The Future of SEO – Top SEO Predictions by Experts

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The future of SEO has a tremendous scope as SEO algorithms change continuously. People might say that it took several years for them to explore and understand current features and scope and therefore it will be too early to discuss its future implications. But, technology has become too advanced to be able to predict each and everything. This blog contains the top 5 predictions made by SEO experts about how will the future of SEO be.

Future of SEO

Top 5 Predictions About the Future of SEO

1. UX will be a deal breaker

SEO’s algorithm has changed since the past decade. Earlier, it was kind of a technical job but now it’s seen more like an art. Marketing professionals not only need to study the technical part of website optimization and different content styles for the search engine but they also need to understand more about web traffic analysis i.e. they must know how a user is interacting with a page.

Search engines gain profit from the web traffic which means they are concerned with user experience (UX). The search engine has successfully customized the user experience to attract more web traffic. You should focus on developing customer engaging content because no matter how great your content is but if it’s not user-engaging, the user will not stay on your website.

You need to learn how visitors interact with web content. There are free tools available to view all visitor’s browsing patterns like Google trends & Google search console. These tools not only help you in calculating visitor’s pattern but also helps you in tracking other customized pages.

2. Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) will take your website ahead of others

Earlier, Google considered only optimized desktop websites as a ranking factor but in the future, Google will count mobile pages and desktop pages as separate indexing factors. And, mobile indexing will be in the priority list of Google.The meaning of Indexing is that you should concentrate not only on design and layout but also on building a mobile-friendly website.

In today’s world, mobile users are dominating desktop using visitors and that’s why every search engine focuses on mobile optimization using mobile accelerated pages.

3. SEO will know, what exactly are you looking for

The days will be gone when you have to type keywords to look for any content. Search engines will automatically detect what exactly you are looking for in the coming years with the help of artificial intelligence, the internet of things (IoT) and with other smart technologies.

Today, every device is connected with every other electronic device. It will analyze your buying behavior, browsing patterns, kind of content you like and many more things about you. In the future, you won’t have to go through 10-15 websites; instead, it will show content that you are exactly looking for.

This all will be possible with the features like XML site-mapping structured data markup, labeling, voice compatible data search, etc

4. Voice Search is the ultimate future of SEO

Apple has Siri, Amazon has Alexa and Google has also launched an application called Google assistant which is used for navigation purposes. But those days aren’t far when Google will answer all your queries based on your voice searches.

Google may ask websites to put the heading of their pages in the form of questions and the answer to those questions will get delivered in short paragraphs including voice and text display.

Google has already started taking initiative with the help of Google direct. It answers most of your questions after browsing the most relevant content and put that content above all search results in SERP.

5. SEO combined with Artificial Intelligence (AI)

There are snippets in the SERPs which find relevant content as per the user’s requirement. In the future, it will upgrade to another extent and unauthentic content will automatically get removed from the SERP.

If you want to elevate your website’s visibility and increase its ranking, then, snippets will be a deal breaker for SEO.

To detect spammy links will no longer be difficult in future with the help of artificial intelligence.


The above 5 predictions are not just predictions but will exactly be how they have been predicted. You will go in awe looking at how far SEO has come but certain Google Ranking Factors will still play an important role in boosting your SEO score and website ranking and therefore a thorough knowledge of each of these factors is a must.


We will soon get back to you with another interesting blog. Till then, if you have any doubts regarding this topic, please ask in the comment section below.

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