How to Choose a Domain Name – SEO Best Practices

In our last tutorial, we discussed the best SEO tips. Today, we will see the importance of Domain name in SEO. Also, we will look at how to select domain names and some tips for this. Moreover, we will see different functionality based on domain names such as keyword domain, local domain, service domain.

Google’s crawler needs to identify every website and for that, it provides a combination of different names to identify any specific website, those names are called as domains. Now, these domain names make it easy for Google, to point out any website that is doing good or website that are struggling to get a place in SERP.

How to Choose a Domain Name - SEO Best Practices

How to Choose a Domain Name – SEO Best Practices

1. What are Domain Names?

Domain name is a specific name provided to a website that exists on any search engine. These domain names are human readable that can be easily understood. It consists of 3 parts i.e. top level domain, subdomain, and domain. The combination of top-level domain and domain name is known as the root domain.

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Example –

  • www– sub domain
  • techvidvan– domain name
  • .com – top-level domain

i. Top Level Domain

Top level domain is basically suffix that can be seen at the end of any website’s name. Some of the commonly used top-level domains include .com , .edu , .net  , .org . There can be numerous possible suffixes that can be used depends on the business like .book, .clothing, .lifeinsurance, .travel etc. It can also be made based on the location such as .uk, .ind etc.

Example –

ii. Domain Name

Domain names represent the name of the website and responsible for getting ranked in SERP. These names depend on keywords searched by the user. This name should be given after doing some research on keywords, as it has very significant impacts on SEO ranking. Most of the website owners prefer giving domain names on the basis of their business.

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Example –

iii. Sub Domain

Sub Domain is the first and prefix part of the website’s name. It can be taken without any extra cost. It is the separated part of the root domain.

Example –

iv. Root domain

It forms a very important part of the website. This name is formed by combining top-level domain and domain name. Combination of both these names is used in basic conversation. SEO also judges and give ranking based on the website’s root domain name. The optimization of the root domain is also responsible for its visibility on any search engine.


2. Does Domain Name Affect SEO?

Yes, it affects SEO. Every website owner wants to attract maximum web traffic towards their website to gain more business and to do so your domain name should be appropriate and completely understandable. If any business owner keeps the name of the domain of his website according to his services & products then it’s a good step towards obtaining a better-optimized domain name. If there are 1000 of websites offering same services or products then the name of your domain should stand out as a unique and emerging one.

3. How to Choose a Domain Name?

Below are some tips to select a Domain Name for your website –

  • Branding Domains
  • Keyword Domains
  • Local Domains
  • Service Domains
Domain Name

Selecting a name for your Domain

i. Branding Domains 

These domain names should sound similar to your business. It won’t be wrong to say that you should keep a brand’s domain name. If you already have a well-established brand name and you want to promote it on large scale.

These websites are not viewed for their services or products but of the brand power it holds.

Example –

Now Reebok is a very renowned brand. People buy their shoes because of its strong brand value. Therefore, Reebok will not change its website’s name.

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You should brand domains when:-

  • Your brand is well known and established.
  • It has some uniqueness.
  • You want to promote your brand.
  • You want to rank your brand name high on SERP.

ii. Keyword Domains

Domain name that has keywords, related to your business are considered as keyword domains. For example, if your website provides business opportunities to entrepreneurs, then you should use keywords such as best entrepreneurs websites or best start-ups etc.

Make sure it’s difficult to rank higher and optimize your website if you choose keyword based domains. Google prefer brand domain as compared to keyword domains.

iii. Local Domains

These names are based on the locations of your business operation. For example, if you run a restaurant in Delhi, then you can name your domain such as or etc. It has both advantages and disadvantages. Main plus point is that it focuses on the particular location and the main drawback is that if you ever want to expand your business then it may be a point of concern.

iv. Service Domains

It depends on your services that your website offers. For example, or These are mainly used by SMEs, who wants to highlight their services and products. It also gives you an opportunity to decide your geographical region of operations. The downside includes, if you ever want to add any item on your menu then it becomes very difficult to rank it for the new keywords.

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4. Tips for Choosing SEO Friendly Domain Name  

  • You can choose any name you want, but make sure it does not look spammy website name.
  • If a user reads your domain name then they should be easily able to memorize it and recognize it later on.
  • Domain names should be relevant to the content present on your website.
  • Avoid using synonyms names of your website. So, it’s better to stick with the exact business name.
  • Try to keep it simple and easier for the user.
  • Don’t just fully rely on your domain name, it’s just a small part to push your SEO ranking.

5. Summary

Hence, we discussed a lot about SEO Domain names. In this tutorial, we saw how to choose the perfect name for your domain and some tips for that. Also, we discussed local, brand, keyword, and service domain. Moreover, we learned how these domain names affect the SEO and its best practices. Still, if you find any difficulty in Domain SEO, feel free to approach us through comments. We will definitely help you.

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