Start a Career in SEO – The Best Career Choice for 2019

Don’t you feel that the career you choose should be exciting and satisfying? SEO as a career is exactly that: “the mixture of satisfaction and excitement.” SEO has existed for less than two decades but it is growing at an incredible rate and with it, demand for the related jobs is also increasing. SEO is a life-changing career because of the immense scope and opportunities it offers. In this blog, we will discuss the things related to career in SEO that will satisfy all your queries you may have regarding the topic. By the end of this blog, you will be familiar with all the necessary details that will help you in shaping your career in SEO.

SEO Career

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1. Why to Start a Career in SEO?

SEO is a process to increase online visibility and ranking of any web page in a search engine result page(SERP). In countries like India, an increase in the cost of traditional marketing has given birth to digital marketing. SEO  is a very important fragment in Digital Marketing because every website that exists on any search engine is in a desperate need to get a higher rank online. This is the reason why it is a highly demanding career and is in so much hype.

However, If anyone wants to start his career in this field, he should have a thorough understanding of SEO.

2. What is Career in SEO?

There are many ways by which you can explore career opportunities in SEO field. Some of them are listed below:

  • Every company that has its business online needs a person to handle their SEO ratings. That creates a job profile of SEO executive.
  • Every startup needs to manage themselves in the topmost page of the search engine. To do that SEO knowledge is required.
  • SEO consultant has a very huge scope in online marketing. Being a consultant you have an added advantage of working with more than one company.
  • Affiliate marketing also plays an important part in selling and buying in the online market space.

3. Best SEO Jobs Profiles

  • SEO analyst
  • SEO trainer
  • PPC marketer
  • Digital marketing manager
  • SEM specialist
  • Project manager
  • Consultant
  • Analytics  Expert

4. SEO Career in India

4.1 Search Engine Marketer

Search engine marketing (SEM) revolves around the requirements of consumers. It involves promoting the website and increasing visibility mainly through paid advertisements like Pay Per Click (PPC). Professionals understand their customer’s views to promote their business online. Relationship management also comes into account while getting queries from clients to improve the website’s ranking.

4.2 Digital Marketer

A digital marketer involves himself in making strategies to develop and implement a pathway to improve the website’s ranking in any search engine. They can go for different methods to increase ranking and visibility like blogs, social media marketing, paid advertisements, and content marketing to attract maximum traffic.

4.3 Marketing Analyst

As a marketing analyst, you should know to track the performance of a website. It’s very important to keep a record of the website’s ups and down to calculate future strategies. There are different tools to view the website’s performances. Some of them are Google webmaster, Google analytics, Google trends, keyword planner. These tools are highly used by the online marketer to decide what, where and when things are going or not going as per expectations.

4.4 Content Marketer

Every website has some content that is developed by content writers. It helps the user to get their desired information. Content includes blogs, videos, graphics, etc. and plays a very important role in the ranking of a website.

5. SEO Techniques to Prefer

Every search engine has a set of rules and regulation to implement when doing SEO. There are SEO techniques namely ‘black hat’ SEO and ‘white hat’ SEO techniques which are bad and good techniques to implement SEO. You should always follow ‘white hat’ SEO techniques for your website because these techniques help in increasing the website’s ranking through organic means that follow the updated Google algorithm, whereas black hat techniques follow illegal means to increase the ranking and if Google finds out, it has the right to penalize the website by banning it forever.

6. Best SEO Tools that Help to Build the Career in SEO

You must know some SEO tools that are widely and frequently used to get better results. These are

  • Google webmaster/ search console
  • Google trends
  • Keyword planner
  • Google analytics
  • Bing webmaster

7. What is the Future of SEO Career in India?

SEO is a very important online channel to promote business. Traditional marketing needs huge investment and is not very cost effective. SEO is preferable in this sense because it offers ways to promote your business at an economical range. Previously, its awareness was limited to only some big companies but nowadays every SME has their website to promote their business online and generate revenue. In order to do so, SEO comes into the frame. Hence, there are many career options available in the SEO field, but one should have a thorough knowledge of it to excel in the field because of the competition this field has.

8. Summary

SEO career has a good future scope in India as well as in other countries, it has a variety of opportunities to offer and has a vast scope. If you want to make a bright future, then SEO is the best choice. It is in high demand and has a lot of hype and this hype is not just a temporary hype but will be in the future also because of the work it offers. However, in order to meet the demand, it is important to master SEO to make a place in this field.

If you want any other suggestion or advice, comment below in the comment section. We will revert soon.

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