8 Best Ways to Improve Domain Authority in 3 Weeks

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We are in that mind zone that Google measures everything from good content to visitors coming on a website to loading speed and what not? But Domain Authority is different in the sense that not Google but MOZ measures it. This is one factor that is not measured by Google but holds great importance when giving ranking to a website. In this blog, we will explore how can we improve Domain Authority and how does it affect Google Rankings which will help you in getting a solid grasp in at least one of the 200 odd Google Ranking Factors.

What is Domain Authority?

There are many white hat techniques to increase the ranking of your website and domain authority is among the major ones. It is a metric that decides your website’s visibility online. Higher is your domain authority, higher are the chances of your website getting a higher rank.

Domain Authority is a website metric which is developed by MOZ that helps in predicting the ability of a website to rank good in a particular Search Engine Results Page. It is based on 100 point Logarithm Scale. (100 being the best score and 1 being the lowest score)

1. Where to Find Your Website’s Domain Authority?

There are different platforms available online that are related to SEO and can show your domain authority. Some of them are Moz Explorer, analysis section of keyword planner, etc.
Caution: Moz metrics are useful but can’t be trusted 100% as it depends on inbound links, therefore, it’s more reliable to use tools like Google search console.

2. Domain Authority vs. Page Authority

Domain authority is different from page authority. Domain authority is about improving the user experience of the overall website. It shows that you have successfully created trust among your users but the page authority is used for a single web page. Instead of measuring the strength of the website’s domain, it measures the strength of a single web page.

How to Increase Domain Authority?

Factors affecting Domain Authority

1. A Good Domain Name is Essential

Choose a domain name that suits your business and is relevant to your website.

The name of the domain should be easy to sound and does not confuse your visitors. It should be unique and visitors should be able to recall and memorize that name.

2. Links in Content

Your website should be content rich that should have valuable links. These links can be a proof of your website’s authenticity. Good content with quality links is the key to get a higher google ranking. However, you should look into your links background and eliminate all unwanted links that are disturbing your website’s authority. You should also remove all those links that are on your website that are related to some other suspicious spammy websites.

3. Internal Links

Internal links are equally important as external links. Many marketers forget to work on internal links and they focus more on building external links to attract traffic. These internal links allow search engines to index your website and it helps in engaging visitors by giving them exact content that they are looking for.

4. Mobile-Friendly Website

Most of the users browse the internet using a mobile phone, therefore a mobile-friendly website is necessary for building your website’s authority. If your website is not optimized for mobile platforms, then its authority can get affected. You may lose most of the potential customers but more than that your website’s ranking can take a dip in SERP.

5. Loading Speed of Website

If the loading speed of your website is less than it can lead to an increase in bounce rate. Especially if you are running an e-commerce business, then you should be more concerned about loading speed because visitors avoid using websites that are slow.

6. Social Media Influence

Post your content on social media as youth are more inclined towards social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, etc. You can also ask your visitors to share the link of your website and comment about your content because that will ultimately enhance your brand authority and you will also get an opinion about how people feel about the blog.

7. Use Good Quality Blog Posts

If you are writing a blog and posting it on a weekly basis then it’s high time you should start doing it more frequently. Because let’s imagine if your reader is reading your blog post that means he is obviously interested in seeing more of it but if you are posting it once in a while then it can disappoint him.

8. Guest Posting

Referral traffic is a great way to enhance your website’s domain authority. Having guest posts is a must as you can also capture new users by this technique. Posting something on a website with high domain authority also helps in increasing the reputation of your own website.

How Does Domain Authority Affect Google Ranking?

Providing a delightful user experience to the visitors has always been on Google algorithm’s priority list and through domain authority, Google is pushing its efforts to make sure that user always reaches a trusted and relevant website. These algorithms always try to find good quality content and usable links thus differentiating it by giving high domain authority to those selected websites.


The popularity of a domain is calculated by a number of inbound links and the quality of websites from which these links are coming to your website. These links tell Google that content attached to them are of good quality and they are worthy enough to share on other websites which in turn helps in building a strong Domain Authority. However, efforts to just building strong Domain Authority won’t work, there are some other Google Ranking Factors that should be kept in mind while doing SEO and thorough knowledge about each one of them is a must.

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