Big Data Terminologies and Hadoop Concepts You Must Know

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1. Objective

In this Big data Hadoop tutorial, you will learn some of the important Big data terminologies and Hadoop terms that are being used in industries in Flashcard format. It will help you in learning what is Hadoop, HDFS – Hadoop Distributed File System definition, YARN in Hadoop, what is MapReduce, what is Commodity Hardware in Big Data, what is Namenode and Datanode in Hadoop, what are Resource Manager and Node Manager in Hadoop and Daemon meaning in Hadoop.

Big Data Terminologies and Hadoop Concepts You Must Know

Big Data Terminologies and Hadoop Concepts You Must Know

2. Big data Terminologies

Before we start with learning the terminologies, let us understand reasons to learn Big data and then revise our Big Data concepts and Hadoop features that make Big data Hadoop so popular in the IT industry and due to which several Big data job roles are available in the market.
So here you go!!

Important Big Data Hadoop Terminologies

Big Data Terminologies

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