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AdaBoost Algorithm For Machine Learning

1. Objective Through this Machine Learning Tutorial, we will study Boosting – AdaBoost Algorithm. Also, will try to cover every concept related to Adaptive boosting with AdaBoost example. 2. What is AdaBoost First of all, AdaBoost is short for Adaptive Boosting. Basically, Ada Boosting was the first really successful boosting algorithm developed for binary classification. Also, it is the best starting point for understanding boosting. Moreover, modern boosting methods build on AdaBoost, most notably stochastic gradient boosting machines. Generally, AdaBoost […]

What is AdaBoost

Machine Learning Software | Machine Learning Framework

10 Best Machine Learning Software | Machine Learning Framework- 2018

1. Objective Through this blog, we will learn Best Machine Learning Software. Also, will learn Machine Learning Frameworks: Apache Singa, Shogun, Apache Mahout, Apache Spark MLlib, TensorFlow, Oryx 2,Accord.NET, Amazon Machine Learning (AML), PredictionIO, and Eclipse Deeplearning4j in detail with their latest version. 2. Best Machine Learning Software Best Machine learning Softwares and Framework are discussed below. a. Apache Singa Apache Singa – Machine Learning Software, project was initiated by the DB System Group in 2014. They had a primary focus on distributed deep […]

Dimensionality Reduction – Machine Learning

1. Objective In this Machine Learning Tutorial, we will study What is Dimensionality Reduction. Also, will cover every related aspect of machine learning- Dimensionality Reduction like components & Methods of Dimensionality Reduction, Principle Component analysis & Importance of Dimensionality Reduction, Feature selection, Advantages & Disadvantages of Dimensionality Reduction. Along with this, we will see all W’s of Dimensionality Reduction. 2. What is Dimensionality Reduction In machine learning we are having too many factors on which the final classification is done. […]

Dimensionality Reduction

What is Gradient Boosting Algorithm

Gradient Boosting Algorithm – Machine Learning Technique

1. Gradient Boosting Algorithm In this Machine Learning Tutorial, we will study Gradient Boosting Algorithm. Also, we will learn Boosting Algorithm history & purpose. Along with this, we will also study the working of Gradient Boosting Algorithm, at last, we will discuss improvements to Gradient Boosting Algorithm.   2. Introduction to Gradient Boosting Gradient boosting is a machine learning technique for regression and classification problems. That produces a prediction model in the form of an ensemble of weak prediction models. […]

Top Machine Learning Algorithm You Must Know

1. Objective In this machine learning tutorial, we will study Machine Learning Algorithm. Also, will learn how this Machine Learning Algorithm is categorized. Further, will try to cover each and every ML Algorithm. 2. Introduction to Machine Learning Algorithm Basically, there are two ways to categorize Machine Learning algorithms you may come across in the field. The first is a grouping of algorithms by the learning style. The second is a grouping of algorithms by a similarity in form or […]

Introduction - Machine Learning Algorithm

What is Clustering In data Mining

Cluster Analysis – Clustering In Data Mining

1. Objective In this blog, we will study Cluster Analysis in Data Mining. First, we will study clustering in data mining and Introduction to Cluster Analysis, Requirements of clustering in Data mining, Applications of Data Mining Cluster Analysis and clustering algorithm. Further, we will cover Clustering Methods and approaches to Data Mining Cluster Analysis. 2. Introduction to Cluster Analysis a. What is Clustering in Data Mining? Generally, a group of abstract objects into classes of similar objects is made. We treat a […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning Language

1. Objective In this blog, we will learn Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning. As we will try to cover all Limitations and Benefits of Machine Learning to understand where to use it and where not to use Machine learning. 2. Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning Language a. Advantages of Machine learning i. As machine learning has many wide applications. Such as banking and financial sector, healthcare, retail, publishing etc. ii. Google and Facebook are using machine learning to […]

Advantages and Disadvantages of Machine Learning Language

Recurrent Neural Networks – Deep Learning Fundamentals

1. Objective In this blog, we will learn Recurrent Neural Networks. Also, will study every important concepts related to Recurrent Neural Networks. Besides, theory, we will use images for better representation and understanding of Recurrent Neural Networks. 2. Introduction to Recurrent Neural Networks Generally, a recurrent neural network is a type of advanced artificial neural network. Also, this ANN involves directed cycles in memory. As this network has the ability to build on earlier types of networks. That contains with […]

Audio Analysis Using Deep Learning

1. Objective In this Deep Learning Tutorial, we will study Audio Analysis using Deep Learning. Also, will learn data handling in the audio domain with applications of audio processing. As we will use graphs for a better understanding of audio data Analysis. 2. Introduction to Audio Analysis As we are always in contact with audio. Sometimes directly or maybe indirectly. As our brain works continuously. Thus, brain process and understands the information. And at last, it provides us information about […]

Audio Analysis Using Deep Learning/ Deep Learning Audio Analysis

What is XGBoost Algorithm

XGBoost Algorithm – Applied Machine Learning

1. XGBoosting In this Machine Learning Tutorial, we will learn Introduction to XGBoost, coding of XGBoost Algorithm, an Advanced functionality of XGboosting Algorithm, General Parameters, Booster Parameters, Linear Booster Specific Parameters, Learning Task Parameters. Furthermore, we will study about building models and parameters of XGBoost 2. Introduction to XGBoost Algorithm Basically, XGBoost is an algorithm. Also, it has recently been dominating applied machine learning. XGBoost is an implementation of gradient boosted decision trees. Although, it was designed for speed and performance. Basically, […]