Top SEO Jobs with their Salary Trends for 2023

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What type of jobs SEO as a field has? Are SEO professionals in demand? What are the salary trends in SEO? Everyone wants to know the answers to the above questions but nobody quite finds it right. Here, in this blog, you will find exactly what you are looking for. From the available job profiles to skills to career path to salaries, there will be nothing left uncovered. So, what are you waiting for? Start exploring.

Why Should You take Interest in SEO Jobs?

Thousands of websites are created every day. If you need to manage your business online and compete with other online business owners and be in better position than your competitiors, you have to know digital marketing in depth. For example, to be a content writer you should possess good writing skills and implacable vocabulary. 

To become an SEO specialist, you should know all about on-page and off-page SEO stuff. To make your career in social media marketing, you should know all about social media platforms and how to use them for campaigning purposes. 

The second reason is salary, all the SEO related jobs offer a handsome salary and need different qualifications.

Why SEO Jobs are More popular?

Jobs in SEO (search engine optimisation) have grown in popularity for a number of reasons:

1. Growth of Online Presence: As organisations grow more digital, it is essential to have a strong online presence. For their websites and content to rank higher in search engine results and draw in more organic traffic, businesses require SEO specialists.

2. The significance of search engines: People now primarily learn about new goods, services, and information through search engines like Google. Businesses understand how important it is to rank on the first page of search results in order to successfully reach their target audience.

3. Cost-Effective Marketing: SEO provides a more affordable approach of bringing in organic traffic and potential clients than conventional advertising techniques. As a result, companies are spending more money on SEO initiatives to increase their online presence.

4. edge over competitors: In highly competitive sectors, a high search engine ranking can give a big edge. Companies can outrank rivals and draw in more clients with the aid of SEO experts.

5. Search engines constantly upgrade their algorithms to enhance user experience and search results. SEO experts keep current with these adjustments and modify techniques to guarantee that websites adhere to the most recent best practises.

6. Results are Measurable: One of the benefits of SEO is that its influence can be evaluated using a variety of analytics programmes. Businesses may monitor the traffic, keyword ranks, and performance of their website to evaluate the success of their SEO efforts.

7. Global Reach: Without the need for physical facilities or significant marketing initiatives, SEO allows firms to reach a global audience. SEO is attractive to businesses wanting to grow their consumer base because of its worldwide reach.

8. Demand in the labour market: There are many more job openings for SEO specialists as a result of the rising demand for SEO services. To optimise their websites and keep one step ahead of the competition, businesses look for knowledgeable SEO specialists.

9. Continuous Learning: As technology advances and search engine algorithms change, SEO is a dynamic industry that is continuously evolving. Professionals who appreciate learning new skills and keeping up with the latest developments are drawn to this element of continuous learning.

The need for cost-effective marketing techniques, the rising relevance of having an online presence, and the possibility of having a substantial influence on company through higher search engine ranks and exposure are all factors contributing to the popularity of SEO employment. The need for SEO skills is anticipated to keep increasing as long as the internet is a crucial platform for organisations.

SEO Career Path

Jobs in SEO

The above shown image reflects the career path of a digital marketing professional which starts from a content writer and goes up to the Vice President of an organization. Content writing is the initial step and requires in-depth knowledge of vocabulary, use of relevant keywords, the flow of an article, etc.

SEO Skills

To become an SEO professional you should pose some of the following SEO skills.

1. You must be good at analytics: If you are running some ad campaigns then you must be able to analyze on tools like Google analytics. Your calculation part should be very strong and you should know how to calculate CTR, PPC of your website.

2. Article writing is an important part of SEO: You must be good at vocabulary and grammar to make a good readable article or blog.

3. You should know about link building on your website. Link Building is very crucial to gain the trust of the readers and to increase the domain authority of your website. There are links like do-follow, no-follow and many other hyperlinks. You should be aware about all of them.

4. Mobile marketing is the new cool and you must be aware of all tools that are used to do the same. Your website should work properly on mobile and desktops both.

5. Keywords search is another aspect of SEO. It doesn’t matter if your content is great but if the tags and attached keywords are irrelevant, you will never be able to get a higher rank on your website. So it’s very important for you to have basic knowledge of keyword search.

6. You should be aware of website building platforms such as, Wix, etc. These tools help you in making an optimized website as per your business. Also, these tools offer features that can help you in fixing some common errors.

7. You should know basic programming languages: HTML, CSS, JavaScript are some commonly used website programming tools that can enhance your skills.

