Django Quiz Questions – Amazing Quiz to brush up your Django knowledge

After completing all the Django concepts from the tutorial series of Django framework, it’s time for testing your knowledge of the covered topics with this Django quiz by DataFlair. Some of the quiz questions of Django are basic while others are advanced.

DataFlair has a complete series of Django quizzes. Make sure to bookmark them:

So, let’s quickly start the Django quiz.

Q.1 What happens when file is edited while the development server is still running?

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Q.2 Which setting contains the parameter of main-urls file?

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Q.3 Django is based on which framework?

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Q.4 What is the purpose of in project directories?

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Q.5 Which method is used instead of path() in to pass in regular expressions as routes?

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Q.6 What happens if, from the given list, I searched for urlpatterns registration/ skipping the trailing/slash?

urlpatterns in Django
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Q.7 What is the use of os.path.dirname(__file__) in this method?

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Q.8 What does happen when you execute this command in Terminal/ PowerShell?

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python shell

Q.9 What is the value of DEBUG when website is online/ or deployed?

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Q.10 What does {{ name }} this mean in Django Templates?

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Q.11 What is this setting for?

Cache Settings - Django Quiz
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Q.12 Check in-valid template tag.

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Q.13 What will this template generate

Django Template - Django Quiz
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Q.14 What does {{ forloop.counter }} prints?

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Q.15 This template {# #} is used for?

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I hope this quiz helps you clear more concepts of Django. This quiz is not there to discourage you. It is only to show that there is much more to learn about Django.

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Happy Learning!

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