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Every marketer, CMOs, tech-savvy people who have established their business online need to apply some new techniques to enhance and elevate the SEO ranking on any search engine. There are some SEO prerequisites you should follow especially if you are creating a new website. Therefore, the following discussed are technical and non-technical prerequisites for SEO that you should implement in your website to increase the website’s ranking and gain web-traffic.

Technical Prerequisites For SEO

  • Getting a web host through a specific IP address is very crucial. A web hosting service is an internet hosting service through which individuals and organizations can access different websites via world wide web. Many website owners share the hosting with dozens of others of websites but  that is obviously not a secure way
  • Mobile friendly websites surely get better SEO ranks in SERP but while creating them you should keep in mind two very important things i.e. the website should be displayed fully as per the display screen of the device and making sure your content fits into the screen size well enough.
  • Ad Hoc 301 redirect mapping is a technical concern. Many webmaster tools suggest you to create a redirect for this. You should implement this redirect that marks a great user interface.
  • Use of sessions i.d. with URLs should be done in an established manner so that it can’t be included in Google’s webmaster tool. But it is not that effective and important.
  • Robots.txt file is good and should be complemented by features to control dictionary and file–level permissions.
  • It can be a matter of argument that a well-structured website doesn’t require XML sitemap but an advanced XML sitemap can be used with URL to enhance user interaction on different platforms.

Non-technical Prerequisites for SEO

  • Ensure that your website provides a pleasant user experience (UX). In addition to lowering bounce rates and boosting SEO, a well-designed and simple-to-navigate website encourages visitors to remain longer and explore more pages.

    Mobile optimisation: Having a mobile-friendly website is crucial given the growing popularity of mobile devices. Mobile friendliness enhances the user experience for visitors on mobile devices and is taken into account by Google as a ranking factor.

    Establish a strong presence on the appropriate social media channels. By raising brand recognition and increasing website traffic, social signals might indirectly affect your SEO efforts.

    Networking and link building: Establish connections with other websites and companies in your sector. The authority and search engine rankings of your website may be raised by acquiring high-quality backlinks from reliable websites.

    Analyse your competitors’ SEO tactics to learn about their advantages and disadvantages. This might offer insightful information and direct you towards chances to stand out in the industry.

    Implement web analytics tools like Google Analytics to monitor the performance, user behaviour, and traffic sources of your website. Analyse the data often to spot problem areas and monitor the results of your SEO work.

SEO Best Practices

Prerequisites SEO- Best SEO practices

Following are SEO best practices which should be kept in mind for top Google ranking –

  • Content matters a lot for good user experience. No matter how much you decorate your website but if the content is not as per user’s requirement, it won’t work.
  • Make the navigation within pages that everyone can easily access.
  • All call to action buttons and desirable content should be put within the visitor’s reach. Make sure they don’t have to go through the pain of searching them between the lines.
  • Try to reach out to every single visitor through feedback columns and comments.
  • Try to create a feeling of trust among the readers and that is possible when the domain authority of your website is sound.
  • Your content should be able to create an impact on the visitor’s mind. If visitors do not find your content appreciable, then they won’t think for a single minute before leaving your website.
  • Try to link to authentic websites.  


SEO has the power to take your online business to the top and ahead of your competitors. The above-discussed prerequisites will help you beat the competition but are not enough, you need to become an expert in SEO to get rid of your competitors permanently.

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    Very simple and clear view you mentioned about the SEO. I will be definitely interested to know more about the SEO as I am a startup and working towards SEO as main stream for my business. Vital information from your side is appreciated. Thanks

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