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  1. Abdulla says:

    Nice exercise …

    When i tried to upload pdf file ” hello, you have uploaded the wrong file type.”

    but when tried to upload image file give Server Error (500)

  2. DataFlair Team says:

    Hey Abdulla,

    It seems like you haven’t installed PILLOW library of Python. Install that in your virtual environent and try running that again.

  3. Leena says:

    Not showing the uploaded file

  4. Ig says:

    Hi! May I use this method to upload file after my projet was deployed to server?

  5. Joe Wilson says:

    Where is STATIC_URL and STATIC_ROOT in settings.py in project dir in this example?

    • PhiWue says:

      @Data-Flair Team:
      You probably made a mistake in your order. If you follow the learn-django tutorial the section “6. Django File Upload” comes before “7. Django Static File Handling”

      Therefore we can’t know that STATIC_URL and STATIC_ROOT will be set in the next Tutorial. So maybe you should just switch order.
      I was already confused in the beginning where you talked about a previous tutorial which I couldn’t remember till I figured out it will be the next one.

  6. Ranjeet says:

    i am not able to view image in django/admin interface
    it says:- doesn’t exist. Perhaps it was deleted?
    but image is present in media folder

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