What is SEO Content Writing? – Develop Your SEO Content Strategy

In our last SEO tutorial, we discussed some SEO tips. Today, we will see an important aspect of on-page SEO that is the SEO content. So, in this SEO content writing tutorial, we will discuss the importance of content for SEO. Moreover, we will learn the strategy for SEO content writing and how to develop it. Also, this tutorial guides us about the SEO content optimization.

So, let’s start SEO content writing tutorial.

SEO Content WRiting

What is SEO Content? Optimizing SEO Content

1. What is SEO Content Writing?

It’s really obvious to get confused as SEO is a very vast and endless subject having enormous topics, sub-topics, and content writing is one of them. SEO Content writing is nothing, but creating content and optimizing in terms of user experience, keyword search, title tags, meta tag, URL so as to rank higher. Ideally, your content should be properly optimized for user and search engine. Google SEO always gives priority to quality content as compared to the quantity of the content. So, all website owners should focus on providing value in terms of user experience.

2. What should be your SEO Content Strategy?

  • Your title keywords should be an exact replica of the title of your blog or title of your web page’s heading.
  • You should write your content in such a way that it should contain maximum keywords provided in all tags.
  • Avoid overusing of search keywords in the main content. You can also go for alternate keywords that can replace already used keywords.
  • Provide proper heading to every paragraph. Use paragraphs with short and crisp content.
  • Irrelevant texts and pictures can decrease your SEO ranking.
  • Your content should give user extract information for which they have clicked on your website. Always deliver contents that user wants to see not what you want them to read.

3. How to develop the SEO Content Strategy?

Below are some points which will help you to develop an SEO Content Strategy –

  • Engagement with user
  • Create something unique
  • Domain authority
  • Competitive advantage
  • Proper information

i. Engagement with user

If you want the user to spend more time on your website, then make sure to engage them with some creative images, graphics or videos. Your website should look appealing to the user. Use of only text content can bore your user. Also, try to avoid showing too many ads, because it can make your website look spammy.

Do you know why to avoid Black Hat SEO techniques?

ii. Instead of copy-pasting, create something unique

Users always prefer something new and unique content. When web spider crawls through your content and if it finds anything unique then it upgrades your website.

iii. Domain authority

Use comment box, social media gadgets to make your content more trustworthy and credible. When a user finds some positive comments on your blog then they obviously refer it to others as well.

iv. Competitive advantage

Try to give your content a competitive edge over other websites. Putting some extra effort can make your user happy.

v. Proper Information

If your website is based on e-commerce, restaurants, user reviews or travel planners then explain all possible information related to them.

4. How to optimize SEO Content?

  • Content writing also requires some analytical research to know about current trends. Use tools keyword planner & Google console to know trending keywords.
  • Avoid using keywords that have high search rate as it will take your competition to next level.
  • Always choose your keywords that match your content. Subject’s content should match with selected keywords.
  • Use long-tailed keyword to give it a realistic look.
  • Break down your content in small paragraphs. Paragraphs should have 3-4 sentences and not more than that.
  • Don’t deviate from your topic and stay focused on the flow of your content.
  • Promote your content using social media platforms like facebook and twitter.
  • Don’t forget to generate backlinks, as it will increase your website’s credibility.

i. Importance of SEO Optimized Content

The user browses the different website to get information that can be used to enhance and add to their existing knowledge. It’s very important to engage the user with your content and to do that content should be optimized as per the user’s requirement.

ii. Title Tag Optimization

Title tag refers to the clickable heading text that shows the name of your website or blog when a user performs a specific keyword search. It’s part of content optimization and also needs to be optimized. To do so, you should keep your title text under 60 characters with some specific keyword that you want the user to remember easily. Your main keyword should be placed at the beginning of the tag and most importantly don’t deviate your topic from that specific tag.

iii. Meta Description Optimization

Meat tag gives a brief about your website. Google gives you a limit of 160 characters in which you have to write exact and precise information of your website. It should be short, to the point and should have relevant keywords.

iv. URL Optimization

Make URLs readable for the users. Keywords can also be used for URLs. It boosts your SEO score.

So, this was all in SEO Content Tutorial. Hope you liked our explanation.

5. Summary

Hence, in this tutorial of SEO content writing, we discussed the importance of SEO content. Also, we saw the SEO content strategy and its development. At last, we learned SEO optimization, in which we saw meta tags, URLs, and title tags. Please let us know through comments if you have any doubt in creating and optimizing the content for SEO.

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