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After completing all the Django concepts from the tutorial series of Django framework, it’s time to test your knowledge.

Here, we are providing you with some multiple-choice questions of Django with answers.

Check other Django quizzes as well from the series of 4 Quizzes once you are done with this quiz.

So, let’s quickly start the Django quiz.

Hope you liked the set of questions in this Django Quiz.

If you have any queries and suggestions, post them in the comment box.

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9 Responses

  1. Vishakha says:

    this is very nice blog to enhance django knowledge.
    But i am facing some issues regarding a project can anybody help me in that case, waiting for reply from your team.

  2. Francisco Quivera says:

    I think the correct answer in the question 5 is re_path() according with the django documentation

  3. Marcel says:

    Awesome quizzes!!

  4. Rajesh Kumar says:

    What happens if, from the given list, I searched for urlpatterns registration/ skipping the trailing/slash?

    Answer of this question is : Django will give a 404-error page.
    As per my knowledge!
    But plz correct me if i’m wrong!!!

    • shagun says:

      No,It will first search for the registration URL , then go to the registration URL in another project app and find that it matches the same

  5. Damien says:

    #3 MVT or MVC are ‘framewok’ ? I read that this is architecture or design pattern.

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