful one. But, like every other thing machine learning came as a rescue.

My inbox count was 0+ unread emails because of the OCD(Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder) I have. But, it used to make me mad seeing that my friends have 8000+ unread messages. Here, Machine learning at Google acted no less than a doctor. It curbed the spamming problem like a genius. With options like primary, social and promotional, I can now concentrate on my actual work and can get things sorted in no time. But, how does it get aware that in which field it will land onto? By now you must be smart enough to know the answer and I am proud of you for that. The use of machine learning to figure out if the email is spam or not. Google’s algorithm has become a lot smarter over the years in deciding if an email is spam or not. This is where getting more data for a machine learning algorithm is so helpful – something Google has in abundance.

9. Help you network to the best, with the best

You open your LinkedIn account or Facebook, scroll a bit and ‘People you may know’ appears on your screen. With all the throwbacks, nostalgia and for some networking purpose you send them requests. You try to connect with the professional colleagues, your college friends and you thank LinkedIn and facebook for it.

How do these platforms know the people that you may know that you don’t know(Deep!).

With machine learning algorithms your profile is scanned, your interests are understood, your current friends’ list is kept a check on, and a lot more is done. Your mutual friends, friends of friends, everything has a record. The algorithm generates a list of people that match a certain pattern(invades your life like a pro). These people are then recommended to you with the expectation that you might know them. They are tailored to your tastes, interests and especially your recent browsing or purchase history.

So, if you are following some food pages or a web series pages then you might get suggestions of a cookery course or some shows.

10. Personalized marketing

This type of marketing is a marketing technique that has tailored itself to an individual’s need. I like to order food online. Different food, different cuisines, different restaurants. The same is with shopping. Different types of clothes, different brand, different material. But, like every other aspirational youngster, I save some the products in cart for later.

A foodie and a shopaholic purchase history will obviously be filled with the messages, mails of restaurants, credit card company. So, now no random calls have to be done to random customers. The era of traditional marketing has shifted, with machine learning identification of customers can be done.

Don’t forget to check the Customer Segmentation Project using Machine Learning


Here comes to the end of machine learning use cases article. With Machine learning everything is possible. Life has become a bed of roses. With one click you can have everything delivered at your doorsteps. The marketers can keep a record of each and every data. The targeted customers, potential customers, click-through rates, the call to action needed and so on! There is no second opinion in saying that Machine learning is the future. A lot has to be done in this field and a lot of things are needed to be explored and exploited.

Computers are able to see, hear and learn. Welcome to the future!

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