SEO Tutorial for Beginners – An Easy to Refer Guide

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Have you ever wondered how the websites manage to stay on the first page of search engines and rest of them shift to 2nd, 3rd, or 4th page? This is because of Search Engine Optimization. Now, what is Search Engine Optimization?

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) refers to improving and optimizing the website’s structure to attract the maximum number of traffic.

The big question that arises is how to do SEO? The answer to the question lies in the quote below-

“Google only loves you when everyone else loves you first.”– Wendy Piersall

This means that to get a good ranking from the search engine (Google) you should first aim to make your visitors happy because if visitors are happy and satisfied, Google will automatically rank your website higher and better. The purpose of every search engine optimizer should be to get the website to the top on SERP and this SEO tutorial is a perfect guide that provides you with every little detail related to SEO, you can refer to when optimizing a website.

1. What is SEO?

SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a mechanism of spreading values to your website in the expression of contents, links, and images, keywords which are unpaid in order to attract traffic and to rank your website at the topmost page of any search engine. This un-paid optimization provides a great user experience.

Example  Mr. Manish, who has just launched a website for an event management company needs to put some incredible content (contents, images, and graphics) that should be different from other event management websites and should be user-friendly in order to rank his website on the top of the search engine results page. Whatever he will do to make his website different from the rest will be considered as Search engine optimization.SEO Tutorial For Beginners

2. Prerequisites for SEO

  • To do SEO, you should have a website and access to its control panel.
  • The website should contain relevant contents including images, quality information, readable fonts, and clear background.
  • The website should be easy to access and to navigate.
  • Tools we use for Search Engine Optimization i.e. Google webmaster, keyword planner, etc.

3. SEO Glossary

  • SEO– Search engine optimization.
  • SERP– It stands for search engine results page. The page that contains relevant information about the searched keywords.
  • Spider– It’s a program that crawls to every single data present on the internet to give it a ranking.
  • Meta tag– These are the tags provided on the heading section of every website that describes the content in short.
  • CTR– Clicks through rate (percentage of clicks on a link).

We discussed the basics of SEO above, lets now learn guidelines to be followed in this SEO Tutorial

5. Latest SEO Guidelines

To do SEO, you should know its components that are essential to follow. These factors can majorly affect your website’s ranking. In this SEO Tutorial, we are providing you the search engine optimization guidelines followed by the SEO expert – 

5.1 You should prefer a user-friendly them

To create your website, the overall construction of your website should be easy and understandable. If the user finds it confusing, they will immediately bounce from your website regardless of how good your content thus, increasing the bounce rate.

5.2 Website should be compatible with mobile platforms

Nowadays, maximum users browse through mobile phones and if your website is not mobile compatible, and it is not easily viewable on the mobile screen, then you may lose a potential client.

5.4 Website’s loading speed

If any website takes a long time in loading, then you must work on your plug-ins or content quality or picture resolution. Taking more time can make the user lose their patience and they can skip your website.

5.5 Connect your website with social networking websites

Websites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc can assist you to elevate your brand awareness and can help in improving the website’s online visibility.

6. How SEO Works?

Search engines are fabricated with a crawler called spider. This spider web is available everywhere on the internet and performs a specific duty to search for every single data present. Crawler aggregates all relevant information and puts together to recognize if all of them belong to a similar category or not. It also keeps in mind the algorithms to be followed while crawling.

Let us take an example of Google search engine because it’s the most demanding and trending search engine and used by a maximum number of bloggers, online product selling organizations. Google has a web crawler or web spider that contains a different algorithm that crawls through every single data present on its search engine to check its relevance for the user and accordingly provides results to the user.

Google and SEO

In simple words, in a Library, if one needs to access a book of ‘Sherlock homes’, then ideally the book should be present in the’ fictional ‘section in the subcategory of ‘adventures’. Similarly, Google has its own library, so if anybody has to access a website it should be kept or submitted at a specific address by the website owner.

8. Importance of SEO

  • SEO helps in enhancing your website’s framework. No matter how great your content is but if you do not manipulate as per SEO then even God can’t help you with your website’s ranking.
  • Search Engine Optimization has the power to create an impeccable user experience in terms of web page navigation.
  • Gaining rank in any search engine increases your website’s reputation and a user can easily rely on your content.
  • Doing good optimization reduces vulnerability to get attacked by any bug or hacker.
  • Credibility comes into account while doing optimization for search engines.

9. Top SEO Techniques to Get Ranked

In this SEO Tutorial, we will learn about the two primary types of SEO techniques namely ‘White hat’ SEO and ‘Black hat’ SEO techniques.

  • ‘White hat techniques’ indicate how well the website has followed the norms and regulation stated by and search engine.
  • Black hat techniques‘ signify that website has done optimization by revoking all the guidelines and if the search engine finds out, then it can be banned at any moment.

Top SEO Techniques to Get Ranked

Some of the best search engine optimization techniques we will learn in this SEO Tutorial are :

9.1 Boost your user engagement with your website

To reduce bounce rate of your website make sure to hold the user’s attention.

9.2 Use Bullet Points

Don’t bore the reader with long paragraphs, instead use bullet points, short paragraphs with proper examples for an easy understanding.

9.3 Use Images

It is said that Images speak louder than words, so try to use images wherever possible to enhance your content.

9.4 Quality Content

“Content is the king”, it should be designed in a way that satisfies every user query about that topic, you should not give a chance to the user to navigate to some other website for the same content rather you should provide him with good user experience so as to decrease bounce rate.

9.5 Conduct Surveys

Connect with your target audience with social media platforms. Try to conduct surveys to realize their taste and accordingly build and optimize it to provide a user-friendly experience.

9.6 Use SEO Tools

It is said that if you can measure it, then you can improve it. Use analytical tools like Google Search Console, Google trends, and Google Keyword Planner to evaluate where you are lacking and improve on the basis of it.

10. Summary

In this SEO tutorial, we saw that search engine optimization plays a very important role in attracting organic traffic towards any website. Getting organic traffic is free and does not require money. It’s just that the website submission on a search engine should be done properly with quality relevant content. After having a thorough understanding of what SEO is, you must know about the SEO Tips. that provides basic SEO do’s and don’ts that should be kept in mind of the beginners and professionals when optimizing the website.

Any doubt in this SEO Tutorial? Ask freely through comments in the comment section below.

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