Latest SEO Jobs and Their Earnings

SEO Jobs

1. Content Writer

Content writing is a profession where professionals need to create, write and edit all types of content that you see on any website, blog or social media profile of an organization. Extensive research and data mining are required to write good content. Professionals create a variety of online material for the website/business that includes invitation emails, SMS, articles on social media. They earn around 1.50-2.00 LPA.

Some basic content writing work includes:–

  • Publishing of web content
  • Monitor the response of the audience after reading those content
  • Perform calendar management
  • Target the audience that is looking for some specific content

2. SEO Specialist

SEO specialists have to make sure that on-page and off-page SEO is optimized and the website’s rank is increased. Their work includes managing the design and layout of the website which includes tags, description, URLs, backlinks, etc. They have to ensure that the website/webpage appears on the first page of SERP. They earn somewhere around 2.00 – 4.50 LPA.

Some major responsibilities are:-

  • Develop and implement all SEO strategies
  • Always keep an eye into all running campaigns and take initiatives to improve them.
  • Measure competitors’ performance to know more about upcoming trends.
  • Take client suggestion to create new campaigns.

3. Digital Marketing Manager

They are the head of all marketing campaign and ongoing marketing projects in an organization. They are mostly involved in e-commerce business to analyze the product’s visibility and brand awareness and take care of the sales part of the same business. They earn 2.0- 6.0 LPA

Their contribution includes:-

  • Developing new marketing strategies for the team and give them their targets.
  • Co-ordinating all running marketing campaigns with other departments.
  • Supervise all running campaigns regarding budgets and other outsourced expenses.
  • Interact with users using all communication channels.
  • Track and monitor all online marketing activities that can affect sales of the organization.

4. SEO Consultant

They focus on the keyword part and research activity going around all running campaigns. All images, videos, graphics, and other copyright-related issues are handled by an SEO analyst. An SEO consultant is involved in an institutional campaign like manufacturing sectors, service sectors, etc. They also perform a competitive analysis to stay ahead of other firms. They earn around 1.90- 5.30 LPA.

5. Marketing Intern

A marketing executive performs a number of duties that are no also related to offline as well online marketing. A marketing intern also takes part in webinars and other customer-centric conferences. They earn around 1.50 – 2.00 LPA.

An intern earns around 12k-15k per month which is obviously less as compared to all professionals but he/she gets to learn a lot from the company’s executives. 

Their contributions are:-

  • Taking part in publicity events for products (ATL and BTL activities).
  • Taking part in the launching of online and offline services of the organization.
  • Making a sales pitch with different customers.
  • Taking part in primary and secondary research work

6. SEO Director

SEO director is the head of the department who heads all online marketing campaigns. He is the one who sets all designed goals and targets. SEO director takes a decision after analyzing all available concerned perspectives. He looks out for the proper functioning of the SEO department. The head of SEO earns around 80k- 1.5 LPM

7. SEO Account Manager

SEO account manager manages to perform the duty of suggesting and monitoring various marketing activities going on. He reviews the end results that are the outcomes of Google campaign and other SEO activities. By viewing all those campaigns he gives his valuable inputs to make the campaigns more result oriented. He earns around 28k-35k per month.

8. SEO Strategist

SEO strategist as the name suggests constructs all those strategies that can help to elevate the website’s ranking. He has to go through all the techniques and tools that have to be used to implement SEO work. These suggested strategies then later go to the analyst and other executives. He earns around 25k-30k per month.

Average SEO salary in India

SEO jobs and salary trends

SEO jobs and salary trends

As we can see in the above graphs the average salary is shown as per the product activity, total experience and state.  It’s clearly visible that SEO professionals are earring well in IT sector. Talking of the experience, the salary graph increases with the increase in experience and with that Maharashtra is on the top of providing SEO jobs.

Qualification and Certifications for SEO Jobs

Knowledge and qualifications vary with each profile. It all depends on how clear your concepts are. The more you are aware of the latest technologies, the more you will be able to perform the tasks with expertise.

Certificates in digital marketing matter a lot in the SEO field. For example, two students are applying for the same post in the same company. Both of them have the same academic qualifications but one of them holds certificates from Google and Facebook or other reputed company in online marketing courses then obviously preference will be given to the one who holds the certificate because that is a proof of a person having knowledge and expertise in the field.


SEO jobs are based on demand and supply. These jobs are new and trending in the current marketing scenario and are high in demand. Fortunately, the supply is low and hence the salaries offered are high. So, this is the right time to get into this field- upgrade your skills, make yourself suitable for this field and become an expert in SEO.

If you have any query regarding SEO jobs, ask in the comment section.

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