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Kafka Hadoop Integration | Integrating Hadoop with Kafka

1. Kafka Integration With Hadoop Today, in this Kafka Hadoop Tutorial, we will discuss Kafka Hadoop Integration. Moreover, we will start this tutorial with Hadoop Introduction. Also, we will see Hadoop Producer and Hadoop Consumer in Kafka Integration with Hadoop. Basically, we can integrate Kafka with the Hadoop technology in order to address different use cases, such as batch processing using Hadoop. So, in this article, “Kafka Hadoop integration” we will learn the procedure to integrate Hadoop with Kafka in […]

Kafka Hadoop Integration | Integrating Hadoop with Kafka

Hadoop Career Growth - Salary & Jobs in Hadoop Technology

Hadoop Career Growth – Salary & Jobs in Hadoop Technology

1. Hadoop Career – Objective Today, in this Hadoop tutorial, we will discuss Hadoop Career Opportunities. Moreover, we will discuss Big data Hadoop Jobs, Hadoop Career Growth, and Hadoop Deployment. Also, we will discuss reasons to learn Hadoop and top companies that are using the Hadoop Technology. At last, we will see the job titles and annual average salary of Hadoop Professionals. There has been a massive increase in Big Data startups, in the past few years. That says, more and more […]

Hadoop Schedulers Tutorial – Job Scheduling in Hadoop

1. Objective – Hadoop Schedulers Today, in this Hadoop article, we will see Hadoop Schedulers tutorial. Moreover, in this Hadoop Schedulers tutorial, we will first look its meaning. Also, it will include all the types of Schedulers in Hadoop. Along with that, we will also see that when to use each scheduler for simpler and efficient Scheduling. At last, we will discover future development in Hadoop Scheduling and approaches for job scheduling in Hadoop. So, let’s start the Hadoop Schedulers Tutorial. 2. What is […]

Hadoop Schedulers

What is Hadoop Cluster | Hadoop Cluster Architecture

What is Hadoop Cluster | Hadoop Cluster Architecture

1. Hadoop Cluster Today, we will start the Hadoop Cluster Tutorial. In this Tutorial, we will discuss Hadoop Cluster Architecture, diagram. Moreover, we will look at the Hadoop Cluster advantages and Hadoop Nodes configuration. In simple terms, Cluster is a set of connected computers which work together as a single system. Similarly, the Hadoop cluster is just a computer cluster which we use for Handling huge volume of data distributedly. So, let’s start the Hadoop Cluster Tutorial.   2. Hadoop […]

HBase Compaction and Data Locality in Hadoop

1. HBase Compaction and Data Locality With Hadoop In this Hadoop HBase tutorial of HBase Compaction and Data Locality with Hadoop, we will learn the whole concept of Minor and Major Compaction in HBase, a process by which HBase cleans itself in detail. Also, we will see Data Locality with Hadoop Compaction because data locality is a solution to data not being available to Mapper.  So, let’s start HBase Compaction and Data Locality in Hadoop. 2. What is HBase Compaction? As […]

HBase Compaction and Data Locality in Hadoop

Hadoop vs Cassandra 2018: Feature Wise Comparison

Hadoop vs Cassandra 2018: Feature Wise Comparison

1. Hadoop vs Cassandra Today, we will take a look at Hadoop vs Cassandra. There is always a question occurs that which technology is a right choice between Hadoop vs Cassandra. So, in this article, “Hadoop vs Cassandra: Feature wise Comparison” we will see the difference between Apache Hadoop and Cassandra. Although, to understand well we will start with an individual introduction of both in brief. So, let’s start Hadoop vs Cassandra. 2. Difference Between Hadoop and Cassandra We will […]

Install Hadoop on Ubuntu | Hadoop Installation Steps 2

1. Install Hadoop on Ubuntu Tutorial: Objective This article explains how to install Hadoop on Ubuntu in simple steps. Moreover, we will deploy Hadoop on the single node cluster on Ubuntu Linux. We will also enable YARN on the cluster while installation. 2. Hadoop Overview   Hadoop is a framework for running distributed computing programs. It comprises of HDFS and Map Reduce (Programming framework). The user can run only the MapReduce program in the earlier versions of Hadoop. Therefore, it was […]

Test your Hadoop HDFS knowledge with Aapche Hadoop HDFS Online Quiz

Hadoop HDFS Online Quiz Questions and Answers- Part 1 2

Objective This online quiz is based upon Hadoop HDFS (Hadoop Distributed File System). If you are not familiar with Hadoop HDFS so you can refer our HDFS Introduction tutorial. After studying HDFS this Hadoop HDFS Online Quiz will help you a lot to revise your concepts. This HDFS Quiz covers the objective type questions related to the fundamentals of Apache Hadoop HDFS. We will also provide the detailed Answers of All the questions along with them for the better understanding. Best Hadoop HDFS […]

Unbeatable Apache Hadoop Online Quiz – Part 10 2

Objective To become an expert in Hadoop it is very important to revise the concepts with time. The quiz is the best way to do so. We have designed this Apache Hadoop Online Quiz to cover all the concepts of Apache Hadoop and Hadoop ecosystem components. This Hadoop Quiz also contains the answers related to the questions for the better understanding. Hope this quiz will help you for your Hadoop interview preparation. Refer Top 100 Apache Hadoop Interview Questions and […]

Apache Hadoop Online Quiz Questions and Answers for Hadoop Interview Preparation

Big Data Hadoop Online Quiz Questions – Part 9

Objective It is very important to revise your knowledge after study. To keep this in mind we have designed this Big Data Hadoop Online Quiz to refresh your Hadoop knowledge. This Hadoop Quiz will help you to more understand the Apache Hadoop concepts because it covers the multiple choice questions of all the Hadoop ecosystem components such as HDFS, Mapreduce, Yarn etc. Hope this Apache Hadoop online quiz help you for Hadoop Interview preparation. Frequently Asked Big Data Hadoop Online […]