8 Unique Features of Django that Makes it Better Framework

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In this tutorial, we will be learning about the features of Django. Features of any technology can tell us what it is best suitable for. Whenever we learn some new technology, it is due to a reason. There are lots of reasons to learn Django. And, through this Django tutorial, we will tell you what Django has solved and what it is doing best.

So let’s start the Django features tutorial.

Features of Django

Top Features of Django Framework

Below, we will discuss the best features of Django in detail.

1. Excellent Documentation

This is one of the main reasons to start learning Django. If we compare Django with other open source technologies, it offers the best documentation in the market.

Better documentation of any technology is like a very well-established library for any developer. There, he can search for any function desired with ease with the time involving in the searching purpose only.

The documentation of any technology is also one of the categories to grade a technology, as it lets other developers other than its own creators to efficiently utilize the technology.

Django has been best at documentation from the beginning, from the point it became open source in 2005 to the present date, and the documentation has only been getting better with active development of technology and it is also offered in different languages.

2. Python Web-framework

Python is also one of the main reasons people started learning Django. It is that one tool which can solve all your problems and in any kind of operation out there, we can use it. It’s very simple and easy to use. All these features are inside Python. In fact, Python is currently the most popular language in the market. It is because of these 2 main features.

Python is the easiest to learn programming language out there. We can use this language in almost everything from web-development (Django) to machine-learning and everything in between.

These features allow the python and thus Django to be the most powerful and yet easy to learn framework than others.

Yet you must have some basic knowledge of Python and web-working to start developing with Django. It offers rapid development and it achieves so by being simple and logical.

3. SEO Optimised

This is a special feature of Django due to which it has edge over others. SEO is Search Engine Optimization as from the name it means that adding your website to the search engine such that it appears in the top results. As we know that the search engines do use some algorithms which sometimes doesn’t cooperate much with the web-developer. Since we are creating our website in the human understandable form and they have to add it in the URL form on the server so that its best recognized by the search engine.

Django clears that concept by maintaining the website through URLs rather than the IP addresses on the server, which makes it easy for SEO engineers to add the website to the server while the web-developer don’t have to convert the URL into some numeric code.

That’s the gist of it although it’s not the whole and complete process but for our purpose it’s sufficient.

4. High Scalability

A lot of MNCs on a worldwide scale uses Django and it gets implement there without any defects or errors. It is the best example of Django being scalable.

Scalability means that at what scope or level, our technology gets to implement. For bigger websites like Instagram, there are lots of active users (millions of them) which generate data in huge amounts (terabytes of data/day). This kind of level requires our system or application to be very precise and error-free. It is, of course, difficult even for programmers and web developers that have years of experience.

Django is written by those experienced programmers from scratch without using any python library existing other then what the developers created themselves. Thousands of tests and debugging and now with lots of time on the market side as the opensource project makes Django ideal for anyone who wants to make their websites error-free and scalable to a bigger environment.

5. Versatile in Nature

Django is very versatile in its own Django way. The logical project structure and MVT architecture of Django sometimes seem very limiting. But, that’s just opposite because by giving us the files it is providing us with a solid foundation which can then be used to make whichever application we want to create.

All that with integration with almost all the technologies out there with upgradations is by fulfilling the industry standards.

It allows extending Django with all the technologies we work with and also with the upcoming ones. Therefore, Django is the future of web development and everyone who was previously using PHP will majorly use Django.

6. Offers High Security

Django is super secure. To prove the feature, you can always take examples of lots of websites which are worldwide and posses huge traffic.

Django is secure because it covers the loopholes by default which were once left open for the backend developer to complete. Although while using Django you may not feel it but those expert backend developers can tell the quality and security of the work done by Django.

The writing of Django’s code is totally from scratch while that accounts for its other features as well, but it also accounts for the security you are getting with this framework. We cannot get the security at such a huge scale with this much expertise level of code in other technologies.

It’s been written by web-developers keeping in mind what problems are faced by the same and with that to get a rapid development speed.

7. Thoroughly Tested

Whenever we are learning a new technology, we want it to be durable and powerful enough to withstand the dynamic changes happening in the industry. Well, Django achieves that task with flying colors. We are trying to state that “Django has been in the industry for more than a decade and is still a popular technology which is beating frameworks like Laravel(PHP) in their own game.”

MNCs all over the world extensively uses Django for creating projects so we can say that it works well to handle all the traffics and also accomplish international standards.

Its been around for so much time that lots of bugs and errors have been taken care of. It is a good time to learn this technology. The number of developers using Django for web development keeps growing day by day. Thus, it makes Django a crowd-tested technology. If it was not stable or task accomplishing why would it gain popularity and still be in the market.

8. Provides Rapid Development

Although, lots of technologies cover this feature as the primary feature but Django has so many other better features that sets it apart.

Here, rapid development means that we won’t need expert backend knowledge to make a fully functional website. We will also not create separate server files to design the database and connect the same while also making another file for transferring data to and from the server. Django handles this work and a lot of other tasks. We won’t need extra files for each task.

These tasks are like half the project time and money, and they are surely important for almost any website out there. While Django supports them inbuilt thus, allowing you to work more on your website’s unique feature.

We can handle many complex tasks with the help of Django Features mentioned above.

Explore Django books for increasing Django web development knowledge.


This article covered a lot of unique features of Django but there are still more, but they will also point to the same design philosophies of Django.

This tutorial must have given you a deep insight as to why Django is popular and will gain more popularity in the near future. It has a very active and supporting Django Community DSF. The way they help each other and other developers is also one of the reasons why everyone is majorly using this technology on the web.

So, get ready to be a developer of the future. Any feedbacks or query regarding the Django features tutorial, you can simply enter in the comment section.

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