Django Online Test – Evaluate your Knowledge of the Framework

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Attempt this Django online test and evaluate your knowledge to find out where you stand. This Django online test is specially designed by experts to help you master the concepts of Django.

Attempt other parts of the Django quiz as well from the series of 4 quizzes once you are done with this quiz.

This comes to the end of the Django online test.

Share your scores of the Django online test with us in the comment section.

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3 Responses

  1. Mohit Dhiman says:


  2. chandrashekhar pantina says:

    14/15 — quiz 1

    9/15 — quiz 2

    6/13 — quiz 3

  3. Octa says:

    What has the GeoDjango app to do with… structural data? 🙃 (quiz 4 question 15)

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