Best SEO Tips for 2019 – SEO Do’s and Don’ts

Earlier we have discussed a lot about SEO. Today, we will see the best SEO Tips you should adopt in 2019. In this tutorial, we will provide you with the reason why you require to follow these top SEO tips. Also, you will see SEO do’s and don’ts that will improve your SEO practices.

So, let’s explore the best SEO tips tutorial.

Best SEO Tips for 2019 - SEO Do's and Don'ts

Best SEO Tips for 2019 – SEO Do’s and Don’ts

1. Why you need the best SEO Tips?

SEO was there since the very beginning of the Internet, but since then its algorithms are continuously getting the update and now after passing through all those changes SEO has become more sophisticated and complex. That’s why you will need the SEO tips from experts. Search Engine Optimization has improved itself on several factors like user experience, better in dealing with spam and malware. Over the years, it has elevated its criteria to give ranking and providing analytical solutions for all your SEO related issues.

SEO is encrypted with certain factors that need to be abided. So, we have categorized it in SEO do’s and don’ts that user should follow to eliminate all hurdles in doing good SEO.

2. What should you do for the best SEO Practices?

Below are some Search Engine Optimization tips, which you should follow in your practices for getting good rank in search engines. These tips are often known as White Hat SEO techniques.

  • Use of analytical tools
  • Use of descriptive texts
  • Internal links
  • Use Images
  • User-friendly content
  • Mobile-friendly platform
  • Site mapping

i. Do: Use of analytical tools to evaluate the performance

Google has helped every user by giving helping hands like keyword planner, Google analytics, Google console. All these are analytical tools. Before start writing your content, you should definitely do some research for your keywords. Keywords that are not so often used will give you more user attention. Keywords with low difficulty score will help your website stand out from the crowd.

You should also go for other SEO tools like Google analytics. It completely covers your website from every aspect. It tells you where you are going wrong with your Google ranking, what parameters are stopping you to get your website on search engine display results (SERP).

ii. Do: Make thoughtful use of descriptive texts around keywords

Google gives you freedom of 55 words to describe your website. You should write Meta texts and tags with utmost precision. Your Meta texts speak a lot about your website and help to grab user’s attention. Therefore, choose your 55 words wisely and provide proper tags. That’s how web spider will judge your content and will rank accordingly. Use of irrelevant info will take your website down somewhere on SERP. Be specific and precise. Avoid repeating keywords and use long-tailed keywords.

iii. Do: Use internal links

While describing your website make sure to attach some links that help in boosting your SEO score. Use keywords that are somewhere related to your content as links. Try to use one link for one web page only and if you give multiple links that take the user to the same web page then it can also destroy your SEO work. Use limited links as Google may consider multiple links as spam.

Some research also proves that external links also helps in boosting SEO.

iv. Do: Use Images to enhance your content

Use images, pictures, graphics to improve your content’s quality. Doing this, you can increase the probability of improving your website’s ranking on SERP. Google does not understand images, what it do understand are tags, keywords that you add with the images. You can also put long trailed keywords to describe your images.

v. Do: User-friendly content

Creating great user experience will give your website a competitive edge over others. Try to give your readers a delightful reading experience. When user search for any specific information with certain keywords then they expect the content to be relevant and precise and if your content disappoints them, then it increases bounce rate.

vi. Do: Use a mobile-friendly platform

Mobile is an awesome device to spend some time on the Internet. Nowadays, Google avoids giving ranks to those websites which are not mobile friendly. Everyone uses mobile more than they use PCs, laptops, tablet. Therefore, if you don’t want your user to look for any other website then create your web pages that can easily browse through smartphones.

vii. Do: Site mapping

Site mapping is a very important part of SEO. Google neglects website that doesn’t have sitemap attached to them. Indexing your website makes it easy for Google to categorize your content as per user’s search criteria.

3. Things to Avoid in your SEO Practice

Below are some SEO habits, which you should avoid. SEO experts mostly called these SEO tips as the Black Hat SEO.

  • Copy-paste
  • Too many external links
  • Hidden texts or links
  • Sell or buy do-follow links
  • Using only texts
  • Using same headings
  • Linking to some other website

i. Don’t: Copy – paste from other websites

Google’s web spider crawls through every single data present on the Internet which means, if you copy-paste from somewhere else then Google can easily find that thing and there is a possibility that Google will treat it as spam and removes it from SERP.

ii. Don’t: Use too many external links

Using too may external links can affect your SEO. Google has a right to penalize irrelevant outbound links by declaring them spam. If the user finds those links not useful it can also increase bounce rate. So it’s better to stick with limited links and specific keywords.

iii. Don’t: Use hidden texts or links

This is a very old strategy and considered a black hat SEO technique. This is mostly used by the hackers to hide suspicious malware and can make your website ban. Google reads these contents and ranks them accordingly and it can boost your SEO for a short period of time but for the long run, it’s not recommendable.

iv. Don’t: Sell or buy do-follow links

Many new websites owners want to attract traffic towards their website and in order to do that they sometimes sell or buy do follow links. Google may take a while to detect these patterns but once it does, then Google can penalize your website.

v. Don’t: Use only texts for your content

Use of text content makes it boring for the reader. That doesn’t mean to avoid using texts but try to make it creative by adding some images, graphics, and quotes to it. This will help your user to stay on your website for a longer period of time.

vi. Don’t: Use the same heading for different contents

Website owners use repletion of words and heading to get high SEO score but it doesn’t help the reader instead user may find it confusing and irrelevant.

vii. Don’t: Link to penalize websites

Take full precautions while linking your content to some other website, they may have some adult content or Google may have a bad impression of it.

So, this was all in best SEO tips. Hope this helped you.

4. Summary

Hence, in this tutorial of SEO tips, we discussed why you should follow the SEO tips. Also, we discussed the do’s and don’ts in SEO. Still, if you face any difficulty in SEO, ask freely through comments. We will definitely get back to you.

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