Latest SEO Trends to Improve Your SEO

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Life is moving at a fast rate and so is our search engine’s algorithm. To keep up with the search engine’s pace, these 7 SEO trends are game-changing trends that will keep you ahead from your competitors and will help in increasing the website’s ranking.

These trends also include implementing some new techniques in your website that can also enhance Google’s domain authority.

Top SEO Trends

Trend 1 – Optimizing as per the user’s point of view

SEO is not only about adding keywords to your website but it’s also about integrating your content with optimized keywords so that your website can deliver value to your user.If anyone wants to reach to your website, then they should be fully satisfied that they are going in the right direction and that it will surely enhance their experience.

You should think from the user’s point of view which means ‘put your foot inside the user’s shoes ‘ and try to build a website that can help your users in all manners.

Designing and layout of your website should include all call to action buttons (CTA) that can improve the usability of your website.

Trend 2 – Mobile-Friendliness

Because mobile phones are much more friendly than desktops and can be carried anywhere very easily, your website should be optimized to work on mobile platforms smoothly. Also, the size of the mobile screen doesn’t match with the size of the desktop, so content might get easily visible on the desktops but the same content will be hard to read if not optimized according to the screen size of the mobile. The font size of the content as well as of the call-to-action buttons should be easily readable for your users.

Trend 3 – Voice search and other assistance

People are more intended to use voice search rather than using text keyword search and your focus should move towards enabling your websites to use these voice searched keywords.

Applications such as Google assistant, Amazon’s dot and many others are a great example of this trend. These apps and devices use artificial intelligence and IoT to interact with the user and perform their operations.

Your website should have long-tailed keywords that are most often used for voice search. Your content should be short, crisp and to the point and should not have long paragraphs because it can confuse AI.

Trend 4 – Videos talks more than texts do

Video marketing is a convincing way to explain your content in detail without boring visitors. This makes your website and content more engaging to the visitors.

Using keywords in the form of questions and structuring those long question types’ keywords as the title of your video help a lot when doing video marketing.

Trend 5 – Target local audiences

It’s good to start from scratch and then go up. SEO Expert says you should first target local audience around you, make some profit, then broaden your arms to get more leads.

Make your content more useful for them. Use AdWords with a limited radius so you can focus fully on your local audience.

Trend 6 – Time to face competition

Your business needs to be ahead from your competitors in SEO. Update all your content that needs modification. Do something out of the box and try to surprise your audience every time.

For those who are new in the field of online marketing,  work on keyword optimization, content creation, genuine links, social media platforms, etc.

Trend 7 – Page speed

Uploading speed matters a lot because it’s a crucial factor for website optimization. Search engine focuses to give delightful user experience each time visitor clicks on a website’s link.

Initially, page speed was a Google ranking factor only for desktop supporting websites but now Google also considers page speed as a ranking factor for mobile-optimized web pages.

Uploading speed on both desktops and mobiles also differs as techniques, size, width are not the same. The real part starts after getting a speed score from online tools. The database can be taken from the chrome user experience report. It’s quite hard to analyze each visitor’s uploading speed. For improving speed, you can fix all bugs and other technical issues and remove all unused plug-ins to decrease uploading speed.

Trend 8 – Natural language processing and BERT

Google’s BERT algorithm and NLP are getting better at interpreting context and user intent. By offering comprehensive and pertinent information, you may optimise your content for user searches.

Trend 9 – E-A-T and Content Quality

For SEO, E-A-T (expertise, authority, and trustworthiness) are still essential. To build trust with consumers and search engines, provide high-quality, authoritative content that exhibits knowledge.

Trend 10 – Core Web Vitals and Page Experience

Google’s Core Web Vitals, which gauge characteristics such as website performance and user experience, are now crucial ranking considerations. To improve user experience on a page, concentrate on improving loading speed, interaction, and visual stability.


These above trends are a must to follow when optimizing the website, these are not only the trends that are to be followed but are also the ranking factors of a search engine’s algorithms (in our case- Google) that helps in taking your website to the top in a search engines’ result page.

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