Google Analytics Tutorial for Beginners 2019

What is the use of optimizing a website when you don’t know what type of traffic the website will attract? How can you optimize a website if you don’t know the visitor’s needs, tastes, likes, etc? There is an old saying “if you can measure it, you can improve it”. Google took it seriously and developed a tool “Google Analytics” that measures all you need to know about a visitor visiting your website. It is a perfect tool that helps in providing valuable information that an SEO needs to know to attract traffic. This blog will provide a detailed explanation of Google Analytics tool and will cover everything you need to know about it.

Features Of Google Analytics

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What is Google Analytics?

Google analytics is a real-time online analytical tool that is based on tracking the website’s traffic. It helps in analyzing complete information of the traffic that visits your website. So, accordingly, you can manage your future strategies.

Your website is the nucleus of your organization and serves as a platform to judge all your online marketing campaigns. Google analytics gathers all information about visitors that browse your website like their age, likes and dislikes, the time they spent on your website, what did they do on your website, bounce rate, etc.

Google analytics is a cloud-based application. It is a web tool by Google that is used to get statistical information of the users who interact with your website.

  • It has pie charts, graphs, and a scoreboard that displays all monitored data over a period of time.
  • This tool has many options to show results like conversions, bounce rate, time intervals on each web page, etc
  • The obtained information can also be shared using the e-mail option.
  • It can also be interlinked with other Google tools such as AdWords, website optimizer.
  • It is based onJavaScript platform.

How Google Analytics Works

Google analytics is more useful for small and medium business based websites. It has some downsides that make it hesitant to use for more complex websites. It has a Javascript page tag through which it collects data from every browser. This page tag has a function called web bug to store all user-based information.

There are different users who browse the internet to collect information and Google registers their different behaviors like age, number of searches for a specific keyword, visiting time, and time spent on a website. All these can be extracted through Google analytics.

Why Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics collects the behavioral pattern of the users before they come to your website. It collects their buying pattern, how much time they spend on a website, their likings on the internet, age, gender, browsing the location, etc. Google analytics also shows which platform is used by the user to reach your website. It can be any social networking websites, search engines, etc. All this information can be used to design your marketing campaigns and build strategies accordingly.

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Google Analytics Tracking Code

Every website has an installed Google Analytics tracking code that runs through the user’s web browser when a user visits your website and Google analytics tracks all those java scripted codes and use them to extract all required information. These codes are all based on visitor’s browser’s cookies. 

Google Analytics Dimensions and Measures

Google analytics measures dimensions and metrics. Dimensions are defined as data such as measurable values about website traffic, data coming from a different location, channels used while browsing your website. Metrics is the comparison part. It compares different attributes obtained from various dimensions. It compares values obtained from different geographical locations; browsing pattern of people belongs to different age groups, etc.


There are many tools that Google provides- Google Analytics is one such tool. It provides valuable information that is useful from an SEO point of view. The other tool that you must know about is Google Search Console. This is an excellent tool that helps in optimizing a website and increasing traffic. Both the tools have different set of features and are equally important when optimizing a website.

Is there anything that you need to know more about? Ask in the comment section and clear your doubts.

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